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I want to put some of my investments in this category – WILD – Worldwide Investments/Involvement in Life Development. Because one day – my kids will ask: “What is your work?”

I have an untamed lust to do stuff that makes a difference for the people in this world – especially if I can help to save children’s lives. I want to do it for profit – since that’s the only way to attract world class talent.


Important Note: Remember I consider myself a choppy redneck with a highly developed level of insecurity – so its hard to write these words – thinking: “Why should I be able to change anything – )”. But on the other side – “Why not – try for fuck sake – and if you don’t try – you will for sure not change anything”. And NO – I’m not a wannabe Bono :)

Now involved in:

Landmine detection Aresa
– detecting landmines via genome modified plants – World Economic Forum – most important technology.

Water technology (link)
Coming soon – turning saltwater and poisoned river water to drinking water. Existing technology is 30 years old – and I’m now involved in a revolutionary company – collecting the people and the funds to kick it off. The founder Tom – seems to be struck by magic after I gave them my commitment. I cant wait to see where this will end.

Hunger/Obesity (link)
Coming soon – It sounds like a joke – but in the world of today – people are either Too Fat or Very Hungry – and I have invested in a start up (a person) who will do a global scale take on this.

Solar Power – Intivation.com (link)
Its makes all the sense in the world to use the sun as a power generator. Intivation has a patent on a step-up converter that enables cellphones to have a charger on the back.

Metropolis Global (link)
Citizen service supply and environmental city management through far-reaching technology. With stellar people (Marcela and Jose Maria) this initiative will be VERY big and the impact will be amazing.

Open Source for .gov
(To come)
I will update soon
I would also like to look at ideas on how to control drug abuse – maybe I did inhale once – and even more climate stuff – but that is too hyped now… :) I could start canceling the SUV I ordered for my wife – but I will just stay with only owning a bike myself! :)