Posted on August 10, 2009

Travel Kit – I might be an expert

Today I asked myself the question, what am I really good at – and I found out that traveling light 2-3nights is something Im really exspirienced in.


1) Laptop – well obvious – if you are a Gmail user install OfflineSync and always have a couple of your favorite TV shows ready.
2) iPhone/iPod and Sync/Charging cable – most hotels have a way to play iPod – but often no power
3) Business cards – well good when you sit next to someone interesting in the plane or …
4) Charger for the Laptop (and US adapter IMPORTANT)
5) Highres pocket Video Camera – perfect for documentation – and with – its amasingly easy to share ideas/exspiriences…
6) Purse – well – u kind of need it :) – for specially if you have a creditcard
7) Sunglasses (against head ache) – make’s you like cold and wannabe  cool – but well sometimes you need it
8) Crosscountry sports shoes (Running/Tennis/Basket…) – you never know what oppertunities you get…
9) Bose noise canceling headset (twin jack to share shound and plane jack to use for movies on the plane.
10) A good book – just in case the flight is delayed and you have no more power on ur laptop – or the unthinkable – you have answered all ur mails
11) Running tights (can be used for swimming) + shirts – unless u r a true nudist
12) Something to controle your hair – if you are like me and have so much rage against the fact that you werent young in the 1970’ies – hippie times – and let your hair grow.
13) Key to your home – so that you can get in when you get home unexpectedly – and you don’t want to  wake up everyone
14) Passport – since you need indentification in most places

(missing is toothbrush and maybe a deo)

Posted on June 12, 2007

India – will start outsourching ?

I had been thingking about this before – but I must admit that I was a bit suprised when I saw that Gardner now says its for real.

[picture is from my last trip]

Posted on May 3, 2007


Monday I went with Hlin to Paris (Costes Hotel is just nice) – its just impossible not to be in love in Paris. We had amassing weather and where perfectly neglected by any waiter and service person in our way – and I still find it charming.

Quite some phone calls – on a trade sale of a company I’m doing
Good meeting with startup – where I will probably put in some money
Lots of sms with Loic – and Alain R
More trade sale activity
Lots of thinking about Orolix – whats the best strategy – how do I help out

I’m thinking every day about the value of a board and my role and how I help the best – and how little or much I should do – and weather my insecurity (VERY WELL HIDDEN) will ever go away… Telling myself constantly – that its not me role to create the companies – Im only support when needed and in some strategy (hate that word) – I mean in some of the crucial decisions.. But I also know that a startup is ONE BIG CRUCIAL DECISION.

We took a long walk both Monday and Tuesday – in the Rue St. Honore and Le Champs.. Im so happy to have email on my phone when Hlin goes into the 5th shop and I can just stay outside – pretend to be patient – but do mails ;) (I’m not sane). Had dinner – where Loic and Me where acting like pricks – by only talking about ourself and his and my projects – but also got a VERY INTERESTING insight in his role in the French election (he is on CNN all the time – not only because he speaks English – he is charming and VERY SMART – street smart).

made a handshake deal with – founders is JUST COOL
talked quite some to my close friend Jacob from SteelSeries
was thinking a quite some about BullGuard – love their growth
met a couple of fun entrepreneurs
mentaly preparing for VERY secret meetings in Wienna – on Wed.

Got home Tuesday night – Hlin went directly on night shift at the hospital (wow she is brave) – I just played with the kids and watched my beloved EyeTV – love recorded TV. Saw Danish Agger score for Liverpool against Chel$ea – good.

