Posted on September 30, 2007

I Never Worked For Me (Board = Bored)


A Record Label for Board Members or Maybe lets call it and Activist Commitment Agency:

Making a 360 board activist

concept for companies with

8-20 world class international

board members in a record label

like setup.

Full serviced and managed.

During my busniess life – i have never been in a board or close to a board that really worked and moved the business and supported the business to really win/perform/change… Off course its mainly because Im personally so unfocused and low on attention span and bad at details – but I really feel a need for at new way of doing this. And I have decided to LAUNCH a BoardLabel or BoardAgenzy for my own companies/investments (maybe open to others)- so that they will get THE BEST BOARDMEMBERS  and BE AS FIT AS POSSIBLE. I think its about being Activist and Acting instead of talking – so I really hope this will fly. I just hired the most powerfull person to run it – and cant wait to tell you more. Only note is – that I really think the Danish Discussion about Cooperate Governance is SICK AND DESTRUCTIVE – specially for smaller companies – so maybe it will be REBEL BOARD LABEL or EXCLUSIVE?


*I stole the term “RecorbLarbel for” from N. Reffstrup (the artist formerly known as Navne).

Posted on August 28, 2007

Clinton Global Initiative

Today I was invited to Clinton Global Initiative – and I fucking proud and looking forward like a boyscout who getting a new knife…

I feel that I turned 50y last time not 35y – when I see this new crazy jumps and running trend – even in my neighborhood… Its like JackAss as a sport – will it become an olympic sport ?

[GrandDaddy me is just hoping that Linus will never hear about it – and not hurt himself ;) – how wacked am I… Also thinking seroiusly about buying a helmet for bicycling…]

Posted on July 14, 2007

Allen & Co

For me – and how I work – this is BIG INSPIRATION.

Posted on June 12, 2007

India – will start outsourching ?

I had been thingking about this before – but I must admit that I was a bit suprised when I saw that Gardner now says its for real.

[picture is from my last trip]

Posted on May 31, 2007

I Love This Video Geek Comedy

See Bill and Steve about Bill and Steve


I have been watching more TED video – then I have watched television the last 3 weeks – its amazing. Highly recommended is: A Voyage of DNAThe Secret of Succes In 8 Words (must see) – Slowing down in a world built for speed (must see for parrents). I cant wait to get there for the next show… (If I can get in and its not too 1998’ish).

PS. I think the BMW ad/sponsorship – is the best placed sponsorship I have ever seen – I think I will run out and buy one – all hyped on on the knowledge – that I just got – and that I know connect to the BMW brand. Good Good Job – Mr. /Mrs. Marketing of BMW..

Posted on August 2, 2006

Doping = BiCycling


I dont understand why they dont just legalise doping in Tour De France.

LISTEN: They make it sound natural to ride 250km pr. day for 3 weeks at MAX SPEED in the french alp – WRONG ANSWER.

– let them all take as much doping as they want – it seems to be what everyone wants.

Bonus info: Danish television is using an expert called Werner Moller – and this guy is a funny part of my past. He was a very prominent handball (WikiPedia: Handball) player when I moved to Odense 19year old to play handball semi profesionally and study (outline) – where I became a test person in his PHD – written in Sport Science (Institut for idræt). Werner was very freaky and direkt and told me many things that where kind of surpring for a red neck – just leaving his mum and dad. Specially his facination with women

Today Im posting all thougths – or trying.

Posted on June 25, 2006

And Suddenlyu I Understood

Business is simple to me – scary simple: Its about people people sales and then an idea and hardcore sales… For me – doing a LOT OF VENTURES its has been a strugle to find the fine balance between BOOTSTRAPED VENTURES (starting form Zero without MONEY) where im pretty good and THE FINANCE PLAY (taking/getting finance for bigger scale operations) where Ive had/have no big clue. But today under influence of SUN – it occured to me that I just need a ENTREPANURIAL FINANCE GUY :)

Innoing that life cant only be learned from expirience – and not form books or elderly people :) I ust say that Tim Draper gave me a very BIG HINT in a mail friday. Dear valued readr – GO LAERN YOUR LIFE !

