Posted on February 12, 2011

A Real Hero – Bill Gross

Morten Lund speaking

Business Philosophy Secret

I have lots a secrets business wise. A very important one is the usage of heroes. Well – my narcissistic self has been very open about Bransson and Clinton as heroes – but the lower level hero’s has never been something I have been unveiling. (comming back to that)

Speed Speed Speed

Mostly because I find it to be a very useful way to stay just a littlebit ahead in the HighSpeedTurboCrytonite-online business world. Things are moving faster then ever in history. Yesterday I watched some TV from 1970 – and the CEO of some company was sitting at a desk without a telefone (obviously no computer) – taking notes on a piece of paper – looking like a guy who had all the time in the world… It gave me a instant sting of jalousie – I WISH that was me (for a second). But then again the SPEED of communicating with the world – hammering mails, tweets, facebook messages and links back and forth with China, Singapore, San Francisco, Sophia and Frankfurt during my non sleeping hours is JUST AMASSING.


But its MUCH more interesting that Twitter is now Evan W @evhead and his teams second time of proving that they do communication and publishing platforms that are not only technology-wise interesting – but Twitter (and likes) are taking down regimes all over the world. The People are getting empowered and cant be stopped when information flows. The old farts who have been running dictatorships and regimes for 30+ years – have no guns nor time enough for torture that prevents the masses from uprising – AND WINNING. Its insanely good – interesting – and melancholic and goose-bums exposing.

Twitter = Anti Info-Bulimia

Facebook and Twitter is just amassing – after reading yesterday that 69% of FB users in many big countries are login in daily  (link here)- I really smiled all day. Just think – if FACEBOOK lauched a TV CHANNEL IN THE TOP RIGHT of the page – it would be the #1 TV Channel in the world (and in each country) in 1h – with perfect targeting – click to act – the full shabang.. But Im betting on Twitter for some reason – I simply love to go into my Twitter account and get updated – its so short – and people have to think a bit before they post (140 char is nothing). And I get fully updated on the world and my social circles in a snap: From Egypt to Johanns stupid ideas about pushing Cats (real ones) to all his friends over Kawasaki’s spamming of weird news…

I bet on Twitter – The simplicity of the interface and the lack of noise (from length of messages) is just so appealing. Contrary to this way too long blogpost. To twitter is a combo of bookmarks, news, micro-emailing and

Morten Lund speaking

Bill Gross – The Hero (Unveiled)

With Twitter becoming so important in the revolutions around the world and my all time number one internet-commercialisation hero of the internet Bill Gross moving into this Twitter space (UberMedia buys TweetDeck). Makes me smile. And series A guys are also pretty impressive (dont really understand how the 30mio$ he spend yesterday came in):

Index Ventures
First Round Capital
SV Angel
Steve Case
Jason Calacanis
Jeff Jarvis
Lerer Ventures

Bill (Wikipedia) has did, Inc. (OVERTURE) – the first reason to Google’s commercial succes – he has done an endless amount of amassing companies.

I think that Bill G will be controlling more then 20% of the Twitter inputs “Apps” and prob go even higher very soon – this is not that interesting – but from a commercial perspective I so very sure that he has a couple af really interesting tricks up his sleeves… Very soon this will all be monetized to perfection. And Twitter will be bigger and more FREE then ever…

So why so much fuss about Bill: Well – I really like that he is always hungry and I see a chance that he can do something good – while making one more fundamental business model fro an enormous industry – that is just being born…

Morten Lund speaking

Posted on December 12, 2009

Twitter Q & A



  1. moritzde

    @ML Morten, you asked for questions: why isn’t there a secondary market for medicin & medical tools, e.g. splints? let’s create one! r u in? about 11 hours ago from web in reply to ML


Im not into it. But I have been helping a guy who is selling non prescription medicine and devices in retail – and there are big opportunities until you u get on the radar of the BIG KAHUNA’s.

  1. ronnierocket ronnierocket

    @ML How do we get our customers to embrace open source and social media technologies more quickly? How do we eliminate the ignorance? about 13 hours ago from CoTweet in reply to ML


I think open-source is a given way for the future of very big and complex software solutions (not to be stuck with IBM, CSC or whomever) – and end-users should not even know about it. For me it’s just a simple and smart way to have something open ended – AND ITS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT when in function as a service  – its closed and not accesible (took me looong time to really get it). But Hartvig’s UMBRACHO thought me. I don’t see feel any ignorence – in my world. But I understand your worry..

  1. Jacek Kozera jacek_kozera

    @ML are u still around in paris? How about à downtown Beer? about 13 hours ago from Twitterrific in reply to ML


Great idea. Im at my hotel.

