Im Changing Direction – Again

Tradeshift and Everbread are now running on their own – I don’t have to be there every day. And I see 10 amazing start ups every month – I can’t stop myself anymore – I need to kick a lot of these guys in their bud – and help them to become global and successful. (PLEASE RT THIS TO DESIGN COMMUNITIES).

I’m loosing it – in Design Talent

I’m getting old – and I have lost my touch with the design community and the hackers – who are doing consulting – but really want to do their own Agency or even better a Startup.

Keep Your Real Job (Clients)

If you are one of these Dudes/Duderinas – who are not spoiled by money yet – and who don’t need anything but a MAC in your life. ( = You don’t have very low cost of living). If you also understand that: This requires lots of late night work – since you have to be payed from your real job.

(If you are an existing agency – who wants on this movement – then you just invest X% of your pitching budget – easy peasy).

If You Can Do This Better

If you carry the belief that you can design there even better – make them look even cooler than they are ( I love these sites) / / / / New

You must be a complete design junkie – or have one on your team. And you MUST BE admire and – like you admire your best parrents.

Then Pls Email Me and Get On My New Projects List

And I will send a mail back with the rules. Since I have spend the time – which – to do a pretty specific outline of the rules (and thats hard for me). Email:


PS. Tree huggers and people who love this model – pls dont email me. I want to make money – its the only way to attract the best people. (Charity is something we do later).

PPS. I’m also looking for a platform to run all this talent on… (Facebook Developer ?).

PPPS. And yes – am scared of overdoing it again – like when I went bankrupt – shit scared. But I cant help it.

Posted on November 8, 2011

Look – It Failed – What Did I Say

The “What did I Say” pessimists

Avoid lazy negative pessimists in startups.

Im having a blast these days. Its too good to be true – life simply has played the best of all tricks on me. Now that Tradeshift is showing traction – and now that it looks like I will be part of something really disrupting again. A lot of the people who have been: “What did I say – you fucked up” – are starting next wave: “Bravo – Tradeshift is impressive – Will but will it ever make money??? Or is it just a black hole for investors”. My answer: Yes I believe that Tradeshift will be an extremely lucrative business – but it will take a long time and cost a hell of a lot of money. And as always I have to underline once again (dear highly valued readers) – I DONT HAVE A CLUE. This business is THE DEFINITION OF HIGH RISK. The same goes with EVERBREAD – where we have also raised a lot of cash – from people who choose not to buy 60 Ferrari’s – but chose to believe in Assen and Everbreads vision.

But remember that not even if you look at Venture Capital from a lottery perspective is it good business:

7 of 10 fails

in first shot.


From founders and early employees you need inifinate amounts of ENERGY. When salleries are not paid on time – and when programming seems harder then worst case imagination… ENERGY is what it takes – since every startup company also require 2-4 fundamental strategy changes. Changes so deep that its like starting a company from scratch. (Count on that).


is the #1 timekiller  – its a whole startup in it self to get out of Bankruptcy. I have had 4 people fulltime during the whole process – I have been lending money for the process (big money – to pay all creditors). Think about it – who is crazy enough to lend money to a mann who is bankrupt or work for free for me believing in future value . All these people who believed in me and my skills and crazy visions – only supported financially by my ability to do s*#% ass expensive consulting and speaking gigs. I will do a whole blogpost of these people when Im 100% free. Because I have off course  – already been gambling with my salaries and consulting fees – to convert to shares in the startups Im working for. But it also means that Im not fully fully out of the risk of fall back to bankruptcy – only 98% there.

My point here is that it takes many lifetimes to hit a lucky strike – and making one successful startup – here is some back of the envelope math:

x7 StartUps to make a winner
x2 Total REstrategy
leaves x6 potential bankruptcies

Sum: 84 “StartUps” x 4years for each = 346years is what it takes to make one successful Company :)

If you want to find the energy for this 346y gamble – then dont get too involved with people who say: “Look – It failed – What Did I Say”… Act – dont talk – find people with unlimited ENEGERY – and find a lot of them.

