Posted on December 20, 2013

Business Karma – A Special Day

Screenshot 2013-12-19 05.49.55

Today I managed to pay Morten Steen Jorgensen back the one of many loans I took in 2009 to buy myself out of Bankruptcy. Mr Steen showed up at my door with these words: “Here is a loan of 50k$ to buy yourself free – no strings attached – pay back when you can. We know the ‘eating glass feeling’ of the dark side of entrepreneurship – this is our help…”

I was lucky – more than lucky. Luckier than anyone could ever have imagined. I was standing in deep shit – I was over-invested (used personal guarantees) and everything I owned was suddenly picked up by people from the bank (literally – they took cars and art). I had no where to go in the morning – all +100 investments was no mine anymore – the phone stopped ringing and emails went down to 1 or 2 per day. I was VERY sad – but I suddenly had a chance to think, I had a chance to feel life – and spend time with the kids. I started walking the kids to school – read some books and even did some of cooking (100% new to me). I never really felt sorry for me self – it was ONLY MY FAULT. 2008 was a reality call – in 3D.

Life was quiet – no +100 companies – no more private jets to escapism – and no 12 course dinners – it was actually quite nice to have no obligations and no stress – but then again I had to face reality – and get a job. I had never had a job – and no one would hire me – the 38y old internet psycho entrepreneur who was loaded from when he was 27 – and got lucky with Skype. One day I woke up and Alex knocked on my door: “I’ll fix your shit – if you give me X% of you future.” That was easy to answer, – “Yes please – lets start tomorrow.”

We have now worked for 5 years relentlessly – and we have; – helped 10 companies – started 5 companies – raised +150mio$ for these companies – employed +400 people around the world – created real change in e-invoicing and financing for small companies.

We are still fumbling with what to call the group – and we have a mix of board seats, equity and our own ideas. We are seriously afraid of getting spread too thin – but the team is 75% in place now. More importantly: we are starting to build an infrastructure to keep track of everything and help the startups much more on BIG DATA.

Unlike before in history, most enterprise software businesses can leverage incredible access to data of all the weirdest kinds – from MAPS to CURRENCIES over TRADING HISTORY and SPEND… We are betting on making a new bank or let’s call it an organisation – where companies can only be a client if they use our XO accounting system and payment infrastructure. Since the loans will go from being emotional decisions of bank clerks to automated loans based on goals = sales. The bank will not lend money to companies with notoriously bad payers. If people won’t pay a bill it’s normally because the product sucks or is oversold and stuffed down someone’s throat.

Work-life is hard and not always fair ;) – but somehow I’m so freaking lucky despite my wild passion for testing the boundaries of business and technology. Now I am only 1.2mio€ in debt that has to paid back to all the amazing and generous people who have been helping to get my financial mess sorted….

PS. Of course I don’t pay Morten S the money without interest – he has (like everyone else – who has been lending me these absurdly big amounts) – got a small share on my new Ventures/Fund. My dream is that they will get 3-4times their money back over the next 3-6 years – and then the karma loop is closed.

I would also like to mention that the overall reason that I really got through all of this is Morten Sønsergaard and Anett. They supported me mentally and financially in a way I can never pay back. THANX to Morten and Anett !!!

Posted on November 20, 2013

B&O, you owe me 2 hours of my life…

2013-11-20 01.48.10

I’m (still) suffering from some weird idea – that the adults know all of the answers ;) – like the +60 Chairman of Danske Bank and B&O (our Industrial Danish pride) – not to mention the new CEO at Bang & Olufsen – Tue Mantoni – who was at McKinsey and then – for some insane reason got auto approval in my brain – as the man who can save the already failing company. but But BUT – my brain has cheated itself – these guys are seriously hard – because none of them have a clue about electronics and product – its all management crap and spreadsheets. Today I discovered that their product is solely working on iPhone  – yes – iPhone the new Nokia :) – yesterday’s phone… WOW.

Here we go:

I have just spent an evening at one of my few real friend’s house. His wife somehow liked the new speakers from B&O and it was next to me for 5 hours. While looking at this beautiful* speaker – my friend got the idea of … listening to some music. Biig problem – we are both Android users (like +65% of the world smartphone users)….

We tried with all means – while keeping the weird and distracting conversation one has to while needing to connect a device…… we ended up having installed 3 Apps that could not get a soundbite out of the speaker – totally confused and “tech-bitter”….. fuck that. Not even a mini Jack was the way – it doesn’t exist on the creature of a misplaced good looking device in the generation of connected devices.. .

When finally finding a B&O app for Android the confusion was clear. Even though I’m quite technical and my friend is a top 10 tech entrepreneur in Scandinavia (now he will be mad) – We don’t really know what they wanted us to do with the App. Something about adding the loudspeaker as a wifi access point. It never showed up on my list of access points and if it had I’m not sure I would have known what to do with it.

