Posted on July 19, 2012

Scoring Cinderella


Being in the startup scene – is living with a clock permanently on 23.55 trying to score Cinderella. Only the most agressive, funny and smart (and attractive) guys have a chance.

The Tune

After having started more than 100 companies – I feel that I’m starting to find the right melody – or lets call it tune. (And remember that I’m just the musician* – Josephine is my Cinderella – I over scored massively). And the people I have on my dance floor are absolute superstarts. And compared to when I was loaded – its much more fun and much more honest. Everyone knows that I can’t pay – so the people who show up (and STAY) – are all 100% focused on performing.


90% of Success Is: Showing Up

Of course you cannot learn those break-dance moves that will make Cinderella (the market) pick you – in a snap. And therefore its really interesting to grow older. Mostly because my network gets older – and more experienced. I’m a full believer in most of what Malcolm Gladwell preaches in Outliers: 10.000h is minimum needed to be word class at anything (sports, music…). And in maybe you need to put in even more hours if you want to be the winner in online/social business (overnight success takes about 5 years).

I.e. my close friend Chris Bouwer – was the most aggressive – at any dance floor (literally) for the last 20 years. He is just always there – and no fucking wonder he is the most successful sales guy in payments in Europe. The guy works harder then the rest. And is a pretty good dancer.. :)

Having A Unique Move

We all know that Cinderella needs an original and innovative pitch – since everyone will give it a try. But since that time is short (about 4.59) one has to be able to have something to say that is understandable. The Samwer Brothers seems to have refined that – by simply admitting to copy – and don’t ditch that too hard. We are all using whats out there – and every big artist in every century – has been painting just like his friends. But the most successful one’s managed to EXECUTE: get in front of Cinderella and deliver.

The Dress/DNA

Without going into any racial or gender discussion – since that makes no sense AT ALL. It’s obvious that some people just have it – they know by instinct how to dress mentally – for other Cinderellas to be interested… To me it looks like curiosity is very important – mixed with extreme stamina and persistance. And right now I have chosen 18 people whom I believe in – to nail the Cinderella of their sector – I have to mention:
Kim at InsuranceXO – redefining insurance
Ken at posXO – doing a massive take on how we will shop
Claus at payXO – making it easy to accept credit cards without being ripped of…

You Can Do It

Is what I really want to say … just keep trying. Smile and Think positive and don’t take No for an answer. And it will all work out.

*I feel like Bob Geldof – definitely not the best musician – but I know the right people ;) (thanks to @MikThoboCarlsen for that one).

I have been looking at 20-30 different companies/ideas/people – to try make a business out of helping companies (with an online presence) to have more success (GET MORE TRAFFIC and SELL MORE) with search engines and online marketing. Its an obviuos KILELR BUSINESS if its done right.

If you know an english service like this – please put a link in the comments.

Im thingking SEO – bot aswords or banners. Within the banner advertising and affiliate network area we have since the very early days seen big companies – DounbleClick, 24/4, TradeDoubler, Zanox and many more – but no one has really been able to put SEO on bottles and sell it as a service yet.

I think Mr. Demib (the wacky Danish super SEO master) has found a way – where online properties can really gain value – no english site yet – see – its advisory meets consulting meets elearning – and will be HUGE – Everybody and his dog need help to understand the world of SEO.

Posted on September 10, 2008

The Day I Woke Up Without Arms And Legs.

First of all I’m really really sorry to say that my Newspaper project did not survive – not sorry for me (I take all responsibilities) – I just hate myself for bringing other people (employees and partners) and service providers into trouble – it feels unfair and coward-like… The recession and my stupid communications over summer (we delivered the yearly report 2 months too late) killed us. The simple explanation is that sales did not meet budgets and therefore since Thursday I have been talking to the people backing me and to myself (I have personally put DKK 105 million into this project – money that I have been borrowing – VERY BAD CHOICE) – and over that weekend I had to make a hard decision.

DKK 75 million was suddenly not enough – since the price to break- even suddenly doubled – and after working 9 months 24/7 (having learned more then the previous 10 years) with an increasingly dried up (dead) financial market – I simply could not see a way to continue…..

5 REASONS for my Sunday decision

1) Budgets tilted
– and all the cash I injected after summer was sucked up by the Tax Gyus – and August salary became a problem) – the August sales came in at only 60% of budget (we were canceled off media plans due to the negative press we received in July and our job market initiative lost traction) and pre-booked sales suggested that September sales would miss budget by a similar percentage or more (and this is despite that fact that we were still selling more advertising millimeters than any other newspaper in Denmark).

2) Overall Danish (Global) recession

– it’s coming with an ugly speed – and the first thing that retailers and big advertisers will cut = advertising. Today Media Market in Borsen even talks about no difference without Nyhedsavisen in the market.

3) I’m too inexperienced
– I’m too soft, too optimistic and romantic – I did not have enough pessimistic fantasy to imagine that budgets could break so fast – and that the recession is reality – it is all very strange. My management skills are beaten by any kindergarden manager (I respect them a lot by the way)..

