Posted on January 5, 2008

Dubai & Me & Tariq Shaikh


I here to meet with my fantastic partner Tariq Shaikh. He is one of my very most smart and interesting partners – and his for the last 14months been setting up a very special private equity company – something I cant really go deeper into – but you can see on the website and beneath. Its a really REALY big idea – and very hard for my micro patience – but I cant wait until we can tell more…

“RHT Partners is a private equity firm that brings together top calibre investment management professionals, entrepreneurs and prominent financial backers from Europe, the Middle East and the US in a firm dedicated to creating value through carefully considered investments in selected industry sectors. RHT’s values are grounded in high ethics and its investment decisions focussed on generating industry leading returns.”

I have spend most of my time with Tariq – and he also introduced me to some of the real Dubai natives (whom you NEVER MEET) – and I must say I have been extremely positivly impressed and suprsed how much energy and power and vision – there is behind this GROWTH EMPIRES PEOPLE!

Posted on December 29, 2007

Linus 5 years old

Linus will be 5 years old tomorrow. I cant believe it – the years.

and a fine picture of Hlin

Posted on July 3, 2007

Mind Dump and Fighting

Anit Paros
Dear Valued Readers
Sorry – that I have not been posting so much lately – but off course there are various reasons.

Politics and Impact
Over the last month – I have found myself eating and winning and talking with the top advisor’s (not just consultants) to Nicolas Sarkozy, Angelina Merkel and Hillary Clinton – and even though my only goal is to sracts the surface – and find out whats behind the power structures – I have gotten a little bit struck.

Architecture and Impact
I have spend time with some very very high impact developers and architects – and same story – I got a bit overwhelmed – due to the LONG TERM impact this stuff has. Psoting from Iassons unbelievable villas in Anti Paros

Investments and Impact
I have gone into nearly 75 companies and 95% goes very well – and Im not very needed there. Some would think that I did a smart move – but basically my luck has again striked – and even double since the entrepreneurs and companies who does very well – like me pretty muc hbecause I dont interfere.

Family and Impact
I  got  over my trouble in december – and spring has been very very good. But now reality and normallity has kicked in again – and I find it a bit difficult. And maybe Im just pushing the speed to much ?

Water and Impact
My water project – is now has interest from the most influencial people in the world – and one of the biggest industrial players in the sector. And again – I´m really really starting to feel HUMBLE – that I cant help to get such traction – after near bankruptcy in January.

This season is NOT my favorite and I really fight with handling my own expectations to life and holidays… Darn I think I think to much – but maybe thats normal for people who promotes Act – don’t talk :)

Posted on June 7, 2007

Ibiza – and time off


Im 14 days with my dear old friend Lars in one of his houses in Ibiza (again) – its just fantastic here. So mellow – and then so many friend and business partners flying in and living with us in thsi insanely huge house… try it.

Posted on May 28, 2007

Politics – I dont feel ready


Today I had 5 sms before I got up – telling me that it wascool that Im involved with the new Danish Political Party “Ny Alliance” :) . I picked up the paper – and saw my picture there among the network of the lead political figure Mr. Khadar. The only problem is – that I never met the guy :) – I actually think support the idea of the party and even lended them a office (from a venture of mine that went south). And we are getting pretty involved from HelloGroup to help out on a couple of things. But since my mum called as well – to hear if I was getting involved in politics (it was unfortunately never a topic in my childhood) – I think its fair to give the facts to you dear valued (Danish) readers.

No – Im not getting involved –

1) Im still shit scared after seing Mr. Heimburger trying to go in – in 1998. And remember how he was hammered by all the dealing and wheeling behind the scenes. But he was also behaving like if he could walk on water – like I would :)

2) I dont feel smart enough – really! Im really annoyed about it – but I simply dont know what I mean about a lot a the aspects.

a) I think the wellfare model is FANTASTIC and I love it even more when I travel.
b) I remember where I come from – real workingclass until I was 12 at least
c) I also start to see the need of some reforms – so that we can attract international talent and dont kill initiative by sending people money for free forever…
d) I hate too see the ultra right wing – having power.

3) I dont have the time – and I would be really afraid to do this “left handed”.

4) They did not ask me :)

And then Im also getting really afraid not to sped time with my kids – Laura (6y) does not really like cartoons anymore – “They are boring” – and since I feel sold out on time – I would miss out on playing with Linus and his beloved “Cars”


Posted on March 29, 2007

Second front tooth – gone

laura lol


Posted on March 19, 2007

Laura Lost Front Tooth

u t

Laura just lost her first front tooth (is that the english expression) – looks FUNNY – and she is but proud nd already a bit to much thinking about her looks… Darn it starts early.

Posted on January 24, 2007

Enough, Hope and Changing The World


Time after time – people ask me if I never get enough.



I dont. You dont ask a golfer or an art collector. Ventures is my hobby – and I hope to do deal and be catapult for business when Im 80. I cannot say that “its not about the money” – then i would lie. Money is a great way to measure – and it would be ugly if business guys should take out the dick instead of just looking at the books ;)

I hope to be more then a one sided dealmaker – I hope to be a superb husband – I hope to be an above average father – I hope to be a really good friend.