Posted on October 25, 2011

17.000.000$ into Tradeshift

Today I Feel Lucky

If you have been following me closely, you would have seen some crazy shit come out of Tradeshift. Instant Payments, SHIT HOT customer wins, Tradeshift App Store and now an IMPRESSIVE investment round. The secured $17 million – valuing them at $137m, making this one of the largest investment in a Euoropean tech startup this year!!

The investment is led by ru-Net and Kite Ventures.

Tradeshift will use the investment to accelerate their already AWESOME product development, sales & expand the company into North America (watch out competitors – here we come -yeeha).
The Story Again

23 month ago I met Mr. Lanng – and we convinced each other to try to build a BIG VISION: Change the way invoices are sent (its kind of stupid that people type them in – print them – dend them – and retype them) – and make it free. (I choose this Chairman post over 2-3 others with much better cash compensation and without getting shares – despite my bankruptcy   – because I think Lanng + Gert + Mikkel are the best DNA that can be produced in the Danish wellfare system. And because they did it all before in the Danish Government – AND FOR FREAKING EU – WILD!!


Today is a VERY VERY big day for this vision. Edward (Kite) and I have been flirting for a long time – and I really respect Edward for his absolute high-powered brainCPU (and self ironic attitude). But to be honest I did not expect us to get in 17.000.000$ this fast – specially when we loose quite a lot of money every month. But – the client list is INSANE – and some clients will VERY GENTLY ask their +100.000 suppliers to use tradeshift – if they want to get paid.


Our big task will be:

A) To make the simplest and best – FREE PLATFORM

B) To make the on-boarding process of +250.000 b2b users = shitAss simple and automated (We cant handle 10% of those calling us).

C) To fulfill the needs of all these +250.000 new users – in terms of business process and value-creation. Free is worth nothing – its all about the perceived value for our clients.

Important note. Lanng and Jeppe has been fantastic in this fundraising process. And yes – I take credit. But in reality its the TEAM BEHIND – teach and sales – that has made a true fucking miracle. THANK YOU TEAM. Thank you.

Opportunity of a lifetime

We will deliver – Im 100% confident. But I also kindly suggest You (dear highly valued reader) – to have a look at Tradeshifts API – and collect a group of smart friends to get started cranking apps. This is a goldmine for smart people – who understands that Tradeshift is The Social Mother Graph of B2B in very short time. And you can leverage – the acces – just like Zynga leveraged FACEBOOK. Get moving out there… Im dead serious when I say that this is the biggest opportunity I have ever seen.

Link to Tradeshift API


(Picture is from last boardmeeting)




Posted on October 12, 2011

Sometimes Right = Tradeshift

Sometimes:- You just know when something is RIGHT
You find the right PEOPLE
You have the right STRATEGY
– You have the right INVESTORS (and enough$)
You get the BUSINESS MODEL right!!

Tradeshift is one of those companies you only see very very “sometimes”: And now finally we told the world about it the real deal: Tradeshift Instant Payment

With Tradeshift – its really hard not to smile as a chairman. Founders are off course kick ass – but I must say that Im nearly more impressed by the people they have managed to hire. We have real ROCKSOLID TALENT & EXPERTS at every desk at that office. But we need MORE PEOPLE – see – have a look – sometime you can be lucky.

Sometimes: Im shocked by the traction I see in Cloud Enterprise Software… If you (dear reader) have the brainCPUpower and interest – I will really recommend to do you next startup in Cloud based Enterprise Solutions…

PS. sometimes you can also be lucky to have a media (Techcrunch post) – that have all eyes from the industry plastered on the site…. And Mike Butcher always dares to promote hope – instead the killing depressive financial news… Mobile-Web/Cloud/Technology can and will change the business world – and there is a party going on for technolgy entreprenuers. FULL ON: Technolgy/Revenue/Profit/Champagne/Exit. The eco-system of trading – has found its way to technology – and wholly crap I meet a lot of young people who will change the world – and be millionaires before they are 30 years old. God forbit the last part :) – been there – fucked up…

PPS. Im getting really interested in the whole “CoWorking” -Space idea – and would love to have links to good articles about the topic. Sometimes: I feel that it could make room for a new investment vehicle…

PPS. Sometimes you need help – ASK FOR IT!

Posted on April 18, 2011

What Investor To Take

think it over

I get the question all the time:

What kind of investor should we take..

