Posted on April 16, 2009

Gekko if you love travelling (new startup from my friend and partner in (some) crime Dino) does the trick when you travel and you know that Hotels are not just Hotels.

Its still a bit fresh and getting around the site (adding friends, writing reviews) is not optimized yet. But you simply get the hotels and recommendations that suits you (IMPRESSIVE for me). I simply cant wait to more people will involve and share reviews – then this service is a KILLER. And I have really needed it.

Its kind of Social :) – need i to say 2.0, sticky… (Bullshit BINGO) – no its honest.

Officially Gekko says

Gekko gives you personalised recommendations you can trust based on your unique profile and the preferences of like-minded people in the community.

UPDATE from Dino: Morten thx a lot….and don’t forget…..this is just a starting point…..the algo is selflearning …..the more people do the better the results get. Restaurants will be in in 3 weeks….thx Dino

Quote: “You not naive enough to believe we live in a democracy – buddy – its the free market” – the whole world have been believing in this bullshit from an old movie…. wow.

If someone had just shown this to Greenspan – he might not have been Greenspank now… But very straight and a real person (just shows that controle is beyond hard)- Quote: “I did not really get it”…see interview

PS. the real gaga was around last week when lost of big funds wnated the markets closed for 1-2 weeks – until stability would be around – but hey – no one asked for that after yesterdays US stocks 11% up…