Posted on December 14, 2008

Leweb Paris (small speach = interwiev)

Im in a weird stage of my life – so insecure and jet so full of power and new ideas and hope for the post financial crisis… At Leweb I tried not to say anything planned – just talk from the top of my brain.

And I have to say that I get so nervous everytime – but love the effect everytime – 50-100 emails from people who where moved (felt a change in their life) from my silly ideas…

Posted on December 13, 2007

LeWeb3 – 3

le wib

I had to do his deeper post on this event. And first of all give the deepest of all respect to the team. Its the most welldone conference I ever attended.

Program – was really worked trough – better then any other conference iI attended this year.

Speakers – the best i could imagine (Only Mygdal an Reeboot can match it – but Reboots problem is always that I dont understand how cool the speakers are until 2-3yeras later). I Still dont really understand what I do in this crowd. I must say that I had expected a REAL SUPERSTAR – Bono, Sergey, Larry or Jobs…

Food – was fantastic (above fantastic)
(Its not Loics fault that the waiters are working according to French law and rules – and have no problem looking right trough you :)

Attendees – the crowd was THE BEST AND MOST INTERNATIONAL possible.

Loic – the energy and charm beats everyone. I still have to see the brilliant intelectual and business man – but Im very sure he is inside the Showman, Blogger, Father, Husband, Frechman without attitude (nice!), International Connector, Feinschmecker (there is a whole extra dimension to this guy – the blogosphere dont know), Politician (he did help Sarkozy – is invited to the whitehouse – and had him at last year LeWeb), Entrepanuer (history shows) and most of a überNetworker. Im so impressed.
So why dont I believe in the large conference format. Well I just think its to big and non personal – and I saw a lot of people who looked a bit lonely among the big crowd (I dare to refer to Sartre – my first and probobly last ever littertre reference). And I have to say that even I – salesman and pumped with selfconfdence – felt a little strange walking next to all these superstars I know from Blogs/Videos/Twitter/Etc – and where so so busy talking to eachother – Calacanis, Scoble…. (Guys I have even been emaiing with). Size matters ;)

Posted on December 9, 2007


le web

Postcard made for LeWeb3. Im so afraid of all the people coming with all the talk that will be – and very few people will remember that talk and conferences s max. 5% of doing a business.

PS. I like this very much. Even though I did pass on it.