It just feels wrong to sit next to a 2.000$ loud speaker listening to music from your mobile built in loudspeaker. But at least we got some music. Thank you Marie Key …

I’m charging 2500$ pr hour consulting these days – so all in all the 2 hours fumbling with this crap – makes B&O owe me 2.5 of their next speaker – hopefully with Android.

And as for the CEO and the Chairman – Christ…. – they should step away and get a Tech savvy guy – like Bruce H, Tino Svendsen and Jacob Wollf-Petersen from . They built their company in Jacobs house (like Mr Bang and Mr Olufsen many many years ago) – and Steelseries will have a higher market cap (value of the company) – in 24.36 months…  #DirtyHandsOverIndustrialRoyalty

*Disclosure: Johannes Torpe, head of design at B&O & The Steelseries guys – has been my personal  friends for +12years .


Im Changing Direction – Again

Tradeshift and Everbread are now running on their own – I don’t have to be there every day. And I see 10 amazing start ups every month – I can’t stop myself anymore – I need to kick a lot of these guys in their bud – and help them to become global and successful. (PLEASE RT THIS TO DESIGN COMMUNITIES).

I’m loosing it – in Design Talent

I’m getting old – and I have lost my touch with the design community and the hackers – who are doing consulting – but really want to do their own Agency or even better a Startup.

Keep Your Real Job (Clients)

If you are one of these Dudes/Duderinas – who are not spoiled by money yet – and who don’t need anything but a MAC in your life. ( = You don’t have very low cost of living). If you also understand that: This requires lots of late night work – since you have to be payed from your real job.

(If you are an existing agency – who wants on this movement – then you just invest X% of your pitching budget – easy peasy).

If You Can Do This Better

If you carry the belief that you can design there even better – make them look even cooler than they are ( I love these sites) / / / / New

You must be a complete design junkie – or have one on your team. And you MUST BE admire and – like you admire your best parrents.

Then Pls Email Me and Get On My New Projects List

And I will send a mail back with the rules. Since I have spend the time – which – to do a pretty specific outline of the rules (and thats hard for me). Email:


PS. Tree huggers and people who love this model – pls dont email me. I want to make money – its the only way to attract the best people. (Charity is something we do later).

PPS. I’m also looking for a platform to run all this talent on… (Facebook Developer ?).

PPPS. And yes – am scared of overdoing it again – like when I went bankrupt – shit scared. But I cant help it.

Posted on October 18, 2011

I Have Fucked Up (a Bit)

This is a long message to officially apologize to my friend Eran Davidson at HPV – with a lot of background. I had a bad day – I forgot the power of my word – and I was angry (self generated rage is a huge driver for me).

A TUESDAY in Berlin, sept:
I had a good meeting with Rouvan and Eran Davidson (from Hasso Plattner Ventures) – about a new project Im doing – and since Im so much in love with it. I GOT FURIOUS (mostly at myself) WHEN THEY DID NOT WANT TO INVEST INSTANTLY. Most entrepreneurs who have been pitching projects to VCs turn the rage against investors – to keep motivated and survive the insane pressure – instead of giving up. I did so very much (same as many years ago when I was visiting 7-8 of the 40 investors who we pitched Skype – and ALL SAID NO!). I so much wanted Rouvan to invest (I wanted him and his brilliant brain on my side) – I wanted them just to take the deal – so that the new company would get going – and I should not do the normal 15-20 pitches to VCs/Fund/Investors I normally have to do to make a deal* happen. And the reason I went to Rouvan and Eran – was simple: They are some of the best in Europe – at what they do – AND they are some of the (only) guys who will survive financially. Most funds are just dying because they cant raise their next fund.  Note: With Hasso Plattner as investor – they stand incredibly good, despite the global financial crisis.

*DEAL= raising money to a company I like  -and where I believe in PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PRODUCT, TECHNOLOGY and TIMING.


Close your eyes for a second – and think about where you are in life. If you are just a bit like me – you have achieved a lot (maybe even gotten kids) and you are proud like hell (despite whatever fuckups and failures you have made….). But you will still think of yourself as a nobody – without any real idea of whats going on. I simply dont have that ability to take myself too serious. I doubt all the time – and Im driven by my doubt, curiosity and ambitions – plus my highly agressive inner voice that JUST WANTs TO WIN.


I never (or very very seldomly) think about the fact that – shit loads of people (You – my Highly Valued Reader) reads my blog – and that I speak in front of 50.000 people a year. It would make my nuts to think about it – and block my ability to dare to say, write nor preach anything. CONCLUSION: My inner self dont think I have any power – and Im sure that everyone knows that all I is: Hearth-driven – ideologic and with the purpose of creating change and happiness. PROBLEM ONE: I dont enjoy being any kind of negative!


I fight 100% for the things Im assigned to. I dont give up – (many people think that I just fly around – do my speaches – and the have nice dinners) – but I do sales meetings 3-6 times a day. On Phone, Skype, Location, Office – and during dinners and lunchs’s. Im pretty visionary – but nothing special – I mostly get / or go with medium ideas. In reality: Im a sales guy – and its my only asset. I love to sell ideas – and thereby create companies and movements. PROBLEM TWO: I dont enjoy when sales is difficult – and get agressive.