Well its really hard to say – I will go as low a making a small list of things that it depends on:

THE “How hungry are you for cash” TEST

1) Its too yearly – we dont need $
a) It would be fun to try – but we havent got a clue
b) We are confident and have an uncle who can help with the language
c) We have done it before and know some VCs
d) We are just teasing until someone talks to us
e) We are silly bad at selling but the product is HOT LAVA

2) We have quit our Jobs (if you ever had one)
a) and forgot to raise (product ate the attention)
b) we heard it was so easy / but shiaat…
c) running this so much more exspensive the we thought
d) we are selling a bit and have interest
e) my partner Joe can pay the kids school

3) We are burning CASH IKE HELL and the end is near/here
a) The investor are smoking us out
b) the big client is delayed
c) my Grandmothers money is gone
a) My Car is gone
b) My house is gone
c) Im thinking about robbing a bank
d) We have already fired 50% and rent is an issue
e) Things r A OK – but we think 9 mothers can deliver a baby in 1month
f) The VCs are at the door – so why not
e) The big Ass VCs have started their Electric Jets
f) We are GOOD – and it “Fuck You Money” time…

When you have gone trough these questions 5 times – and added 10 new points (please put them in comments underneath). Then you will have a fine clue – weather its the local drug dealer or the big boys from Accel/Kleiner/DJF’s of the world  – you should talk to. There is not that much difference :) (did I just use a smiley).

Advice on investors

No matter the size of the deal – its all about chemestry. Find someone you really respect HIGHLY (dont need to be a new best friend – that will only happen if you make an exit and become richer then him). But think about the fact that you will 99% (for sure) go trough REALLY UGLY SHIT TOGETHER – burning his money and your name/brain/vision/youth or marriage…

On the other hand – if you cant get the one you love – then love the one you can get. And get moving – speed matters and fundraising takes all your time (away from PRODUCT – SALES SALES SALES & MARKETING). Off course you should not give your company shares away – but dont shop too long. Get a good lawyer – or take a VC that dont want TOO MUCH BAD PUBLICITY if they fuck you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: VCs are my friends (I will be one again – one day) and I love the Venture Capital model – its where I work every day!!! I really thank the american foudners of venture capital – otherwise we would not have has this very sophisticated investment climate and ecosystem).

But some VCs and specially old school private Angels – they steal companies.

All in all I think you can do the math on mytest on top – and see there are endless stages – and therefor there are endless number of investor types. But somewhat Most important is:

1) Does HE have the MONEY and POWER to invest
(quite some funds cant fundraise them self now – and some (specially associates/juniors) at the VC funds pretends to be Warren Buffet – with the attitude of Godfather. And those guy cant even buy you an Ice cream without asking upstairs.)

2) Does He/She look like an idiot
(then he probably is)

3) Does He/She Understand Your Idea
(some dont – but if they are nice..)

4) Can He/She SELL
(most cant – they are money nerds who lured the trick of starting a fund – while everyone else in the class tried to build a business. And VCs are important when/if you want to SELL the Company – but also when you have to raise ore cash. Sales skills are required. You dont want an investor who are not friendly with the bigger fish in the foodchain. And He/She even has to be able to sell this to his partners)

5) Is  He/She Trustworthy
Dont be afraid to ask for references and call most of the people they say they know – be extremely hard on EVERYTHING that He/She promises in the beginning (just like girl/boyfriends) – here you need it on paper. And dont be shy to demand A LOT – specially from the non MONEY PART. They wil try to get in as cheap as possible (well thats the game) – but you have to put all the promises you get while they are talking down the price – into the contract.

CONCLUSION: There is no rule – its all one big illusion game. And my only real advice is to inform everyone about your weeknesses and be clear about the fact that this is HIGH RISK. The only thing you can give away is your word – so be carefull and act with all the possible honesty you can.

If you fail (and sometimes you do – its a huge part of the game) – very soon after you will be back at the knocking the same doors.

NOTE2: I think “The Social Network” Facebook movie – gives the wrong impression of how companies are build – ists a movie it is NOT REAL and IT HAPPENS PRETTY SELDOM that things fuck up so hard. So dont be scared.

