Posted on December 2, 2008

Superstar Blogger Dorte Toft – RESPECT

This fantastic Lady (Danish Journalist and blogger and my friend) has been digging up the biggest IT scandal in Danish history – and I really want to show my deepest respect and regret that I did not help her more when she was on the track of IT Factorys founder Stein Baggers highly criminel setup (100mio$ leasing and interbilling loop). Im simply to naiv to see fraud when its just in front of my eyes. And since Im a close friend of Asger Jensby (we had wine and talked about how fantastic the company was – last wednesday) – I simply wanted to believe in the story – despite the fact that NO ONE WANTED TO SHOW ME THE SOFTWARE. Mygdal and Nyholm and Albertsen have all been extremely negative from the very early beginning – and I only know Stein from spinning classes – never talked to him.

Biggest respect to Dorte Toft – because she has handled this with elegance and not like an ego boost.  And also think I know her well enough to believe that she had a dream inside (as all of us) that it was not fake – and that Denmark could have a new TECH SUPERSTAR making 62mioEUR profit this year and 110mioEUR next year… BUT NO – so sad and so psyked…