Posted on April 14, 2007

India – Indusview


November 2005 – I had the pleasure of being in Delhi –  with Soren Kenner, Martin S and Mads – we had a treatment that I have seldomly tried by the Indian Musketeers: Bundeep, Rishi and Manish – who wanted to start an Advisory and M&A Consulting boutique. I did not really understnd what they wanted to do – but India was cool – and they are ÜberCool nd Nice and have obviuos extremly high moral and etichs. So it was easy – to choose to invest some money into their Induswiev idea. And as always – with rally good people – their fiscal year end report shows very nice numbers. And their references must make everyone impressed – plus they have a pipeline of clients that looks like a basket of diamonds ;) ost impressing is their productivity – the newsletter and India review is steller – see

Dear Rishi, Manish and Bundeep – thank you so much for letting me tap into this exploding market with THE VERY BEST PEOPLE = YOU GUYS !!

Dear Highly valued Readrs: If you need anything in India – og have any business to do – just ping these guys.

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Posted on December 19, 2005

Investing in India

I?ve made my bet on India
I 100% believe in the team behind Indusview (se pictures below).

So what do they do:
IndusView taps into an ecosystem of networks that include captains of industry, entrepreneurs, analysts, lawyers, accountants, government officials and policy makers. Basicly an investmentbank – without a bank ;)

Posted on December 16, 2005

India trip

A fantastic trip to India – this week. Just got back – the Induvuiw guys are absolutely impressive.

Indian Business Standard interview – with me: caught up with Lund in New Delhi, and are still trying to figure out some of his answers. – hope Im not to crazy fror these guys – but well – “It is what it is”.

Posted on December 14, 2005

Wellcome mann

Wellcome mann – Sheraton – Delhi