Gosh – that became a long one.. And sorry not to publish more often – its just crazy busy here … See you soon.

Posted on February 12, 2011

A Real Hero – Bill Gross

Morten Lund speaking

Business Philosophy Secret

I have lots a secrets business wise. A very important one is the usage of heroes. Well – my narcissistic self has been very open about Bransson and Clinton as heroes – but the lower level hero’s has never been something I have been unveiling. (comming back to that)

Speed Speed Speed

Mostly because I find it to be a very useful way to stay just a littlebit ahead in the HighSpeedTurboCrytonite-online business world. Things are moving faster then ever in history. Yesterday I watched some TV from 1970 – and the CEO of some company was sitting at a desk without a telefone (obviously no computer) – taking notes on a piece of paper – looking like a guy who had all the time in the world… It gave me a instant sting of jalousie – I WISH that was me (for a second). But then again the SPEED of communicating with the world – hammering mails, tweets, facebook messages and links back and forth with China, Singapore, San Francisco, Sophia and Frankfurt during my non sleeping hours is JUST AMASSING.


But its MUCH more interesting that Twitter is now Evan W @evhead and his teams second time of proving that they do communication and publishing platforms that are not only technology-wise interesting – but Twitter (and likes) are taking down regimes all over the world. The People are getting empowered and cant be stopped when information flows. The old farts who have been running dictatorships and regimes for 30+ years – have no guns nor time enough for torture that prevents the masses from uprising – AND WINNING. Its insanely good – interesting – and melancholic and goose-bums exposing.

Twitter = Anti Info-Bulimia

Facebook and Twitter is just amassing – after reading yesterday that 69% of FB users in many big countries are login in daily  (link here)- I really smiled all day. Just think – if FACEBOOK lauched a TV CHANNEL IN THE TOP RIGHT of the page – it would be the #1 TV Channel in the world (and in each country) in 1h – with perfect targeting – click to act – the full shabang.. But Im betting on Twitter for some reason – I simply love to go into my Twitter account and get updated – its so short – and people have to think a bit before they post (140 char is nothing). And I get fully updated on the world and my social circles in a snap: From Egypt to Johanns stupid ideas about pushing Cats (real ones) to all his friends over Kawasaki’s spamming of weird news…

I bet on Twitter – The simplicity of the interface and the lack of noise (from length of messages) is just so appealing. Contrary to this way too long blogpost. To twitter is a combo of bookmarks, news, micro-emailing and

Morten Lund speaking

Bill Gross – The Hero (Unveiled)

With Twitter becoming so important in the revolutions around the world and my all time number one internet-commercialisation hero of the internet Bill Gross moving into this Twitter space (UberMedia buys TweetDeck). Makes me smile. And series A guys are also pretty impressive (dont really understand how the 30mio$ he spend yesterday came in):

Index Ventures
First Round Capital
SV Angel
Steve Case
Jason Calacanis
Jeff Jarvis
Lerer Ventures

Bill (Wikipedia) has did, Inc. (OVERTURE) – the first reason to Google’s commercial succes – he has done an endless amount of amassing companies.

I think that Bill G will be controlling more then 20% of the Twitter inputs “Apps” and prob go even higher very soon – this is not that interesting – but from a commercial perspective I so very sure that he has a couple af really interesting tricks up his sleeves… Very soon this will all be monetized to perfection. And Twitter will be bigger and more FREE then ever…

So why so much fuss about Bill: Well – I really like that he is always hungry and I see a chance that he can do something good – while making one more fundamental business model fro an enormous industry – that is just being born…

Morten Lund speaking

(can also be read if you are working for an entrepreneur and find him/her weird some times)

To all of you guys out there who work every day on your dream. Who get up every morning and work like ants on creating you dream. You guys who don’t get disturbed by the common rules – or your mother in law – who wants you to take a real job. Quite often it can be a little lonely – and very few people understand what the crack you are trying to do = you might feel a bit lonely some times.

Most of us ENTREPRENUERS are often called stupid (because we are sometimes) – and laughed at – and we try not to show the world how nervous we are while we are strangling with that crazy idea. That dream of a company – a vision coming live. While we are trying to persuade friends and partners and people with money (and hopefully a bit of brain and knowledge) to join our vision – to take part in the unknown. We are trial and error people – who knows the very best: There is no formula!

