Posted on January 15, 2009

Sad Sad – Steve Jobs is out

There is not a businessman in the techworld (whole world) that reaches Steve Jobs’ level. Apple, Pixar…. And this video just show how early he got it ALL RIGHT (exept from scrolling is in the right side :) – well the NeXT company did not go really big – but unlike many others he SOLD his “failure” for a fortune. NeXT in Wikipedia

Its just so sad that he is out for now.

Posted on November 17, 2008

Wireless Music in Your Home

I have been growing up with butchers and new rich people instantly bying B&O – as soon as the had the chance – and the high flyers had a B&O-LINK system (interhouse). It is a minimum 20.000$ investment – and you need to really be B&O geeky to use it… Now – with music on all devices – PC, Mac, Phones, iPods – it even more relevant with a system for the whole house – and there are 4-5 systems that seems good like

Sonos Digital Music System VERY EXSPENSIVE
Logitech Squize Box

But as (always) Apple seems to be most simple and first – iTunes in mind – but Airport Express and iPhone with Remote Access is simple and not that expensive. WOW – see this simple Apple tutorial Video