Today was a wonderful day.

A) Because I woke up the kids 6.45 with Isak (1 year) walking allover the big ones – and the all kissedand hugged – I just sat there in the morning sun trying to hide my tears… (Im so (too) soft). Then we had a nice breakfast and played and made a new screensaver with horse pictures from Laura and Linus trip to my parets over the weekend. And biked to school…

B) Just in time to make my flight to Frankfurt on a consulting geek – where I had the most amassing meeting in my life. (I cant disclose what its about). But I can say that for once I found some guys who undersold their capabilities and under promised the scope of their project. It was like a divine experiences and cant wait to tell you all more…

C) I got home just in time to put the kids to bed and play School for a while – and draw one glass whiteboard I have installed in their rooms.

Well all this just to say that – Im so in love with life and I have to tell all of you (and wow there is a lot of people reading my bullshit here :) ) – that no matter what you want and what will happen – there is allways light at the end of the tunnel. (And hopefully it’s not a train comming to smash you :). And nothing is strange when you work with a circus – and don’t we all.

My friends, partners and advisers and family is bayond reality.


Posted on February 20, 2009

Changing Things Bigscale

Dear Valued Read

Let say I told a story about me being on a small Island owned by an exccentric guy who also have started space turism.

Lets say the island had infinite sun, the most amasing villaes, unbelieable staff, food from heaven, sunscreen all over, any kind of sport you want to try – tennis, basketball…watersports…

Lets pretend I was there on a mission to actually do some for real about climate change.

Lets say I was invited together with world class speakers… And lets pretend that the discussion was so untangible due to the difference between people who understand politics – other people who really get business and scientists who are rteally world class – simply all leaders in their different fields…

Let say that it was extremely hard for me to understand what the McKinsey guys actually ment when they presented their roadmap for carbon…

Let say that the leader of Scripps (Tony, scientist and now a friend) gave a presentation that scared me – and only as a bisentece said that salmon somehow had disapeared from California this year…

Let say I told you that we had the meetings outside in a balinese temple – lets say we had world class food, and bonfires at nights – lots of drinks and acted foolish – had lots of fun and at the same time i really started to get a little zimmering feeling in my stomach when I started to understand who difficult this climate situation actually is…

Lets say that after the 3 days of meeting, I was invited to go with a new friend* in his Jet to Miami (despite what Jets contributes to Carbon) – and lets say Im taking of in 1h.

Would you believe it? (I would not).

*who – along with his family, live in villages and cities around the Third World using hands-on perspective and eyeball to eyeball connection to conceive, develop and operate economic opportunity, training and leadership programs in countries including Rwanda, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Palestine. Programs include Teacher Training, Leadership Training, Micro Enterprise, and Peace and Reconciliation Efforts

Posted on February 16, 2009

Use your Voice To Draw

Just found this after a great night of being sleepless in Puerto Rico – try it and beat me /its DIFFICULT

Posted on December 13, 2007

LeWeb3 – 3

le wib

I had to do his deeper post on this event. And first of all give the deepest of all respect to the team. Its the most welldone conference I ever attended.

Program – was really worked trough – better then any other conference iI attended this year.

Speakers – the best i could imagine (Only Mygdal an Reeboot can match it – but Reboots problem is always that I dont understand how cool the speakers are until 2-3yeras later). I Still dont really understand what I do in this crowd. I must say that I had expected a REAL SUPERSTAR – Bono, Sergey, Larry or Jobs…

Food – was fantastic (above fantastic)
(Its not Loics fault that the waiters are working according to French law and rules – and have no problem looking right trough you :)

Attendees – the crowd was THE BEST AND MOST INTERNATIONAL possible.

Loic – the energy and charm beats everyone. I still have to see the brilliant intelectual and business man – but Im very sure he is inside the Showman, Blogger, Father, Husband, Frechman without attitude (nice!), International Connector, Feinschmecker (there is a whole extra dimension to this guy – the blogosphere dont know), Politician (he did help Sarkozy – is invited to the whitehouse – and had him at last year LeWeb), Entrepanuer (history shows) and most of a überNetworker. Im so impressed.
So why dont I believe in the large conference format. Well I just think its to big and non personal – and I saw a lot of people who looked a bit lonely among the big crowd (I dare to refer to Sartre – my first and probobly last ever littertre reference). And I have to say that even I – salesman and pumped with selfconfdence – felt a little strange walking next to all these superstars I know from Blogs/Videos/Twitter/Etc – and where so so busy talking to eachother – Calacanis, Scoble…. (Guys I have even been emaiing with). Size matters ;)

Posted on December 9, 2007


le web

Postcard made for LeWeb3. Im so afraid of all the people coming with all the talk that will be – and very few people will remember that talk and conferences s max. 5% of doing a business.

PS. I like this very much. Even though I did pass on it.