I sell EVERBREAD, Tradeshift and 1-2 Deals* pr quater (just to stay in “deal” shape) – to partners, OTA’s, Airlines… – but most of my time (like many earlystage CEO’s) Im selling our companies and the visions to investors. And it takes 95% of my awake time – handling the relations – making information packages and nursing the VC’s who have interest – and handling the existing investors (BIG JOB). Because Im very positive and because I had a great childhood: I always communicate happily about where I am and what I think and what I do – but sometimes the world is not acting like I want – and underneath I get a bit grumphy (some would say older).


3 DAYs LATER in Berlin:
I was at the CEO Dinner – held by Hasso Plattner Ventrues and Team Europe – very nice dinner – very cool format: CEO gets to meet and promote themselfes to VCs – VCs gets access to talent and the people in power to buy the VC’s companies. SPOT ON, alligned interest. During dinner – I make a couple of jokes about Kite Venture (who is backing 2 of 3 deals I have done lately) and say that its a lottery fund – and that they are shit lucky (my way of saying smart, still self-ironic and humble) to have Russian passports and thereby have access to DST kind of BIG DO$… We have fun. Edward from Kite and Lukash Gadowsky are very smart – and very self-ironic people. They spend – like most very succesfull people – most time makes jokes about themselves and their failures and problems. We have fun. After dinner (and 3-4 cigarettes) – we end up at the table and Yaron Valler from Hasso Platner Ventures shows up. I make the same jokes – and say that HPV is shit lucky to have Hasso – and I make a joke about Eran and Rouvan. AND THEN Mr Yaron Valler (who dont know me and did not sit a the tabler earlier) – suddenly freaks out and starts a verbal fight (something I not really do – and Im very very bad at – since I never had siblings (whom seems to teach eatchother every chapter in that handbook)). I recall my rage from not getting a deal with Eran and Rouvan (and just to tease the dude – I say that I would hire Rouvan any day – and I reacall a earlier phonecall with Mr Yaron Valler (says something nasty about how I could have done the deal in 5 min) – and things get out of hand…

PROBLEM ONE and TWO gets FULL ON OXYGEN – makes me conclude – that either I punch the dude in his face – or (as I choose) I tell him to leave the table.


I totally forgot about it. We had a mutual bad day – and fuck it. But my very very good personal friend Eran Davidson – yesterday told me his version of the story. TO MY BIG SURPRISE – He was sad and felt that I had been saying bad things about him and the fund.


Dear Eran (HPV & Mr Valler)

Im am 100% sorry if this has ever been the case – or if you feel that I have been trying to harm you. My only intention was grill Mr Valler – test his ability to be self-ironic and not take himself too serious. BUT I FAILED – I MIXED IT WITH MY SELF AGGRESSION – I MADE A MISTAKE – STEPPED OVER THE LINE – and Im very very sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused.

PS: I will still hire Rouvan for my next fund :) – and Eran will be invited on the Board of my Holding one day (If Lisa won’t do it :).

PPS. this will not be my last “Im sorry” post.

Posted on April 7, 2010

LAST UPDATE from a (former) Bankrupt


When I landed in Paris 3 weeks after my bankruptcy I got a facebook message from a stranger – “your friend (my student in entrepreneurship since he was 18) has died in a plane crash pls call me”. Today is a BIG DAY – but I only got through all of this to show @Martin that I meant it when I said persistence is everything in entrepreneurship. Therefore TODAY IS DEDICATED TO the launch of MARTIN SCHAEDEL INTERNSHIP SCHOLARSHIP

UPDATE from a Bankrupt To My Dear: Fam. & Backers & Valuable Readers

(This will be my last post about bankruptcy and how it feels).

Its been a silly tough time since I realized that I had to close my newspaper 19months ago. Being insolvent and bankrupt is no real fun. Personally is has meant that I have been out of cash (as in NO credit card no nothing) – everything i controlled was taken by the government appointed lawyers.

Ive been loaded since i was 26

– when I sold Neo Ideo – with Lars, Jimmy and Thomas. But – let me tell you something. It has been a huge relief and friend$perience*. I had accumulated way to much crap (why the fuck did I have more art than I could have on my walls: wanna be artsy hip’ass) – out of desire to show the world (my mum and my high-school friends?) how smart and fast and brilliant I was. Well now you think – he has to say so. But this is true to everything I have ever done – and true I have been (mostly) :) – putting my money where my mouth was – and ALL OF IT.

REALITY ALERT: Dont even think about feeling sorry for me. I could have had a badly paid job at a restaurant and been fired – with nowhere to go!!!

