Posted on November 17, 2008

Wireless Music in Your Home

I have been growing up with butchers and new rich people instantly bying B&O – as soon as the had the chance – and the high flyers had a B&O-LINK system (interhouse). It is a minimum 20.000$ investment – and you need to really be B&O geeky to use it… Now – with music on all devices – PC, Mac, Phones, iPods – it even more relevant with a system for the whole house – and there are 4-5 systems that seems good like

Sonos Digital Music System VERY EXSPENSIVE
Logitech Squize Box

But as (always) Apple seems to be most simple and first – iTunes in mind – but Airport Express and iPhone with Remote Access is simple and not that expensive. WOW – see this simple Apple tutorial Video

Posted on December 6, 2007

Music Search – WORLDCLASS


Well I do oversell some times – but its like being late due to lack of calculations and realism…. Yesterday I posted a deal on Twitter that I had SUPER MUSIC startup shares for sale – and I did get some interest – but NO ONE REALLY HAVE BALLS THEE DAYS. So its now closed for 7-8 months

And now my partners in the business did a demo – that really made my hair sit straigh backwards… Search for “Sexual Healing” (its pretty good – for my smashng bad taste) and lots of people have done a cver version…. For every cover verson you chose – make a “compilation with tracks that have the same “DNA” – AND IT FUCKING WORKS SO MUCH HAT I GOT GOOSE BUMS. Marvin Gaye verson suggests 14 cool slow sexy tracks – Kate Bush version suggests 9 more hardcore and raw – but good tracks…. WOW WOW – Nw I will get a chance to buy music with only clicking on TOP20 and Most Sold… Aso Massive Attack – gave me amasing sugestions that I had NO CLUE I LIKED….

BIG NOTE: Im musically f**ked – and still prefer Whitney Huston, Popmusic, Oasis and U2…