4) Competition
– all papers in Denmark starts every morning by carrying money to work – and we have been working for the advertisers – and with pre-booked sales for September suggesting that we may actually sell less than in May, I suddenly started to doubt whether we could make money even in a JV with another player*. Prices never go up as fast as they go down – and competition will not stop with one competitor less.

5) My EGO
– suddenly I was afraid whether I was doing this to prove myself and because of the love of changing industries. I saw all my own cash being GONE – and personal bankruptcy as an option (I’m fighting it THESE DAYS since my funds dont give any cash – my investments have no value in a stressed sale – but dont feel sorry for me -> that’s how entrepreneurs work) – and suddenly I got a wakeup call.
Conclusion: Since I invest with passion and with a naive trust in management – I should only do smaller deals.


Even in a partnership with Metro or Berlingske – we would not be able to make money within 12 months!
*When Svenn Dam told me that on our trip to Stockholm after visiting Metro – I started sweating in that cold way – you know what I mean?


We asked Metro for a sales price for the Danish operation and as an alternative suggested a JV – but they obviously have way to much self confidence with Kinnevik (a VERY STRONG holding) backing them. And despite their trouble in the stock market – I felt that they would not give up – and join our wild operation. But I really had the hope – and our talks with their chairman were very open.

Berlingske (Mecom’s Danish operation)
I have had 15-20 conversations (calls and breakfast) with David Montgomery since June – Berlingske wanted to help us to close down (but I never wanted to do so – I have really believed in this with my heart). This Irishman with 35 years in the industry has been playing me like a piano – always suggesting collaboration – potentially buying – but always just cool and impossible to get a firm agreement with. Even when we 3 weeks ago sent an offer to take over Berlingske (see my previous post on how much under pressure they are) – David has been cool and just saying: “Morten – there are no magic bullets – I’ve been in many newspaper wars and it takes a long time and costs a lot of money – but it never really changes anything…”. On behalf of Baugur and Me – I proposed a deal where we would have closed down Nyhedsavisen solvently and then I should work for Mecom out of London- as a consultant (and this is subject to a lot of speculation – since some people think that I was not allowed to negotiate about this). The fact is that Mecom probably didn’t have the interest (nor the money) – and I could not find money to shut down solvently. It actually hurts me that rumours say I have been paid to close down – I would never EVER take money to do that without then closing the paper paying everyone what they were owed. And yes we had negotiations – but hey FUCK – isn’t that pretty normal when you have lost DKK 100 million? So FUCK you idiots – using your self pity to put this out.

I have had a couple of talk with them – but they have their Metro interest – amd they ALSO smelled that I was starting to doubt – what other reason would I have to call… (Yes I’m not too smart).

The top 3 Norwegian papers are all gongho – on trying to take over Edda – the Norweigen part of Mecom. They had designed a hostile takeover of Mecom’s loans trying to buy GBP 600 million of loan for less than face value – and that way get the control of Mecom the day they could not meet their debt governance ratios on the loans. But this was too far fetched with my wallet size.


– All employees
I have had +50 sms/emails from employees who lost their jobs and feel sorry for me – strange – that’s so amazing. And during “bankruptcy aftermath drinking” – no one blamed me – all positive. Thats probobly first time in history)

– Baugur and Thordis from Stodir who gave me this chance – and the most fair deal EVER and NEVER jumped out of any commitment (and I would do this again if I could guaranty a solvent closing).

– Morten Nissen Nielsen – this gyus works like no one else – a bit young in his management style and optimistic – but DEEP RESPECT.
– Simon Andersen (this guy will be BIG)
– Michael Elmhoff from distribution – who handled the closedown in Aarhus and all the violent threats from the newspaper delivery employees
– My Family and Friends – who haven’t been able to talk to me for 9 months


Call me stupid – not trustworthy – whatever –  it’s OK – I fucked up. I take all responsibility. It was MY MONEY (and all I had and had access too) – and it will be 18-24 months in hell from here – but I will start and invest with my knowledge and build companies for life – and I’m scared but not stopping – Im just back to ventures without money. Sorry.

THE (SEMI) BITTER AFTERMATH – from an optimistic id(ea)iot

Nyhedsavisen have done something historic (let’s call it a DKK 1 billion gift to The Danish Democracy) – and its unfair that Berlingske and JP/Politiken gets DKK 300 million in government subsidies – while Metro and Nyhedsavisen gets nothing – cal me bitter :)

If just the financial markets would have picked up in MAY – ohhh – we could have done it. FUCK FUCK FUCK I hate to loose – and I will see my psychiatrist to get over this – and not get bitter… There are so many things that we could have done if.. if… if… :) But the fact that USA (land of the free) handed over their credit institutions Freddie & Fannie to the state sunday and Lehmann Brothers down 50% yesterday – these events can tilt the world economy :( – and all my startups are hurting from it. No money in the market.

I never in my life had a lawsuit and hope it will stay this way – but given my personal guarantees it might be hard to avoid this time – fingers crossed.

I said that I would not give up until my arms and legs where cut of – and basicly thats NOW. I followed my instinct – and failed – and I will do it again – probably not this big a deal – but lots of smaller. I’ll be back