Posted on March 20, 2009

iPhone on Docomo land

(I’m a late adopter!!)

When I arived here ot Japan – they where VERY kind to lend me an iPhone. AND WHOLLY COW – im 100% blown away.

It’s the best thing after kids, food and sex.

With Gmail – i was 100% synced up in 45sec – contacts, calender and mail – and facebook and twitter (twitteriffic blows my mind)- BANG BANG BANG. I would never have imagined that technology and hardware could melt together in one hazzlefree unit. WOW. WOW. Im so sad to let my blackberry know that it’s dead – going of the coorperate fields where it belongs.

NOTE: Only iPhone SUPER WEAKNESS is no copy paste – but that suposed to come.

Posted on January 3, 2008



Have been in ubai for 2hours – its so crazy here – no end to how fast things move. Was here 4 years ago – and now I cant recognise anything but the swanky Burj ;)

Also I have got the BLOCKED site while using Gmail – wow – thats a bit hard..