Today I had a lifetime experience in business and people relations. (Ok – I cant talk about it – but I have taken a new job – yes a Job as in 80h workweek). And its much more then carefully selected – I have been 100% true to my rule number one.

RULE #1: No assholes.

Since no company (I ever heard of) has been building itself – I have gone with an extremely smart bunch of guys into something extremely difficult. Off course if 100% disruptive and huge – and potentially big failure – but that’s a given with me (as you prob know by now). These people are just hammering smart and extremely nice and humble – AND not too young AND know what they are doing.

So – today we met with a partner – and I had goosebumps from 20min into the meeting until the end 2h later. Imagine you meet a soulmate/bizzmate – that is just funny, nice, friendly, no attitude – and on top of that has everything you dont have (and will offer it to make thing happen) – AND you can actually make your bizzmate stronger and more profitable with the joint effort. THAT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY for the first time in my bizzlife and Im still have a tickling feeling in my stomach and have no clue how I should ever fall a sleep again :) So the rules for a bizz partnership after today:

#2 Hearth driven – Its the only way to change stuff.

#3 Useful – think about partners/people – how they live, work, dream.

#4 Speed – can it be done in this century.

#5 Simple not easy – no mumbo jumbo – everyone really gets it.

#6 Involvement – does everyone have the needed time on hand.

#7 Innovative – no me 2.

#8 Universal – can it really change bizz in the whole world.

#9 Profitable – well we need lots of cash for new newspaper projects :)

#10 Proud – you cant wait to present it to your mum and your son.

Posted on January 16, 2009

The End or The Beginning (Start)

Yes I’m under extreme pressure. Nothing to hide!!

I’m going to next level of radical truth – after going trough hell and having survived mentally only from the backup from my enormous network in the real world (100= days of traveling pr year), on this blog, facebook linked and twitter…

1 Testing the friend – myth

Everyone has told me that it’s now I will see who my real friends are. And I’m very positively surprised. Everyone + people who are not close has been extremely supportive. The actual price of my friendship has a rate :) – to make my survival fund/bailout.

Best sms from a very strong investor/entrepreneur: “Hey Morten – let me know if you need cash for kids and their schools. We don’t leave soldiers behind”.

2 : Killing negative and conspiracy

I have ALONE TAKEN ALL DECISIONS – and no one (nothing) from outside can be blamed. I have quite some people writing me – to tell how stupid the system is and how everyone tries to cheat.. Thats not my mindset – and not my experience – and don’t write me to get support in that direction.

Best live ACT (proof): – a fantastic guys (not overdressed) went to the tv-studio where  was interviewed – and told me how much the system had been after him… I was very flattered that he went all the way – but had to state that blaming society and conspiracy is NOT ME. Then he gave me a handwritten bizcard – and told me that no matter what I could have his Mac Book Pro. (I was so moved).

3 : Saying – S.O.R.R.Y.

Behaving civilized (not something I normally do all the time) is to solve conflicts. I’m so happy mentally that I don’t have “aggressive daytime visions” anymore about:
A: the guys who took me down
B: how to ever solve my extreme dept generated from the paper.

Its feel like my ass is itching and my arms are to short to do anything about it… But I will invent a mechanism to itch back.

Best phone call: I had BIG TROUBLE calling my guy at the bank during the last many years. He is such a good guy and said: “we will get into fights – but you have been helping so many people and always acted with 100% integrity – so I will try as well”. WOW

4 : Financial Tsunami

When the whole world is collapsing and even USA is on socialistic capitalism (bailout after bailout). Then I’m not very sure that I could sell any companies for the next 24months anyway – the Danish banks are OUT OF MONEY – and all my smaller portfolio companies have been called (means asked to pay their dept) with a 2days notice. Its bad, but also = oppertunity.

5 : Believing my own bullshit

I still do (mostly) and to me “risk equals = reward”. And note that Im serious about not beliving in failure (its Anthony Robbins bullshit but I use it) – its just another experience and I’m used to it and I can and will handle it.

6 : Moving on

I trust in myself (thanx Mum) – I fucked up – but I will solve it. And just 3 days after disaster – Im still getting 1-3 opportunity a day (and looking at the backlog of 200+). And I will be back before you can say – WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED.

7 : You may that I’m a dreamer

– but Im not the only one. Again thank you for the 3000+ support mails, comments, sms’s, facebook notes.

Funniest facebook message: “I will make u Swedish meatballs and potatoes for free – if u will help me and my friend with our biz – and my mom thinks u r hot.” :) (What the fuck is that about)

no 8 and 9.

Should have been something about green-tech – but I’m looking at a new project that gives my system goosebums – and I’m not ready write about it.

10 : My portfolio

I cant speak about it – rules are rules. But look at the rest of the bullet point and do the math. But I can say that 25% of my portfolio is closing down due to the crisis – startups are so 1999 these days. :(

Will I miss anything. Only two things: My house (if I loose it – it looks like it) and Paying for all kinds of dinners (all over the world). I have payed for 99% of all dinners I have attended the last 10 years – and I like it much more then the other way around. But again – its NOTHING.

Have a great day – and don’t worry about me – it’s 99% about materialistic problems (rich people thinking about what pink hearths in diamonds they want to buy for their stinking ugly dog). There are real problems out there – Go solve them.

PS. Leave a comment. Don’t be soft or unnecessary positive :) – lets go for radical truth.

Posted on November 19, 2007


As Im getting older I think its underwhelming that

1) Swedish waiters ad bartenders are even worse then Danish (its off course just because of the welfare) – but its strange that one have to apologize to get early to a Cafe to the staff – who are all mad and morning pissed (and stay pissed all day)…

2) That its so embarasing to have been wrongly charged at the Hotel Movie system – that even I really dont like to complain… :)

3) Its absolutely UNDERWHELMING to see so many BIG COMPANIES not follow compaetition and open the HIGHWAYS OF OPPORTUNITY to young (and old) and worksome risktakers – in the OVERWHELMING technology space called THE INTERNET

4 ) Its underwhelming that NO ONE does better movies – with the low price of production and the easy access to editing on a PC. In Denmark – HE GOVERNEMENT pay 40% of ANY HALF GOOD MOVIE IDEA – and you cant even imagine the amount of crab comming out – its UNDERWHELMING.

5) Im underwhelmed that I wrote this – in stead of celebrating life… But Im a bit down – and complain about 1000% more then normally…