Got the Kids to School – and directly to the train to the Airport – got a bit angry with the lines in security – since all 6 people for the meeting inside the Airport got delayed 20min… 2 Very nice meetings – first on selling a company for a friend – talking legal – strangely I start to find it interesting – Ive always been surfing at these meetings – but now I was all over – and to be honest – NOT IMPRESSED BY ANYONE but my own good old lawyer Carsten who from the sideline avoided to major problems – that NO ONE ELSE HAD SEEN. Jumped on plane to meetings a the VERY COOL AND NEWLY RENOVATED Meridian in Vienna – stealth meetings all day – in a whole new speed and with people who just have been doing what Im trying to do for 35 years. Gentle, Humble, Nice, Interesting, Clever, Smart and No BS guys – who are all just what I needed for my new big plan (sorry t be secret ass). Wonderful Dinner at Bar Italia – owned by Manfred from BWIN – who unfortunately was i Milan watching the CL game (where I did not make it) – but we had fantastic food and his brother Gigi took very good care of us. The BIG guys left dinner to go back and negotiate – I stayed with a friend and walked back – inventing a Twitter Exchange plug in – that would reply to all emails above 140 characters – I will not deep read until later this week (hmm not funny in writing). Had some drinks

Was thinking a lot about the days outcome – feeling Orolixed :)

Tonight I was with my obesity startup and Im so fuc… impressed by the team – we will get a brilliant biotechnology guy in with some cash and one of the best Danish brains (AND SOCIALLY VERY STRONG) – and got a meeting with Weight Watchers during May. Cool guy the COO from WW.

WEBSITES i used this week
Pierre W
Lande Actics (weird shit) Loic (good vcast) Google Finance, Mail, Spreadsheet, yousendit

Very exited about

Orolix Orolix Orolix
My idea of a Luxury Brand Fund
The Secret team from Wienna
How to recruit 10 top people we need for projects right now
HelloGroup – specially Thomas P from hellobrand

Thats it folks (sorry to use this as a diary – but I needed it – again)

Posted on April 14, 2007

India – Indusview


November 2005 – I had the pleasure of being in Delhi –  with Soren Kenner, Martin S and Mads – we had a treatment that I have seldomly tried by the Indian Musketeers: Bundeep, Rishi and Manish – who wanted to start an Advisory and M&A Consulting boutique. I did not really understnd what they wanted to do – but India was cool – and they are ÜberCool nd Nice and have obviuos extremly high moral and etichs. So it was easy – to choose to invest some money into their Induswiev idea. And as always – with rally good people – their fiscal year end report shows very nice numbers. And their references must make everyone impressed – plus they have a pipeline of clients that looks like a basket of diamonds ;) ost impressing is their productivity – the newsletter and India review is steller – see

Dear Rishi, Manish and Bundeep – thank you so much for letting me tap into this exploding market with THE VERY BEST PEOPLE = YOU GUYS !!

Dear Highly valued Readrs: If you need anything in India – og have any business to do – just ping these guys.

For more

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A Speed Week

I have no comments. But – I was called 9 times this week by journalists who wanted to get a comment on the TechCrunh story Google Takes Partial Ownership Of Maxthon Browser story – Danish Computerworld had weird story on it – even with a comment from IDG who’s conclusion was really wrong – and they still didnt get Googles take over of DoubleClick on their page.

I dont know what hit me this week – but since monday was off here I felt like compensating by turning up the speed :) So monday I spent with Km from IFU – just chatting and outlining how IFU can be used for some of my ideas. Also catching up on his latest venture – Trunk that seems to be rocking (I never believed in it – but love to be proven wrong). Really. Like I was yesterday – when the new Timbaland album went to the most downloaded album ever on iTunes – and I passed on buying the outside US rights for nothing. Later on monday I was spending time with my new Obisity Project – where David Beckman (fun link) was impressing me AGAIN – by showing amazing progress – more to come. After that I had a VERY IMPRESSIVE board meeting on Spleak – where Morrie (new CEO) just showed off his elefant size balls – NICE. And Durring that evening I tried to follow up on the 5-6 missing things with my legal guys around the planet. And finally had a VERY inspirering call on my CLEAN WATER VENTURE (also more to come). Wednesday was kicked of with Gunner – from our Newspaper ( talking over that opening of the Boston version next week and catching up – Im a Gunner fan. He is cool as a Iceberg and teaching and listening at the same time – I wanna learn that. After that – I had 3-4 M&A calls on various companies and a big Danish internet transaction – and talking to veroius funds about my waterproject. Then Simon Levene dropped by – to see the water ;) – and have a nice dinner – very interesting and SO nice to just talk venture, ventures, risk, upside, howTo and exits all night – plus ofcourse getting his family story – WOW. Thursday – CRAZY – up early – picking up Simon on the way to the airport – to pickup Morten S. Jorgensen (the Jabra guy) having a meeting in the car while drivning him to his meeting – trying to find a whole in a market where 5 conglomerates cheat old women (you guys what). After that finalising with Simon – and then having launch with a person who turned out to be the most impressive Danish Entrepanuer I have met – Preben Navision/Damgaard. I really really like him – and we just talked for 2hours straight – until I had to jump a car not to be late for my plane to London… London: Legal meetings, Bankers, Red Herring, Bundeep, ePlanet, Bullguard boeardmeeting, 2 startups – a short meeting at Joost (interesting news to be published soon) and then home friday evening – checking the 18 voicemails – doing email – having redwine and BullGuard talks with Heini and Theis on the plane – and then finally home – so nice to see Hlin. Ohh – this was nice – blogging psycotherapi – now I got that out of my body. Now – back to Laura and her 3 friends who will sleep here tonight.