After the shellshock – and some crap from a couple of people here end there (something that was a dot in the story but was filling 99% of the picture) – I can say now: I’m so happy to have seen whats supposed to be the button. The self pity vanished fast – and I just started charging for what I do (instead of being Santa Claus handing out money to every kind guy with half a good idea. I now had to get involved and charge for my time/network/ideas – (I know it sounds absolutely wacked) – but it was actually much less lonely and now I knew that no one was hanging out just because I had the biggest bag of candy. I had no candy tied to my leg – and a few guys (and girls) stopped calling :)

Note: My Mum was as ever cool: “Morten, dont worry – you got yourself into this stiff – and ofcourse you can get yourself out…” – and yes Im lucky to be born with good genes and such fine psychology.


1) Use your MUM – family and friends
2) Get (stay) in shape
3) Change yourself (u where probably on a wrong track)
4) Blame only yourself*
5) Reject (politely) all the people who want to share problems
6) Remember you started with nothing – so its like coming home

*Morten Nissen Nielsen and Svenn Dam (Chairman and CEO) – whom I trusted in my newspaper venture should take this medicine. I owe them everything – I love them for having me declared bankrupt – otherwise I would have been under management from banks and THEM (I offered them a seat in my board to manage this ship trough the crisis – so they could get the money that I really would have loved to give them). Now they have been blaming ME and EVERYONE around them for all kinds of crap – instead of creating value. But unfortunately I had a call with the Media Mogul number one in Denmark (Jørgen Eibøl) too late. He told me that these guys are driven by revenge and hate – and never kept one single budget in their lives. They dont even care about building value Svenn is on his second 200mioEUR burn with Dansk Bredbånd (a hopeless case) – just crash and burn and blaming everyone around him. Today they get 1mioDKR for the sad job they did at the paper – and the keep blaming EVERYONE – according the them even the official receiver is now a fool… But from my heart – I love them (“Its all about luck” – and maybe some Mental Tai Chi and a good psychologist)- and they where fucking amassing at keeping the agressivness and spirit high. And they found the most amasing journalists (and sales team and logistics team) all people I still admire (and talk to a lot) for producing a FANTASTIC PRODUCT. And if it would have been legal I would have paid them every single € i promised them – EVERY SINGLE ONE. And still today they collected 1mioDKR – whats consideren a LOTTERY WIN in Denmark.

Morten Nissen Nielsen got the special watch I give to super-talents – and I still think he can become a superstar – . I will never talk about this again – its out of my system and I love them.

Its a Rollercoaster – “faster faster”

If you have had the insane luck that I’ve been surrounded by – and consider yourself a human aggressive curious Joe from the countryside – not overly impressed with how things work. And you dare to take a shot at even the biggest structures – then I have ONE VERY IMPORTANT PIECE OF ADVICE. Be sure that the roller-coaster has a lot of speed when you go down – that might take you up faster :). I’m bullshitting – but

*friend$pirience – its UN FUCKING REAL

This is NOT AN Oscars thank you list – I just want to show how many people it takes to try to make a survival. You need quite an army of helpers and people – and since every rule and legal opinion has to be from experts – its not cheap.  And trying to raise funds to buy myself free has also been a WONDERFULL EXPERIENCE. Here is an anonymous list of favours that came in from a circle of close friends and people I nearly dont know (you all know who you are):

C: My lawyer has been unreal
D: My other lawyer – offered free advise
X: An expert lawyer I did not know came by and told me to just use him

S: has given me accounting and financial advise (despite his partners resitance)

S: got me 6months free at the gym

m: for hiring me instantly as a consultant
m: who I used in boards – helped with pocket money loan
j: old friend – just made a cash commitment if I would get a chance to buy myself out
r: showed up with pocket money at my door and a kondi vand
m: sendt me pocket money from Miami
g: whom i met 4 times – just made a cash commitment if I would get a chance to buy myself out
k: whom I met 2 times – made a bailout account in 7h when an oppertunity came
m: who’m a met 4 times – just made a cash commitment if I would get a chance to buy myself out
t: my close friend – just made a cash commitment if I would get a chance to buy myself out
m: austrian drinking buddy – just made a cash commitment if I would get a chance to buy myself out
p: who’m I never met – got me a place to work and live from

l: who bailed out the accountants to do the books for the holdings to stay alive
p: who I owe a lot of money… after today
m: who I owe a lot of money… after today
j: who I owe a lot of money… after today
visby: who I owe a lot of money… after today
m: for giving me 1000DKR without mentioning that day when my card was taken.

m: who sent me 6 bottles of wine

BMW: for transferring the car to another company and not taking everything down so that my xwife has had a car.
Henrik E. – Forstadernes Bank: who trust in me coming back one day. Thanx Henrik!

Alexander the COO of my life: (former BullGuard): Who stepped in (12 months ago) and has been my wingman and survival manager when it comes to paperwork, contracts and my new job – I cant say thank you enough.

Speaking gigs: Lots of companies and organisations have been hiring me to tell my story – and its been a good way to keep up the spirit. And who could say no to go to: Milan, Zurich, Paris, NYC, Tokyo… and talk about they ego and get everything paid for + having lots of inspirering people sending hundreds of emails… (I do have to say that the speech/show is getting GOOD and FUNNY).