  1. Jack Oelkers JackOelkers

    @ML Not started yet ;o) I would like to build a company though. With a foundation of a good idea, lots of passion and the “six human needs”. about 13 hours ago from web in reply to ML


Nike cornered it: Just Do It..

  1. Sebastian Brandes Brandesme

    @ML Could you explain that a bit more? about 14 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to ML


I tweeted: Important question for entreprenuers to ask themselfs: are u building a company – or just building company (around u). Well – I just see quite somestartups with no substance beyond a bunh of people hanging out together – they are just building a live social-club, hangoutplace. And they are not selling, producing or working hard/focused enough. .

  1. Thom Fischer Thom_Fischer

    @ML You want more Questions? So, how successfull you are in the Meantime, using the f-word? about 14 hours ago from web in reply to ML


Well that word is not very strong to me. Im not english native speaking and not highly religious – and to me the f-word is just representing something most people I know love to do and think about more then 10% of theyre awaken hours… :)

  1. lu luduong

    RT @ML: Please ask me more questions…@ML: Do you find yourself more “hungry” this time around? about 14 hours ago from TweetDeck


Good question!! The answer is

YES – very!

  1. Søren Sprogø SoerenS

    @ML They’re (we’re) all competitors mate, trying to figure out what you come up with next! Prepare to get paranoid :-) about 15 hours ago from TwitterGadget in reply to ML


Its not about whats next – its a flow of actions – and some works and some fails. I will alwayshelp people to build companies. Now compensation is in honor and petty cash – when Im out of bankruptcy it will be in shares. (Or compbined)

  1. Emmanu Romero emmanurom

    @ML Are you rich again? about 15 hours ago from web in reply to ML


No. Im living from day to day working my ass off (in fantastic job) – begging everyone I know to lend me money to get out of my bankrupcy. And Im getting closer.

  1. Frederik E. Dejgaard Dejgaard

    @ML Mac or PC ? about 15 hours ago from Chromed Bird


MAC ! Im moved 2 years ago and I still impressed just by the lack of bluescreen.

This viceo shows how good you have to be as a communicator -if you want to build an outstanding company that really changes the world. (And you get the background of the company). WATCH it.

I’m somehow flying between high and lows AND LOWS. Dunno why – maybe because my personal life has changed 100% – bankruptcy/reconstruction is not as pleasant as it might look from the outside. It’s one long string of uncertainties – initially really bad for the mind – but in reality just like any other day in business ventures JUST A BIT TO PERSONAL. You never know what will hit you – and what seems to be the brightest star one day might be a TRAIN COMING AGAINST YOU IN THE TUNNEL.

I’M GETTING much closer to the world where I really belong. But then again – I’m traveling like a mad bird who lost the sense of seasons…

On my mind today

The downturn and psychological hysteria has turned (or reached the button) – everything will not be fine fine ok – but everyone know its serious and managers will start to act responsible and employees will use messenger less and produce more – AND PICK UP THE PHONE AND DELIVER WORLDCLASS SERVICE. Is the future bright (do I have to start wearing sunglasses indoors Michael Jackson style) – well prob not short term. But for you entrepreneurs out there – its OPPORTUNITY LAND a fucking GOLDMINE. The noisy idiots who where there for money alone are LONG GONE – they r now consulting for public institutions (like even I am as long as I’m handcuffed) – and the rich kids playing GONG-Ho for family money are flushed out with the toilet water (stocks and real estate). So, now YOU (yes I’m shouting at YOU) can go ahead and do your thing – fully hearth driven – passion driven and its even possible to hire superstars (or get them on board on a good upside deal). Go GO GO GO GO Go.

Everything seems to be redefined now – BLING IS SO 2008 – SHOWOFF as well – and there must be tons of art deals to do. (I’m out of the loop but I feel such a vibe). And with new printing technology you can make a 2x2m print for less then 150$.

Tell it like it is. I think the truth is the new black. Ive been 100% honest about my situation – and yes it was tough in the beginning. I’M A FUCKING LOOSER – I LOST A FORTUNE. But hey – I’m getting stronger – I started with nothing – I did not own nothing but a bike until 2 years ago  – and here  am again + I have some knowledge that 0,00001% of the world populatin have. I could do an interview everyday with international media (Spain, Holland, Iceland, Brazil, US…) – everyone wants to talk to someone who actually admit that he/she was wiped by the crisis and takes the full blame HIMSELF. I DO. I chose Polish Forbes (because its weird and fun) and German Focus (April) where I wrote the most insane GA’GA’GA-LOGO essay.

NOTE: Survival mechanism #1: Get some kids!!!!!!