Dear valued ready – this is a messed up post – but sometimes I need to tell my brain – what my yeas and ears did during the week :) – sorry.

Posted on June 21, 2006

Taxi Safari

taxi brousse Paris= Taxi Safari is badly a reality of Paris. Tahts what the local call a tax i trip to the hardcore ghettos where nobody dares to go.

Posted on May 25, 2006

Ibiza Design Villas

My very close friend Lars who has some very nice designerish houses on Ibiza – is now also doing some very interesting new hotel projects – with the people who has this fantastic hotel in Marokko. This island is getting hot as a finnish sauna ;) – even tough still very few people know – proof: all villas has been rented for the full summer since decemeber :)

Posted on May 24, 2006

Southern France (new)

I really like Southern France Nice – only one major problem. Too many rich 45+ people – who have nothing to do but putting their bad taste and boredom into the beautifull area.

Posted on May 17, 2006

NYC updated

There are already open WIFI all over – but this initiative is COOL – Wifi in parks

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Originally uploaded by lensjockey.

I must say that NYC is something special. This town just goes directly in your system. Martin and I went here for a couple of extremely interesting meetings / DAMN thing are rocking these days.

*Just trying out the flikcr blog feature.

Posted on May 10, 2006


I fucking love Paris – all doors are huge and beautifull, the waiters are rude like hell (prefer that over SugarSweetBudSucking US waiters) – and then they have Collete the only store in the world that can make me go shopping.

Posted on May 7, 2006

Small [4] countries

Its VERY nice to go to Iceland – everyone know eachother (the separation of 6 degrees is down to 2) and when my wife forgot her driving lisence – she just called the police station – and they faxed a copy to HErtz so we could rent a car. NEAR/CLOSE/UNITED is good for the soul – it made me happy to see a socierty where people care for eachother – and bureukrats act like thay care (maybe because everyone very like could be a friends friend).

Its strange to be from a flat country – when I fly over at maountain chain – I get “stressed on behalf of the country” thinking about how hard it is to build infra structure – compared to a country with the highest point being 123meter (Denmark).

Posted on May 4, 2006

AirPort Security

Today in Copenhagen Airport an old lady had hear 1960�s razor taken from her (strangely she had a 50% of small bird) in the security checkin – she was very sorry to loose it – very. Then my plane was delayed – and I went to the restaurant where the chef has HUGE KNIFES (I could easyly get under my coat) in th open kitchen and I get for and knife for my steak (and could VERY EASY take the MURDER WEAPONS :) in my pocket). Daaaahhh – pour old lady.

Posted on February 11, 2006


more photos from mortenlund

Posted on February 2, 2006


Just arrived to this VERY NICE – the internet is fast as hell – the service is second to none – the design is Sandorson and Stark updated – the weather is 8 celsius (strange) – Im impressed.

Posted on January 31, 2006

Austrian Kitch – with endless charm

We have been on a all family skiing trip this week to St. Johan in Tirol – at Schihotel “Zur sch? Aussicht” – its very affordable 100EUR pr. nigth per person including breakfast and dinner and liftcard – and its cosy like hell. VERY ORIGINAL – and nice kitch (even though kitch is so 1998 ;).