Despite  my Psyko Agressive Investmentstrategy I very humble to the business and change and people – and I dream about changing the world a bit.

Posted on November 27, 2006

Ups and Downs

Today has been the worst monday in my life – at home we simply cannot find out how to make everything work in the new house. Linus is very very angry all the time and Lisa has the teen hyper – Laura is like a princess (guess thtas bad as well) – and Hlin and I just totally dont get off really well. I think I hate her a little bit (darn I hope to regret this – done) – she has not been like a wife should be due to traditional ideas :( – fuck its hard – and then no sleep.

But wholly christ its good for me – the big shot got down to earth and face in the mud. So fast – the change comes. The positive fuckhead inside me just says: “Well no one died” so be happy and get back to it…

Posted on July 14, 2006

No posts this week

Im enjoing my family in the sun.

Posted on May 13, 2006

Linus 1st car

Fantastic to see how a 3 year old after 20 sec. understands how to operate an electric car

Posted on April 18, 2006

Letter to my LundKenner Partners


Im all in this because I love to see a little or medium idea becomming a flying swan – and the journey to get there… Personally I know Im probobly one of the best in the world – actually I dont even doubt – but I also know how endlessly week I am after the first kiss/touch.. As soon as the pattern of the deal I have in my head is reality I loose a bit of interest – not 100% but I just start to see how I can get my next high from identifying a new thing – a new idea – a new team of poeple (or an old) – a new structure …. I cant even express how humble and happy I am to be in a setup like the one we already have (thats suposed to take years) – I see 4-5 people who will just give their left ball to make this happen – to make good companies and HIGH PROFITS FROM THE TIME and NETWORK and money we invest. Promise me guys that you jump this if you suddenly get another real interest in life. since what we are about to do is not about working halftime or fulltime – hey realise its LIFETIME. And if anyones doubts – Ive chosen to do this with first Soren and then ALL OF YOU GUYS – so lets fucking be agressive like NO ONE ELSE – and demanding. (When the inner Demand to yourself is SKYHIGH – then the souroundings gets it !). Dear valued partners – I cant wait to see where we will go.


I look at the stuff we have in our portefolio as an artcollection a carefully selected family – a part of me – that I want to be assosiated with. REALLY like a part of my personality – it BRANDS ME it is ME. BulLGuard ME – I am Maxthon – I am Wiseled – I tell people about it – and i act like I am Heleca.. Dear Partners if you have just a bit of emotions for any of the ventures we have – then dont hessitate to take all the hornor promote yourself for being part of it – BE FUCKING PROUD. Im proud of the team we have – really PROUD – and I cant wait to our next exit – where we can party and hug and be proud together – because we are in a DEEPLY RICKY business and failure is WAY MORE COMMON then SUCCES for our ventures – AND US. Dont start taking pills – but be realistic – this is extremely difycult and we will only survive if we BELIEVE IN IT AND STAY TOGETHER 100% for years.


I want us all to be humble as hell – and hornest like hell – and gentlemen – really gentlemen who hold the door for women and startups and talent. I have this fantastic picture in my head of someone who offered me ligth (when I was smoking) and 2nd time one evening someone did I was always just positive to them (no matter if I even liked them or talked to them)… More important we need a system to follow up on OPPERTUNITIES – or to be more frank – to reject……(taken out not to be copied)


I want to

a) Make my mother and my wife proud of me – and disapoint as few people as posible !I

b) I want to have FUN – FUN and I want people to respect LundKenner and respect (be impressed by) our achivements and our ability to handle risk – and time after time turn risktaking into being lucky.

– Thats it folk. Dunno why I wrote this :)

Posted on March 11, 2006

In love with life.

Yesterday I spend at home with the kids (plus one of Lauras kindergarten friends) – having 3 meetings at home with partners and friends during the day – and 2 meetings out of the house in the late afternoon. I cant even express how extremely lucky and happy I feel when everything seems to FIT: Family, Friends, Work, Bizz and Mentalhealth. Im NOT stating that Im mentally healthy – my ambitions and extreme eager to do business ventures – has been categorized by my psychologist as: Pure Out of Controle Gambling obsession ;). But darn – Im happy to have not big difference between the different aspects of life. Maybe Im also even more happy – since I see good traction in my endless amount of crazy projects.

Dear valued reader: ;) – enjoy the weekend

Posted on January 31, 2006

Austrian Kitch – with endless charm

We have been on a all family skiing trip this week to St. Johan in Tirol – at Schihotel “Zur sch? Aussicht” – its very affordable 100EUR pr. nigth per person including breakfast and dinner and liftcard – and its cosy like hell. VERY ORIGINAL – and nice kitch (even though kitch is so 1998 ;).

Posted on December 27, 2005

My beloved family

Just had to upload this – Im not sure that I have other real good pictures of the kids :)

Posted on December 21, 2005

Super equipment

Had a visit today from P. Wessel – to have some pictures taken – I tried his Canon camera – AMAZING – I think I need to buy one.