There is so much hope.

Remember the small victories (and celebrate them) – and don’t give up. The world needs you – and only innovation can solve the crisis we see in the western world.

And remember that Zuckerberg, Zenstrøm an Evan Williams are people like you – and they had no clue that Facebook, Skype and Twitter would become so silly big… You can copy and learn and read up – but I think the real trick is hard work, long hours, focus and the ability to mobilize people (employees, partners and clients/user). You have the same chance.

Im writing this because I get so so many fantastic e-mails from people who wants to start a company – make a vision come trough or just have an idea. But right now – Im not able to help out – not able to invest (money is still super tight). My only way to help is to give a little oxygen to the entreprenuerial flame(s) out there – and underline that crisis is a fantastic time to start companies. 1) Many game changing companies have been started in recession – and despite all the warnings about double dip (and this is not salsa and guacamole) – the economy will come back somehow. 2) Only the hardcore – who are really serious try in this climate 3) Building a global company has never in history had such low entry barrier. (Imagin how much time a the founders of Johnson&Johnson must have spend waiting for snail mail 100years ago – when the went global with theyr plaster).

And Im proud to see them brave “idiots”

Around me – who don’t get scared by a all the hick-ups a small company has – and stay behind they vision and dream. Despite the fact that they could take a silly well payed job (and potentially bored themselves to dead). And I say idiots – because the risk is silly high and friends and family sometimes suffer – but that what it takes to be an entrepreneur. And I see people who made enough$ to relax and live on a beach – who keeps doing it (like me – back then). And then I see how most people with this religion called entrepreneurship – get a lot of energy from meeting up in groups and discuss and unveil all they problems and SUCCESES.

Use all the new initiatives – Startup Bootcamp,, … They are fantastic meeting places and generates tons of new teams and ideas.

The Temperature of Venture Capital

– right now – the VCs (of whom many has problems raising a next fund) are very active – and a bit more polite then before. And if you can assemble the rigth team and the rigth vision – there is TONS OF INVESTOR CASH TO COLLECT. But you have to be fair on valuation and extremely focused on building a real revenue generating business – AND THATs IN MY OPINION VERY VERY GOOD. Sanity is back.

Dont spend time on reading to much about the new big Angels versus VC discussion – thats a way too niche discussion to care about as an entreprenuer. Just find what suits you – and be carefull with generalising about investors. They are all as different as 10 siblings – same family – but all have their own personalty… From Conway over Fred Wilson to Andreessen Horowitz and maybe your next door neighbor.

Just Do IT

Yes – bacause you can. And technology is faster and cheaper then ever. Just remember that most people around you will not understand you – and that does not mean that you dad is wrong in everything he says. You have to create a VERY SOPHISTACATED filter when it comes to advise and help – and you can start by decifering the crap that I have just incepted to your brain here/now… :)

Its simple – not easy.

Posted on March 27, 2010

Money, Succes, Suicide and Love

Hank Moody

When I fly I always –

pass out just after takeoff. Some time ago I was on a plane from Tokyo to Copenhagen to do consulting work for a VERY BIG JAPANESE GUY. I had someone very dear in my mind and I was dreaming and crying on the plane…  I’m my dream I was the main carrecter in”Californication”. A sexy lady (now my girlfriend) said ”Hey Morten, I have been thinking about it. I think you are the Hank Moody of your world…”

If you aren’t –

familiar with this TV show let me say that it is not something you would consider as an instant compliment.

Californication is about

a writer from LA with a rather complicated relationship with his life. He is drinking too much, smoking too much, fooling around too much and hurting his daughter and girlfriend all the time. He keeps ending up in strange crazy situations but for some reason he is to me a hero as he tries to be honest about his crazy choices. A heart-driven fool…

”What do you mean”,

I asked the lady a little offended, because this guy is really not a man a woman would spend more than a night with.

”Well”, she said. ”You fool around in your world, you smoke, ok, you drink, but you fall in and out of love all the time with  people , with situations, with companies and with ideas. You manage to look at the bright side of life and although you have been going through a very tough time lately I have not seen you smile and laugh so much since the day we met.
You are a Hank Moody because you try to be honest and stay in contact with yourself although you do not always know who that is for very long – neither do the rest of us.”

