I was 100% in chock when I learned how the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation – have been doing a Napster like “industry changing move” on e-procurement. The people behind this MUST get all the awards possible in the world for IMPLEMENTING anup and running alternative to EDS (the OOOLD shit system for companies to exchange invoices) – and breaking the monopoly between IBM, CSC… They simply build an infra structure so smooth and internet driven – that 1bioDKR (around 180mioUSD) in transaction fees disappeared from the BLUECHIP MONOPOLY GUYS – and now everyone can use a FREE OPENSOURCE infrastructure to exchange invoices. IM SO PROUD (not a fan of the Minister (he is like a Nice uncle for the far vest Denmark) – but the people in there are HERO’s). REAL HERO’s. Note: It’s all done in the cloud and has opened my eyes to the revolution just ahead us us – I have been posting about Amazon’s effort in the space before – but have a look at this. Founder Jeff B is a SMART cookie. I will also bable about this in my next post about Masdar…


Its kind of weird to think about what will happen to journalism when all the newspapers are suffering the way they are – and the money from online news websites are absoluty NOT PAYING THE BILLs. And I must say Im a bit worried when I see how much traffic goes to the gossip websites – Wimbledon being live – means that we get the most silly news about tennis players boobs – is that a sign of whats commming?



Our national Telco is fucked up and the management should be taken to court for STEELING MONEY VIA FALSE INVOICING . TDC (monopoly danish telco – now owned by 5 private eqt funds who are all suffering from the insane dept the have loaded on our national carrier) have introduced a new pretty innovative product: Triple Play – phone, broadband and TV (on demand work nicely !!). Today the have blackmailed me 100% – by charging 3 technician hours and a weird fee for setup (500USD). And since we do not agree – they have just closed the lines . GREAT.  Then I did a call to their invoicing department – who told me that they would deduct it – because it was not true and not fair. WTF.

I know everyone has had these exspiriences – but it’s a bit new to me.


Yesterday I went to a local store to buy a Tennis racket for me and Linus (we had everything stolen when the car was borrowed by some “guys” in late winther. And the people at the store are the most amasing – real – family feeling – people you can find. No bullshit – good service – and amasing prising. I really HAVE TO RECOMMEND THEM – (and I have to say that White is refering to Tennis and Badminton – no race’s stuff involved). Go there.

Enjoy the weather – and remember: There is NOTHING to be afraid of.

Posted on November 30, 2008

CNN Heroes

CNN is showing something as unTV’ish as can be – they are celebrating a good stories and good people. No killings and disaster tonight!!!!! Heroes is all about normal people who makes a difference – read more at

And also read about the worlds coolest (and luckiest) nanny

And suddenly I remember the founder of CNN – Mr. UberCOOL – Ted Turner:

In 1998, Turner pledged to donate $1 billion of his then $3 billion to United Nations causes, and created the United Nations Foundation to administer the gift. The foundation “builds and implements public-private partnerships to address the world’s most pressing problems, and broadens support for the UN through advocacy and public outreach.” In 2006, the foundation delivered its billionth dollar to UN causes — $600m of which came from Turner and $400m from public and private partners. Turner has pledged to use the remaining $400m of his commitment to leverage additional funds for UN causes and activities.