Posted on November 12, 2007

Danish Election


Denmark is really strange in the good way. We have a world leading economy and we pay 65% tax and security is HIGH and people are very happy (despite a ugly dark winther). Its a big problem that 50% of the workforce in on some kind of welfare –  but is also fantastic to see how welfare (taking care of everyone – instead of only focusing of the loaded ones) has taken Denmark to an amassing position. Im pretty sure it would not work in a giant country (USA, Indonesia…) but Im proud here – and will probably give my vote to Willy (foto) or Helle. (Bu would even be more happy if they would also have a look at the TAX System (and lowered it).

Posted on November 25, 2001

MORNING TRIP � I want to move here

I really hope that I can convince my wife :) Just had a long nice morning walk – through this unbelievable neighborhood – buying the paper and some the – WOOW WOOOW – it’s nice. EVERYBODY have something to drink in theier hand – NOT DANISH. People go out for Coffee – sit outside – chat with each other – read the paper – laugh. And then the people en the 10 small coffee shops on 24th are all smiling and friendly. WELL THATS not what I�m used to – PITCTURES WILL COME – my cam went our of battery.

Here are some pictures of Evan’s street and house NICE.

Evan took me to a Chinese/Thai restaurant – and the portions was very American – but delicious, we had a couple of beers. I was smuggling cigarettes out of the pocket, now and then, and hiding that I smoked. This place seems mentality is very relaxed – no crime (rich neigbourhood?) – But Evan referred very often to the fact that a LOT of people got fired recently – and I have this theory that we haven�t seen noting yet. And I really doubt that the whole it-industry made any value in global economy scale (there are no BIG B2C TRANSACTIONS) – but then again the WEB IS SO YOUNG – and it will come, maybe it will be Mobil eCommerce – this phone [SonyEricsson] make’s me think of a future movie – Seen when i was a kid, off course.

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The San Fran TRIP

Then it’s time for more Blogger .- since I’m at Evan’s place (Mr. BLogger) I must get into using it.

The trip here started CPH.04:40 – with packing – and writing Evan what “close” to wear. I thought of San Francisco as “HOT and Beach-like” all yaer – but luckyli Evan wrote me back that I schould bring warm clothes. That was lucky that i brougth my jacket – since the weather from above the sky ->

Is defenetely not the same underneath – were rain an Scandinavian weather met me.

I found some cigerettes in an airportstore – and rushed to the SuperShuttle, to head for a – Soap like classic SF beautifull house in – 24th and Church street Here the very nice and friendly young Evan installed my in his living room – with ethernet OFF COURSE.

PICTURE: From the window
Now I’ll go down to the drugstore on the corner – to enjoy a totally packed little store – with I asume EVERYTHING – I just love it – and even though we have SevenEleven in Denmark – I really need to go down there – just to look and feel.

AND THEN ITS TIME TO CALL MY WIFE – uhh – I already miss Lisa, Laura and Hlin – strange how fast that comes.