In Guatemala is saw the project that have moved the deepest of my entrepreneurial genomes ever. Bio fuel 3rd generation (B100) will really change the world. And Matias T and his amassing farther turned on like a teen on a stripjoint – with their project and knowledge and ACTIONS. I can wait to get my handcuffs of – ohh dear lord.

If you have gotten the Twitter flue like me – (and you are a curious person) you will have one big question nagging you. How the heck do they scale this shit. Well here is a VERY INTERESTING interview. I still hate how fast a culture can become cooperate (some answers are just lame) – but its very interesting philosophy. Ev is just THE MASTER OF ALL PREACHERS.

Thinking about running – I need to get back on track – i’ve really been good at doing it daily – but the last 7 days have been of. Follow my twitter and hopefully you will see I had a run around 17.00 today.

Weird to be SO UNSUCCESSFUL and yet have so much on my mind – and feel so relatively GOOD.

PS. I don’t really want to blog about my consulting work – it’s hard work and not really what I AM. SORRY.

Posted on April 13, 2009

Christmas Time at Squitter

Skype to get back on founders hands (NYT)

(I have no inside knowledge and have not talked to Niklas and Janus for 2months).

How would i do this (Skype relaunch):

Well its simple – I would give Evan Williams a call and join Twitter and Skype in a new hardcore gamble against everyone else in the social space. Twitter could be independently run – and Skype could integrate a smooth (WHAT ARE YOU DOING (nearly must) UPDATE) – and you would subscribe to your friends by default – and bingo you have a potential bigger audience then Facebook. (Dont put to much into the Facebook competitoon – that does not matter – Twitter/Skype (Squitter :) – would be something complety different).

Squitter is the new big thing :)

Joltid is a company that controls the core Pier 2 Pier technology that makes Skype so special on PCs/Macs (its not implementet in iPhones) – becuase Skype only needs a fraction of the infrastructure that everyone else in the space needs (read P2P in wikipedia). Its insane to think about the power Nik and Jay has with the terminated contract in hand.

New York Times:
“In a regulatory filing
April 1, eBay disclosed that Joltid, a company founded by Mr. Zennstrom and Mr. Friis, had terminated eBay’s license to Joltid’s peer-to-peer technologies”

Funny note about Joltid.

Its seemed hard to find a name for the company – and someone looked around the room and saw a swedish CD called Jultid (Christmas Time in swedish). So the company became Joltid :) (PRETTY TRUE!!)

THIS VIDEO CLIP: I clicking on a twit from Jason Shellen to go and watch Evan Williams on Charlie Rose Show – and then I was so lucky that the show kicked of with Mr. John Hennessy (head of Stanford University) – and this guy is just something beyond reality – when you start thinking about his impact – Science, Bizz (he is on the board of Google, Standford’s Funds are some of the largest in the world), Politically (education is in my very low educated opinion the most important thing for both social welfare and business and globalization). Wow – and this guys just purely GET IT 360 DEGREES. Lucky America to have such people – picking up 760mioUSD in endowments on a bad year :)… Side note: If we had that kind of institution just one place in Europe we would be very very well of – only FC Barcelone is about there (JOKE!).

THIS VIDEO CLIP: The Twitter interview is not very good – Ev is fumbling in his explanation and Rose is too eager to say how fund he is of the idea. And I can – as Twitter number to in Denmark only beaten by a priest with soft rock as underlaying musik on his website – really not understand how twitter can change so much for me – but it does. I can just log on anywhere – after meetings or sleeping and be 100% updated in no time. And the GMAIL import of friends (I did yesterday) really added 200% ore quality – now I follow all the people i KNOW (who are twitting).

Links from a very informative surfing hour:

Then I watched this piece on US printing money in the wild – and must say its strange – and scarry.

And I considered this conferenceafter reading Gigaom on innovation – even though Im not really hungry for more conferences and mostly look forward to Mygdals Reboot the 25/26th of June – I really hope that Mr. Ev and will drop by. On Mygdal – its interesting to see that the guy is on top of the world with now integrating with Facebook (with new filtering) and really challenging Twitpic (a service i never got to work). AND AND 23 is launching amasing HD Video services – build you own TVchannel for less then 1000USD pr month – niiifty test here. I will just be smooth to watch all this on the brand new iMac – Charlie Rose should by a lisence… Or my friends who are mad heliskiers should buy a lisence.

LASTEST NEWS vie (not suprisingly twitter 28min ago):

timoreilly: Americans cutting 1 serving of meat/week wd save as much carbon as taking 5 million cars off the road (via @SteveKatz)

I think Ev is fantastic!