I want to keep track of how bad I am at spotting opportunities – 100% inspired by Bessemers Anti Portfolio


I was offered a very good chunk at a very fair price – but Balder and Claus did not convince me – I should have seen Jimmy coming in (that anti risk dude actually did change the game and the company has a nice value now (when Mr Wellness did not fuck it up and was bought out).


I was offered 15% for nothing – but did not like the guys – see post. They made 100mio€ sale after 11 months.

Kauphing Bank

The only share I have ever bought – since its obvious how good they are – but I was so chicken only buying for 15.000€ – made 36% in 3 months
(In retro this was GOOD!! Since Iceland went all down).


Via my partner in  London I could have bought all rights to Timbalands last record Shock Value – but I was chicken and – even though I had superb gut feeling I passed on it. Chicken me ;)  and it WENT NUMBER ONE 5-6 times all over the world..


I should not have given away www.smsas.dk – to the assho… at http://www.comitel.dk/


Mygdals amasing social picture sharing – I really liked it from day one – but I did not foresee that this would become a cash cow… (Specially with 23video.com that came later)


The deal was ready – we committed – but somehow Northzone squeezed us out .. at http://www.spotify.com

And I fully understand if you are disappointed – that there are so few