These are the products which I find AMAZING and serve all my needs. Check them out if you want to make your life SIMPLER.

For invoicing – Tradeshift. It is such a useful online invoicing tool and best of all, it is free.

For investor updates – Sharkboard. These guys are experts and will get your house in order! People underestimate how important keeping those guys who have given you cash updated really is!

Keeping track of new projects and pitches – pitchXO. If you try to pitch me and your material isn’t on pitchXO, I will not read it. Use this excellent service to make your material look great.

Flight Compensation Issues – AirHelp. I used to HATE being delayed, now I LOVE it as I know I can get cash and don’t have to do anything!

Knowing who reads my boring stuff – LinkFire. Now I can see how many people open my links and where they are from. SUPER!

Keeping my tech SANE – stefanXO. No task is too big or small for them. They will just get on and make things WORK.

Raising money became easy – Tofte & Company. Professional team who have a track record of raising MILLIONS, what isn’t to like?