As you can read out of this – all these people gave me the the chance to buy myself free via loans – but I will not be out of dept for the next 10years – mentally nor personally. I still kick my self over the small business owners who lost money from the paper and the employees who lost their jobs – the big ones (Companies and top2 management) collected together 150mio+EUR in revenue. And the VAT we paid was an insane number…

Do I regret personally

NOPE – I have more experience than ANYONE I KNOW in my age  – and I have learned a lot about friendships and see the world even more positive than before. And now my kids now the price of taking the train – and THEY LOVE IT. You could also call it the worlds most expensive MBA :)

Will I go all in again – hmm – hope not. But as one of my backers said yesterday: “Im also here next time my friend..” Im out…!

Posted on March 27, 2010

Money, Succes, Suicide and Love

Hank Moody

When I fly I always –

pass out just after takeoff. Some time ago I was on a plane from Tokyo to Copenhagen to do consulting work for a VERY BIG JAPANESE GUY. I had someone very dear in my mind and I was dreaming and crying on the plane…  I’m my dream I was the main carrecter in”Californication”. A sexy lady (now my girlfriend) said ”Hey Morten, I have been thinking about it. I think you are the Hank Moody of your world…”

If you aren’t –

familiar with this TV show let me say that it is not something you would consider as an instant compliment.

Californication is about

a writer from LA with a rather complicated relationship with his life. He is drinking too much, smoking too much, fooling around too much and hurting his daughter and girlfriend all the time. He keeps ending up in strange crazy situations but for some reason he is to me a hero as he tries to be honest about his crazy choices. A heart-driven fool…

”What do you mean”,

I asked the lady a little offended, because this guy is really not a man a woman would spend more than a night with.

”Well”, she said. ”You fool around in your world, you smoke, ok, you drink, but you fall in and out of love all the time with  people , with situations, with companies and with ideas. You manage to look at the bright side of life and although you have been going through a very tough time lately I have not seen you smile and laugh so much since the day we met.
You are a Hank Moody because you try to be honest and stay in contact with yourself although you do not always know who that is for very long – neither do the rest of us.”

Ohh my God…,

I thought, it is going to be a very long flight – more than the scheduled 11 hours. But then i started to rethink…

Dear valued reader of this mental hygiene blog of mine, I am not good at writing long  well structured articles/essays. I am no good with long sentences, long relationships and keeping focus for too long. I communicate with the world through Twitter (140 carercters) and I get a lot of my info from Twitter as well. I am a super ultimate consumer of information and personal relations, words and ideas and I like to be fast, passionate and juicy about everything I do. I love to go all in – and that’s something I can prove :). I want to be a man of action and you could say short sentences. So for me to write this article/essay is overcoming a barrier and it is not a natural thing for me. Act Don’t Talk is my motto –> 2.0 Act Don’t Think or  Act Don’t Write :) …

The reason

for bringing the Hank Moody story up is because he is a kind of a guy who seems to go with the flow and no matter how much he screws up he seems honest and able to continue on the destine road of his. And in that way I have to agree with thr srxy Lady.

I have been investing in and starting up companies for more than 17 years and even though I am no more than almost 38 years old I am quite a veteran within this area. I have a pretty good, almost animalistic instinct for good people and kicking off ideas into businesses and I am willing to go very far too implement these ideas if I believe in the people behind. And then it happened last year – BANG – One of these ideas made me go personal bankrupt and it is now 14 months ago. You can read about the whole story on my here on my blogpost the-day-i-woke-up-without-arms-and-legs – its hardcore – but to me more hearthcore.

What I want to share with you

is that ever since that day I have been smiling more than ever. I am a bit afraid of telling people how I feel as they could consider me a bit loony (well I am). But I have to be honest and even though I lost more than 50 mio. euros I am more optimistic about life than ever. I feel free and although I do not own a credit card and my kids and their mother probably have to move out of the house they live in and Im inviting myself for dinners all the time I feel an unbearable lightness about life and my situation, which kind of embarrass me since I read about guys committing suicide for less money that I lost and that makes me rethink…..

Im no longer thingking about what Jet Plan to buy, it is no longer an option buying art for all the extra earnings on investments, it is no longer cool to show the size of your dick by showing up a charity shit. And I love that I don’t have to spend braintime on inventing crazy holidays just because ordinary was suddenly not good enough – no more swimming in champagne at fancy clubs. You end up killing and loosing yourself, if not literally then mentally – when the speed is too fast… To go bankrupt is probably the biggest eye opener to me  ever– it  has set me free and I do not need to hide my insecurities behind a speed, funds, material shelter of goods and staff and more and more unuseful crab. Going bankrupt has shown me more about myself than I had ever dreamt of and even better – it had shown and taught me for real – not just as a political correct cliche – that success is not earning money in itself. Success might be about understanding money as a tool to develop and changing the world. A tool to make people work and inspire  and motivate themselves and others.