Ohh my God…,

I thought, it is going to be a very long flight – more than the scheduled 11 hours. But then i started to rethink…

Dear valued reader of this mental hygiene blog of mine, I am not good at writing long  well structured articles/essays. I am no good with long sentences, long relationships and keeping focus for too long. I communicate with the world through Twitter (140 carercters) and I get a lot of my info from Twitter as well. I am a super ultimate consumer of information and personal relations, words and ideas and I like to be fast, passionate and juicy about everything I do. I love to go all in – and that’s something I can prove :). I want to be a man of action and you could say short sentences. So for me to write this article/essay is overcoming a barrier and it is not a natural thing for me. Act Don’t Talk is my motto –> 2.0 Act Don’t Think or  Act Don’t Write :) …

The reason

for bringing the Hank Moody story up is because he is a kind of a guy who seems to go with the flow and no matter how much he screws up he seems honest and able to continue on the destine road of his. And in that way I have to agree with thr srxy Lady.

I have been investing in and starting up companies for more than 17 years and even though I am no more than almost 38 years old I am quite a veteran within this area. I have a pretty good, almost animalistic instinct for good people and kicking off ideas into businesses and I am willing to go very far too implement these ideas if I believe in the people behind. And then it happened last year – BANG – One of these ideas made me go personal bankrupt and it is now 14 months ago. You can read about the whole story on my here on my blogpost the-day-i-woke-up-without-arms-and-legs – its hardcore – but to me more hearthcore.

What I want to share with you

is that ever since that day I have been smiling more than ever. I am a bit afraid of telling people how I feel as they could consider me a bit loony (well I am). But I have to be honest and even though I lost more than 50 mio. euros I am more optimistic about life than ever. I feel free and although I do not own a credit card and my kids and their mother probably have to move out of the house they live in and Im inviting myself for dinners all the time I feel an unbearable lightness about life and my situation, which kind of embarrass me since I read about guys committing suicide for less money that I lost and that makes me rethink…..

Im no longer thingking about what Jet Plan to buy, it is no longer an option buying art for all the extra earnings on investments, it is no longer cool to show the size of your dick by showing up a charity shit. And I love that I don’t have to spend braintime on inventing crazy holidays just because ordinary was suddenly not good enough – no more swimming in champagne at fancy clubs. You end up killing and loosing yourself, if not literally then mentally – when the speed is too fast… To go bankrupt is probably the biggest eye opener to me  ever– it  has set me free and I do not need to hide my insecurities behind a speed, funds, material shelter of goods and staff and more and more unuseful crab. Going bankrupt has shown me more about myself than I had ever dreamt of and even better – it had shown and taught me for real – not just as a political correct cliche – that success is not earning money in itself. Success might be about understanding money as a tool to develop and changing the world. A tool to make people work and inspire  and motivate themselves and others.

Money and loss of it –

should never lead to suicide, ugly divorces, loneliness and mental loneliness. Money is like love energy and should be used and looked at the same way – with respect and mutual understanding. Money has to be reflecting the users values and personality and should be used wisely and with integrity. If you spend your money wisely and with respect and follow your gut feeling – then you might get closer to the right track i think.  It is not about the money but about the energy in it. Money is dangerous stored energy. Be honest about who you are and what you know and do not use people unless you really use them. Money is nothing – did you ever see a company build itself? Right – it’s the people, people, people.
My friend was maybe right  – Maybe I am the Hank Moody of my world – I live and breath it, and sometimes I screw up but I get back on the horse – I never give up on my dreams – and I am proud that although I have had everything and now have nothing I am happier than ever feeling more successful and on page with the soul of the world…

With EVERBREAD and Tradeshift

– taking of like space-rockets – I feel that my focus and salesman-skills channel in ONE DIRECTION and I actually add value. I see results – I feel that people around me grow and get more energized – and therefor I have a much better feeling about myself. I have tried being 100% confused about my 8-90 startups – and not into any detail. But now – that I have to perform as a CEO and Adviser – I see how much you can do with attention and focus – how many small errors I can find just from using my experiences. I’m not bullshitting you – dear highly valued reader – I LOVE IT. Off course – both project are HYPER DISRUPTIVE in their industries – and its not a boring butter cookie factory – but I love being into the details and MOVE A WHOLE TEAM and ORG forward. Its a very new and strange feeling for me – but I feel that I found my role here.

