Posted on November 12, 2008

The Power Of Facebook

18th of October I uploaded this photo to Facebook via my BlackBerry – while walking in NYC – and asked the question:

What does this refer to?
Yesterday Casper (a Facebook friend answered) – and today Sam followed up – this really shows the power of these social networks – Im really seing and feeling BIG VALUE here!! The knowledge of your network becomes active and alive. WOW WOW WOW…


Casper Andrea wrote at 12:10pm yesterday It will have to be “Let them eat cake” (qu’ils mangent de la brioche). Said by Maria Theresa (French queen) during the french revolution. When a messenger told Marie that her people were starving due to bread shortage, she replied… “Let them eat cake…”. Hope this helps? :) Delete

Sam Ward wrote at 4:59pm Marie-Antoinette, Austrian Princess, married to Louis the IV. Beheaded for her frivolity amongst other things.

Posted on May 1, 2008

Headsets (why not bluetooth)

I have had small chit chat conversations about headsets a lot over the last 3-4 months. No one I know is using a bluetooth headset – not even friend who have invested in it. And I think I have a conclusion:

1) You always loose them
2) You never have the charger with you
3) A wired headset is seems better

Wired headset bonus for me: When i drop my phone (happens 1-2times a day) – the wire saves it from hitting the ground more hen 90% of the time :)

Posted on January 29, 2008

How Schools Should Teach

I looove this movie and this guy (enthusiasm beats all glossy production tricks!!!) – wow. I learn so much – Wii learn – its just amasing – to see how technology evolve with lightspeed just because everyone has a global voice. Also it makes me think about how Youtube (or whatever video community) can become the ultimate teachers inspiration. Remember how happy you where when your teacher in elementary school showed up with a video…


Carnegie Mellon researcher Johnny Chung Lee – my new hero

Posted on January 5, 2008

Dubai & Me & Tariq Shaikh


I here to meet with my fantastic partner Tariq Shaikh. He is one of my very most smart and interesting partners – and his for the last 14months been setting up a very special private equity company – something I cant really go deeper into – but you can see on the website and beneath. Its a really REALY big idea – and very hard for my micro patience – but I cant wait until we can tell more…

“RHT Partners is a private equity firm that brings together top calibre investment management professionals, entrepreneurs and prominent financial backers from Europe, the Middle East and the US in a firm dedicated to creating value through carefully considered investments in selected industry sectors. RHT’s values are grounded in high ethics and its investment decisions focussed on generating industry leading returns.”

I have spend most of my time with Tariq – and he also introduced me to some of the real Dubai natives (whom you NEVER MEET) – and I must say I have been extremely positivly impressed and suprsed how much energy and power and vision – there is behind this GROWTH EMPIRES PEOPLE!

Posted on September 23, 2007

Naked – Totally Naked Generation

This is how everyone
must think about me and all of us shameless “naked” bloggers and self promoters…


I have been watching more TED video – then I have watched television the last 3 weeks – its amazing. Highly recommended is: A Voyage of DNAThe Secret of Succes In 8 Words (must see) – Slowing down in a world built for speed (must see for parrents). I cant wait to get there for the next show… (If I can get in and its not too 1998’ish).

PS. I think the BMW ad/sponsorship – is the best placed sponsorship I have ever seen – I think I will run out and buy one – all hyped on on the knowledge – that I just got – and that I know connect to the BMW brand. Good Good Job – Mr. /Mrs. Marketing of BMW..

Posted on June 18, 2006

Its not SO easy

I though that life would be easier.

Posted on May 19, 2006

Linked in looking down at me :(

I can never get a 100% profile at LinkedIn sinec I have no education ;)

Posted on May 13, 2006

Linus 1st car

Fantastic to see how a 3 year old after 20 sec. understands how to operate an electric car

Posted on May 4, 2006

Political Spin My Ass

Yesterday I spent with a crowd of VERY POLITICAL SPIN SAVY people (not because Im even thinking a nano second about going into politics) to discuss various topics and exchange brain bandwidth and social/political standpoints. The part of the crowd who really understood and works in&around the diciplin where all sharp as razorblades and very nice actually. BUT IT SCARED ME TO HEAR HOW THE DANISH DEMOCRACY IS TOTALY CONTROLED BY SpinDoctors and intrigues etc… shit. And then I start thinking about how crazy it must be in BIG COUNTRIES :/

Posted on April 6, 2006

Greedy and Ethical

Ive found out that I think that very very good business people have a special combination of hidden greed combined with very high moral – weird to see these words together. But on the other hand – the best sportsmen (athletes)are also very greedy in they aim for metal made of gold…