Money and loss of it –

should never lead to suicide, ugly divorces, loneliness and mental loneliness. Money is like love energy and should be used and looked at the same way – with respect and mutual understanding. Money has to be reflecting the users values and personality and should be used wisely and with integrity. If you spend your money wisely and with respect and follow your gut feeling – then you might get closer to the right track i think.  It is not about the money but about the energy in it. Money is dangerous stored energy. Be honest about who you are and what you know and do not use people unless you really use them. Money is nothing – did you ever see a company build itself? Right – it’s the people, people, people.
My friend was maybe right  – Maybe I am the Hank Moody of my world – I live and breath it, and sometimes I screw up but I get back on the horse – I never give up on my dreams – and I am proud that although I have had everything and now have nothing I am happier than ever feeling more successful and on page with the soul of the world…

With EVERBREAD and Tradeshift

– taking of like space-rockets – I feel that my focus and salesman-skills channel in ONE DIRECTION and I actually add value. I see results – I feel that people around me grow and get more energized – and therefor I have a much better feeling about myself. I have tried being 100% confused about my 8-90 startups – and not into any detail. But now – that I have to perform as a CEO and Adviser – I see how much you can do with attention and focus – how many small errors I can find just from using my experiences. I’m not bullshitting you – dear highly valued reader – I LOVE IT. Off course – both project are HYPER DISRUPTIVE in their industries – and its not a boring butter cookie factory – but I love being into the details and MOVE A WHOLE TEAM and ORG forward. Its a very new and strange feeling for me – but I feel that I found my role here.

Should I ever be so lucky to get free and out of bankruptcy – I will lock myself into only doing One major thing and max 2 small side geeks.


your own success parameters all you other Hank Moodys out there.. And remember Im always very liquid – I have the love of my 4 kids – that’s all that matters. Think about it … :)

Note: This essay was printed in German Focus magazine 11 months ago – and is only mildly updated.

Posted on March 20, 2010

Stuck in A Dream or FlopStar

Me, Mylself, I

Me, Mylself, I

“I keep having this dream where I’m stuck in the bottom of a drill – I can’t jump high enough to catch the top and get up… ”

U don’t have to be clairvoyant or a numeric healer to understand that dream. For me the important part has been to cope with the fact that I’m a failure and forget about my cosmetic aware nercicistic self – AND MOVE ON. It did not take that long for the awake me and I make a small sallery and pay my bills partly from talking openly about my bankruptcy and working for EverBread where no one gives a shit. But apparently the deeper part of me is not really coping with the situation since this dream keeps comming… Its strange but maybe its also the key to entrepreneurship:


You r a failure since u don’t take the NORMAL CARRIER ROUTE –


when u get successful (and loaded) u r once again A VERY DIFFERENT KIND OF FISH but with self-confidence.


U learn the new lifestyle – rick – successful – kind of admired. You start talking way more then you listen (be very aware). You start being late for to many friend meeting… And You try to find out who u are – and build whatever you can with this weird self-confidence from money: – family, friendship, companies.


( if did not give up at STEP 1,2 or – became a coke head at 3 (still haven’t tried that kind of dope – it would be like reverse Woody Allen on downers). And if you really go all in to feel the kick from building something and you dont just sit on the money (or a stupid real estate portfolio). THEN IT HAPPENS -> SOME go bankrupt – and start over again. (then GO TO 1).

No Matter What Step you are at – Its About People

As always its about PEOPLE and the values inside yourself – and if u want to build a big vision or a big company u HAVE TO HAVE the ability to atrack people and talent that is way over your head – ITs CALLED SALES – sales of your vision. A term that seems to be eroded from all businesscards I have received over the last 5 years (I just checked).

No Matter What Step you are at – Its All About Sales

As an entrepreneur: Every day you have to sell your idea, your product and your self. And dont try hide behind it – with endless development or launching without called clients – following up – or even worse – A VIRAL STRATEGY and MEDIA. Call client and partners… EVERYONE AND HIS DOG.

It Takes A Lot Of Self-confidence

I had endless love in my childhood from everyone around me (parents, neighbors, teachers (even those with bad teaching skills, friends and Mentors) – and I now even have the unconditional love from my kids on top (and a incredible patient girlfriend). And that’s more I could ever dream of – so when I’m awake and have control over my brain I’m proud and happy. And I do sales and get a no every day.

BUT BUT BUT there is some unfinished business deep inside (its cosmetic – and its about some people (the first in my life) who fucked me over – and its about my personal brand and integrity) – something I haven’t been able to connect too and analyze – even though my shrink has given me a credit-line (but we mostly talk about sex anyway ).

I will keep fighting – and I feel stronger then EVER – just have to fix that dream part – Standing Stuck down that drill.