Should I ever be so lucky to get free and out of bankruptcy – I will lock myself into only doing One major thing and max 2 small side geeks.


your own success parameters all you other Hank Moodys out there.. And remember Im always very liquid – I have the love of my 4 kids – that’s all that matters. Think about it … :)

Note: This essay was printed in German Focus magazine 11 months ago – and is only mildly updated.

Posted on February 16, 2009

Whats An Engel Investor?

This is vrey very interesting for all of u who wants to underdtand what I do – and how my hero (and nearly friend who have invited my into a couple of deals) Ron Conway thinks… And also Mike Maples (SMART!!) gives a very very good insight to the really early stage investing.  LISTEN. And please listen to this before you contact me.

Mike: A lot of people want to just have launch and talk about ideas…

Someone (maybe me) did this very simple to inspire and kick start your inner entrepreneur… Everyone and his dog is talking about recession – and NEARLY EVERYONE is HIT. But lets turn it upside down – this is the period of time where opportunity is MAX.

WARNING: its simple – not original / copy / paste / emotional.

Posted on October 10, 2008

Meeting With Sir Branson

Last week I had the incredible fortune to meet with Richard Branson – after he invited me into his latest project. I cant say much – its about enviroment. What I can say though – is that the mann and his team is even more impressive then he apears when you read about his power and balls.

To be continued.


3 rd larget social network in Spanish speaking worldEnrique whos is running this show – is just stellar – and I cant wait to se what will happen after the whole thing has been shaped up and given the look of a supermodel with a usability gurus touch ;) – we are now getting offers to sell and I cant wait to what will happen the next 3 monhs….

See alexa – wow –

PS. sorry for being such a lazy ass on posting – my twitters are pretty much upto date – and the face book pictures are good.

Posted on April 15, 2008

Speaking in Dubai

Im proud to be in the panel at this event in Dubai

– Here is some interesting info and Video on Dubai via Dan Roth (now Wired)

Faisal Belhoul, Founder & Managing Partner
Ithmar Capital

Ali Erfan, Senior Advisor
Ithmar Capital

Joe Lacob, Partner
Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers

Khaldoun Haj Hasan, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Ithmar Capital

Michael Queen, Managing Partner – Infrastructure

Dr. Ahmad Khayyat, Chief Executive Officer
Emaar Industries & Investments (Pvt) JSC

Prof. Dr. Monzer Kahf, Consultant in Shari’ah Finance and Economics

Deborah Magid, Director – Software Strategy
IBM Venture Capital Group

Hany Shawky, Director
Global Capital Partners LP

Sanjay Sehgal, Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer
East West Capital Partners

Abrar Mir, Chief Executive Officer
NBD Sana Capital

Sarath Naru, Managing Partner
VenturEast Funds

Patrick von Bargen, Chief Executive Officer
Centre for Venture Education

Nicholas Parker, Chairman & Co-Founder
Cleantech Group

Hossam Shobokshi, Director  Principal Finance – Middle East & North

G Bala Subramanyan, Chief Investment Officer

Dr. Ahmad Al Ghazawi, President and Chief Executive
Trium Pharma

Arno Castanet, European Research Manager – Venture Capital and
Private Equity
Dow Jones

Khaldoon Tabaza, Chief Executive Officer
Riyada Ventures

Ahmed Al Manasreh, Founder & Chairman
Sanad Venture Capital

Ziad Tassabehji, Director – Innovation & Investment

Sadeq Sayeed, Senior Advisor

Henry Makansi, Principal – Energy
Warburg Pincus

Gina Domanig, Managing Partner

Jeffrey Leonard, President & Founding Partner
Global Environment Fund (GEF)

Alwaleed Abdul Abdelrahman, Senior Vice President – Private
Abu Dhabi Investment Company (ADIC)

Paul Deninger, Vice Chairman
Jefferies & Company, Inc.

