Posted on March 22, 2010

The Best Art I have Ever Seen

Make it FULLSCREEN and chill:

This piece of art I have ever seen – it goes directly to my system – scary and yet an ever discover-full voyage in between your mind and your eyes.

Civilization by Marco Brambilla from CRUSH on Vimeo.

Posted on June 7, 2009

Think about it

GUTEN TOUCH from Multitouch Barcelona
Dunno why – but this thing goes directly into my system…

I’m somehow flying between high and lows AND LOWS. Dunno why – maybe because my personal life has changed 100% – bankruptcy/reconstruction is not as pleasant as it might look from the outside. It’s one long string of uncertainties – initially really bad for the mind – but in reality just like any other day in business ventures JUST A BIT TO PERSONAL. You never know what will hit you – and what seems to be the brightest star one day might be a TRAIN COMING AGAINST YOU IN THE TUNNEL.

I’M GETTING much closer to the world where I really belong. But then again – I’m traveling like a mad bird who lost the sense of seasons…

On my mind today

The downturn and psychological hysteria has turned (or reached the button) – everything will not be fine fine ok – but everyone know its serious and managers will start to act responsible and employees will use messenger less and produce more – AND PICK UP THE PHONE AND DELIVER WORLDCLASS SERVICE. Is the future bright (do I have to start wearing sunglasses indoors Michael Jackson style) – well prob not short term. But for you entrepreneurs out there – its OPPORTUNITY LAND a fucking GOLDMINE. The noisy idiots who where there for money alone are LONG GONE – they r now consulting for public institutions (like even I am as long as I’m handcuffed) – and the rich kids playing GONG-Ho for family money are flushed out with the toilet water (stocks and real estate). So, now YOU (yes I’m shouting at YOU) can go ahead and do your thing – fully hearth driven – passion driven and its even possible to hire superstars (or get them on board on a good upside deal). Go GO GO GO GO Go.

Everything seems to be redefined now – BLING IS SO 2008 – SHOWOFF as well – and there must be tons of art deals to do. (I’m out of the loop but I feel such a vibe). And with new printing technology you can make a 2x2m print for less then 150$.

Tell it like it is. I think the truth is the new black. Ive been 100% honest about my situation – and yes it was tough in the beginning. I’M A FUCKING LOOSER – I LOST A FORTUNE. But hey – I’m getting stronger – I started with nothing – I did not own nothing but a bike until 2 years ago  – and here  am again + I have some knowledge that 0,00001% of the world populatin have. I could do an interview everyday with international media (Spain, Holland, Iceland, Brazil, US…) – everyone wants to talk to someone who actually admit that he/she was wiped by the crisis and takes the full blame HIMSELF. I DO. I chose Polish Forbes (because its weird and fun) and German Focus (April) where I wrote the most insane GA’GA’GA-LOGO essay.

NOTE: Survival mechanism #1: Get some kids!!!!!!

In Guatemala is saw the project that have moved the deepest of my entrepreneurial genomes ever. Bio fuel 3rd generation (B100) will really change the world. And Matias T and his amassing farther turned on like a teen on a stripjoint – with their project and knowledge and ACTIONS. I can wait to get my handcuffs of – ohh dear lord.

If you have gotten the Twitter flue like me – (and you are a curious person) you will have one big question nagging you. How the heck do they scale this shit. Well here is a VERY INTERESTING interview. I still hate how fast a culture can become cooperate (some answers are just lame) – but its very interesting philosophy. Ev is just THE MASTER OF ALL PREACHERS.

Thinking about running – I need to get back on track – i’ve really been good at doing it daily – but the last 7 days have been of. Follow my twitter and hopefully you will see I had a run around 17.00 today.

Weird to be SO UNSUCCESSFUL and yet have so much on my mind – and feel so relatively GOOD.

PS. I don’t really want to blog about my consulting work – it’s hard work and not really what I AM. SORRY.