FlopStar – refers to Morten Lund to rock GeeknRolla, April 20, London

A Starbuck cofee farm in Guatemala

From M: "I just spent 3 days with some pretty serious people and learned a ton. I love the internet, fuck being a farmer is hard and the rest is bullshit =) can you imagine waiting 3 years to discover if your strategy was the right one?"

An email this morning from my friend Matias – made me feel stupid.

During 2009 – I have felt some self petty and I have been thinking that life was hard – but imagine if I was into real old school business – like farming (where we all came from – and yes my grandfather has a medium sized farm until early 1970’ies). But fuck me – and all the spoiled kids in the tech world. Its hard but NOT THIS HARD – as in farming where:

  • Product cycles are 3-4 years
  • Weather can kill all
  • Its hard physical work
  • Capital requirements are insane
  • Lots of heritage
  • Lots of environmental trouble

I feel humble that I can work in a sector where the screen always lets me work when and where I want to – mostly with whom I want to. And the fact that 99% of all offices are nice and warm. Well then there is the hardcore sales (the big secret of tech success) – where one have to aggressively show the vision and product (even very early stage) to endless amounts of clients and investors – but but but – the always offer you coffee and they are seldom rude.

Dear tech entrepreneur og colleagues out the – let be humble and proud and happy to be here in evolution.

Happpy Neew Year.

Posted on December 12, 2009

Twitter Q & A



  1. moritzde

    @ML Morten, you asked for questions: why isn’t there a secondary market for medicin & medical tools, e.g. splints? let’s create one! r u in? about 11 hours ago from web in reply to ML


Im not into it. But I have been helping a guy who is selling non prescription medicine and devices in retail – and there are big opportunities until you u get on the radar of the BIG KAHUNA’s.

  1. ronnierocket ronnierocket

    @ML How do we get our customers to embrace open source and social media technologies more quickly? How do we eliminate the ignorance? about 13 hours ago from CoTweet in reply to ML


I think open-source is a given way for the future of very big and complex software solutions (not to be stuck with IBM, CSC or whomever) – and end-users should not even know about it. For me it’s just a simple and smart way to have something open ended – AND ITS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT when in function as a service  – its closed and not accesible (took me looong time to really get it). But Hartvig’s UMBRACHO thought me. I don’t see feel any ignorence – in my world. But I understand your worry..

  1. Jacek Kozera jacek_kozera

    @ML are u still around in paris? How about à downtown Beer? about 13 hours ago from Twitterrific in reply to ML


Great idea. Im at my hotel.

  1. Jack Oelkers JackOelkers

    @ML Not started yet ;o) I would like to build a company though. With a foundation of a good idea, lots of passion and the “six human needs”. about 13 hours ago from web in reply to ML


Nike cornered it: Just Do It..

  1. Sebastian Brandes Brandesme

    @ML Could you explain that a bit more? about 14 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to ML


I tweeted: Important question for entreprenuers to ask themselfs: are u building a company – or just building company (around u). Well – I just see quite somestartups with no substance beyond a bunh of people hanging out together – they are just building a live social-club, hangoutplace. And they are not selling, producing or working hard/focused enough. .

  1. Thom Fischer Thom_Fischer

    @ML You want more Questions? So, how successfull you are in the Meantime, using the f-word? about 14 hours ago from web in reply to ML


Well that word is not very strong to me. Im not english native speaking and not highly religious – and to me the f-word is just representing something most people I know love to do and think about more then 10% of theyre awaken hours… :)

  1. lu luduong

    RT @ML: Please ask me more questions…@ML: Do you find yourself more “hungry” this time around? about 14 hours ago from TweetDeck


Good question!! The answer is

YES – very!

  1. Søren Sprogø SoerenS

    @ML They’re (we’re) all competitors mate, trying to figure out what you come up with next! Prepare to get paranoid :-) about 15 hours ago from TwitterGadget in reply to ML


Its not about whats next – its a flow of actions – and some works and some fails. I will alwayshelp people to build companies. Now compensation is in honor and petty cash – when Im out of bankruptcy it will be in shares. (Or compbined)

  1. Emmanu Romero emmanurom

    @ML Are you rich again? about 15 hours ago from web in reply to ML


No. Im living from day to day working my ass off (in fantastic job) – begging everyone I know to lend me money to get out of my bankrupcy. And Im getting closer.

  1. Frederik E. Dejgaard Dejgaard

    @ML Mac or PC ? about 15 hours ago from Chromed Bird


MAC ! Im moved 2 years ago and I still impressed just by the lack of bluescreen.

Posted on April 1, 2008

Shameless selfpromotion


CNBC just published this fine piece of selfpromotion on me ;)
Shameless selfpromotion

Posted on January 29, 2008

DNA and You

23 and Me – is so interesting when you think about it for a minute. Ad off course just the act that its a Googlewfe behind it – kind of gives another dimension. Off course Ester Dyson is in as investor/help ;) – (ED you are amasing!)

Posted on September 30, 2007

I Never Worked For Me (Board = Bored)


A Record Label for Board Members or Maybe lets call it and Activist Commitment Agency:

Making a 360 board activist

concept for companies with

8-20 world class international

board members in a record label

like setup.