Eric Chen, Partner
WI Harper

Max von Bismarck, Head of Investors
World Economic Forum

Morten Lund, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
LundXY, Global Ventures

Steve Smith, Partner
JS Private Equity

Dr. Adnan Al Sultan, Chairman
National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC)

Andrew Tarbuck, Partner
Norton Rose

Christophe de Mahieu, Managing Director & Co-Head

Navin Valrani, Executive Director
Oasis Investment Company,

Al Shirawi Group of Companies (Engineering Services Group)
Pekka Maki, Managing Partner

Walid Bakr, Director
Riyada Ventures

Saad Bargach, Managing Director
Lime Rock Partners

Ayman Al Bannaw, ICT Business Development Manager
Noor Financial Investment

Chris Bongars, Chief Executive Officer
Cleantech Asia

Munther Hilal, Chief Executive Officer
Capital Industries & Investments

Karthik Ranganathan, Partner
Baring Private Equity

Posted on April 13, 2008

Friendship Business


I’ve been VERY VERY squished  in a couple of deals – and was a little scared wheather i could solve things. But I must say that everything I was ever told about how bad and cruel business and capitalism is suposed to be is WRONG. I have been heped out by my parters, my investments, my advisors, friends and my team – in a fantastic way.

Its all about LUCK ?

Posted on March 5, 2008

A Fun Article About Being A Morten


Kind of weird but fun (only in danish)

Posted on February 19, 2008

Keeping Busy

These last weeks have been fun, Im really happy with my wrklife – the newspaper seems to be doing realy gd – and takes a lot of time. I spend a lot of time on my water project (if you feel like helping out – drop me a mail at m aatt lundxy dot com with subject water – its game changing and can REALLY PRODUCE DRINKING WATER out of poisoned rver water and salt water – AND its 100% all gore compliant). Im also spending quite some time on (super efficient aplication hosting) – Im talking o 4-5 new startups – realy going deep on the IPO in india – and looking over the rest f my amasing startups – talking to bank and people who wans to buy some of them… :) – cray stufff.

Posted on November 26, 2007

Who Is Who And Who Is Something

loic le web


But I do wonder quite a bit about how networks and circles starts and goes on. Le Web 3 – makes me first wonder: “How the fuck did I get on stage again (after Mountain Partners, Sime (fantastic), TechTour (no good)…) – since I dont really have anything to say – specially since I cant tell my secrets and where I expect to make the next 100mio). Well I really try to be direct – and no bullshit (but then again full of it) and as honest as posible. But the I start thinking about the full circus – Lois, Martin, Danny, Tariq, Ola, Mygdal… And wow – its a closed loop – and maybe we are already a part of an old boys network in some form. And Im sitting of a loose mandate – so I can be kicked out any day – and I know Loic is busy doing his startup (Seesmic) – so he probobly havent been thinking about it every day… BUT what I want to say it – that I really hope to meet new and fresh people at Le Web 3 (attendend list in the end of site).

One Guy is missing

– there is a secret SUPERSTAR VC in Europe – Henrik Albertsen from – is the best these days – but keeps too low profile.  A risktaker and a sales mann.

Posted on October 12, 2007

Get Lucky (maybe rich)

Sneak Intro Conferences

Sit next to toilet – then you meet everyone at least once..

I just remembered that I used to go conferences as a journalist… :)

Posted on September 30, 2007

Net Jacobsson To Facebook

 Im was so happy to see that my friend and business partner at Maxthon is now going the the hottest online property on the this planet.

“I am very excited to announce that I have joined Facebook as Director of International Business Development! I truly believe that Facebook is creating a paradigm shift in social communication and beyond, and I am really psyched to be part of this fantastic team and opportunity. “

Posted on September 10, 2007

Murti + Ali + Gang

I invested in these guys 18 months ago – and it was classic – all was amazing when I came in XuQa – and then we saw a change in the market. Normal kids – sorry but they are – would have started crying and bitching – but these guys just changed their business and found a new angle – reinvented themselves from being SocialNetwork – to becoming a leader in Virtual Currency…. No crap – no complaining – it just happened over night and bang now revenue is flying in and Im feeling even more lucky!!! Thanx to these Pakistani WUNDERKIDS!