Posted on June 9, 2006

I have no clue

At LundKenner we are moving with an amasing speed – Im pretty sure that we are the most agressive Venture Entrepanuers in the world. And I love it – LOVE IT. But damn ther more opertunities and fantastic people I see – the more doubt I get on how to grow LundKenner to next level. Should we do a fund – or a stay 100% independent (and keep showing up in what people in the bankin sector would call “gym clothes”… I have NO CLUE.

Posted on May 12, 2006

Ohh my God

I had a fantastic conversation the other day – about religion, politics, money as religion and all the stuff that is nearly to dangerous to touch these days. And I have to say that Im rally in extreme doubts about these questions. I would love to be the kind of dude who just has an opinion – but Im really changing my mind oftenly. But I would like:
* to make religions be VERY EVERYTHING to its users – but without being defined by hitting a something else…
* to make money/materialism become less of a religion
* to get marketing out of the game as a religion
* to find some cure for the 2,4bio people who go to bed hungry daily

Im getting afraid of just being a happy go lucky greedy materilistic fuck – who will do no change (or have tried to) in this life.

Looking at what I just wrote – I see the problem: It sounds patetic, naiv and stupid to have such goals. Darn!

Posted on May 7, 2006

Small Flat countries [2]

Its strange to be from a flat country – when I fly over at maountain chain – I get “stressed on behalf of the country” thinking about how hard it is to build infra structure – compared to a country with the highest point being 123meter (Denmark).

Quite som BIG social and political thinkers go to Iceland to pratice their ideas – since the IMPLEMEENTATION- and INCABATIONTIME is so low that change is actually possible within a lifetime ;)

300.000 People inIcelandhas more brandshare then any city I can remember with 300.000 people. So small seems to work VERY well in branding as well – there must be 10.000 cities in the world with more then 300.000 inhabitants – and NO ONE KNOWS THE THOSE CITIES.

Posted on May 4, 2006

Political Spin My Ass

Yesterday I spent with a crowd of VERY POLITICAL SPIN SAVY people (not because Im even thinking a nano second about going into politics) to discuss various topics and exchange brain bandwidth and social/political standpoints. The part of the crowd who really understood and works in&around the diciplin where all sharp as razorblades and very nice actually. BUT IT SCARED ME TO HEAR HOW THE DANISH DEMOCRACY IS TOTALY CONTROLED BY SpinDoctors and intrigues etc… shit. And then I start thinking about how crazy it must be in BIG COUNTRIES :/

Posted on May 1, 2006

Whos good and Who is bad

I think its pretty annoing to get older – everyday things get more complicated since you know more. I loved when police was good and thiefs where in prison.

Posted on April 24, 2006

Empathy – to little or too much

I hav eno clue if I have too much or too little Empathy – thats a paradox.

Posted on April 7, 2006

My new company (structure)

I want to own the idea of Bubble3.0 – so now Im just sitting and waiting.
I love to deal in technology – and I want to become number one in the world at taking technology/products/idea to market (NOT VC, NOT INVENTOR). Soren Kenner – my partner in crime – has really given me the chance to go to next level – and actually provide a more consistent set of values to startups and growtht companies. So Im humble humble happy. (and still wondering why I write this shit – am I the version100 of super narcisists ?)

Posted on March 28, 2006

I get warnings

– but why should I suddenly get a focus – just becasuse some people in the outside world see me as somekind of a succes. I never had a focus – so how can I loose it ? ;)

Posted on March 6, 2006

I think about this triangle every day

What the fuck is happening – why can Apple go an be in all cornersat the same time – when samsung cant? – where is the whole banking sector gonna go ? Will Kodak survive ? Telcos are still insanely evaluated even though OIP is eating their les and arms (foreign minutes) ? Will eCommerce B2C and even B2SMB change 100% ? Who will win the in the dying Automotive industry (imagine the iPod of Cars) – could there be a future for public transport ?? Darnn – I wanna be into those things that will change – but I have no clue ;) – so conclusion: Morten you have to keep shooting – like a John Wayne with a brand new Winchester.

PS. I will NEVER go into weapons.