Full serviced and managed.

During my busniess life – i have never been in a board or close to a board that really worked and moved the business and supported the business to really win/perform/change… Off course its mainly because Im personally so unfocused and low on attention span and bad at details – but I really feel a need for at new way of doing this. And I have decided to LAUNCH a BoardLabel or BoardAgenzy for my own companies/investments (maybe open to others)- so that they will get THE BEST BOARDMEMBERS  and BE AS FIT AS POSSIBLE. I think its about being Activist and Acting instead of talking – so I really hope this will fly. I just hired the most powerfull person to run it – and cant wait to tell you more. Only note is – that I really think the Danish Discussion about Cooperate Governance is SICK AND DESTRUCTIVE – specially for smaller companies – so maybe it will be REBEL BOARD LABEL or EXCLUSIVE?


*I stole the term “RecorbLarbel for” from N. Reffstrup (the artist formerly known as Navne).

Posted on September 18, 2007

Bye Bye Office – Hello Google

bye bye office
Picture: Jason Shellen – via twitter – please see this one of my favorite blog posts ever.

I have been playing with Google Documents for some time – and today I really saw the impact. Now that the pacage is complete with Presentation included. I did a small fast presentation – just to keep in practive and see how I could use it. And WOW – its nice – simple simple – and fast. See my kids concept (got the idea friday) – and if you like it – do not hesitate to apply for the job as Store Manager or CFO or Whatever you feel like ;)

I feel that I turned 50y last time not 35y – when I see this new crazy jumps and running trend – even in my neighborhood… Its like JackAss as a sport – will it become an olympic sport ?

[GrandDaddy me is just hoping that Linus will never hear about it – and not hurt himself ;) – how wacked am I… Also thinking seroiusly about buying a helmet for bicycling…]

Posted on July 18, 2007

Board Meetings

Spleak Morrie

I have been to MANY many MANY board meetings – and I have to admit that Im probably the worst board member in the world. Mainly due to my attentionspan of about 2min :(

But I enjoy meetings with young structured Americans who really deliver like a Radio show – and just brush you up on the business in 1,5h.  (And Morrie – you know who I mean – you are fucking good!)

Posted on April 14, 2007

India – Indusview


November 2005 – I had the pleasure of being in Delhi –  with Soren Kenner, Martin S and Mads – we had a treatment that I have seldomly tried by the Indian Musketeers: Bundeep, Rishi and Manish – who wanted to start an Advisory and M&A Consulting boutique. I did not really understnd what they wanted to do – but India was cool – and they are ÜberCool nd Nice and have obviuos extremly high moral and etichs. So it was easy – to choose to invest some money into their Induswiev idea. And as always – with rally good people – their fiscal year end report shows very nice numbers. And their references must make everyone impressed – plus they have a pipeline of clients that looks like a basket of diamonds ;) ost impressing is their productivity – the newsletter and India review is steller – see

Dear Rishi, Manish and Bundeep – thank you so much for letting me tap into this exploding market with THE VERY BEST PEOPLE = YOU GUYS !!

Dear Highly valued Readrs: If you need anything in India – og have any business to do – just ping these guys.

For more

Posted on March 30, 2007

God Stuff

Red Herring 100 in Cannes was good. The program is – VERY AVERAGE – some moderators are very good and actually involved and you have to give credits to Red Herring for A) giving away a price that costs 2000€ to pick up ;) B) Asking 40 VCs to pay 2000€ to debate in panels ;)

When that is said – I have to admit that I love those conferences. I would have had to travel to Sofia, Berlin, Zurich, London, Paris… to have had the meetings I had in 48hours. Most interestesting is ,,,,,, … all companies I would love to go into.

Posted on March 22, 2007

I Love Twitter & Adore Evan

luuve it

I simply love –  and everything around it. First of all that its SO ENDLESSLY SIMPLE – a brainer. Secondly that its done by the most powerful guys in the webspace – Evan and Obvious and Friends. Theyare winning all prices and awards this year and Im simply addicted. Looking forward to see the business model – but dont e worried – the service will survive – (Evan got a good deal when he sold Bloggger to Google – and any VC will give their left ball to get in now).

To be very hornest – i must say that I have not told you dear users about it – due to the greedy and ugly fact – that I have been thinking about launching something similiar. Bad me – Bad.

Posted on March 18, 2007

My New Favorite Host

This guys has it – hope he is not fake.

See more here
Remember to see his tribute to my love Whitney Huston and his tribute to Youtube :)

Posted on March 17, 2007

Reality In A Startup Is Will

hopeOne of my startups is VERY SUCCESFULL – but it takes a positivist to get it:

They make NO MONEY
They use 200.000€ every month
Their product is free
They will go technically bankrupt in may

Wierd – weird – They are a TOP 100 Company in Europe
– and the team is amazing – and will succed and EVERYONE wants to finance them.