Posted on April 14, 2007

A Speed Week

I have no comments. But – I was called 9 times this week by journalists who wanted to get a comment on the TechCrunh story Google Takes Partial Ownership Of Maxthon Browser story – Danish Computerworld had weird story on it – even with a comment from IDG who’s conclusion was really wrong – and they still didnt get Googles take over of DoubleClick on their page.

I dont know what hit me this week – but since monday was off here I felt like compensating by turning up the speed :) So monday I spent with Km from IFU – just chatting and outlining how IFU can be used for some of my ideas. Also catching up on his latest venture – Trunk that seems to be rocking (I never believed in it – but love to be proven wrong). Really. Like I was yesterday – when the new Timbaland album went to the most downloaded album ever on iTunes – and I passed on buying the outside US rights for nothing. Later on monday I was spending time with my new Obisity Project – where David Beckman (fun link) was impressing me AGAIN – by showing amazing progress – more to come. After that I had a VERY IMPRESSIVE board meeting on Spleak – where Morrie (new CEO) just showed off his elefant size balls – NICE. And Durring that evening I tried to follow up on the 5-6 missing things with my legal guys around the planet. And finally had a VERY inspirering call on my CLEAN WATER VENTURE (also more to come). Wednesday was kicked of with Gunner – from our Newspaper ( talking over that opening of the Boston version next week and catching up – Im a Gunner fan. He is cool as a Iceberg and teaching and listening at the same time – I wanna learn that. After that – I had 3-4 M&A calls on various companies and a big Danish internet transaction – and talking to veroius funds about my waterproject. Then Simon Levene dropped by – to see the water ;) – and have a nice dinner – very interesting and SO nice to just talk venture, ventures, risk, upside, howTo and exits all night – plus ofcourse getting his family story – WOW. Thursday – CRAZY – up early – picking up Simon on the way to the airport – to pickup Morten S. Jorgensen (the Jabra guy) having a meeting in the car while drivning him to his meeting – trying to find a whole in a market where 5 conglomerates cheat old women (you guys what). After that finalising with Simon – and then having launch with a person who turned out to be the most impressive Danish Entrepanuer I have met – Preben Navision/Damgaard. I really really like him – and we just talked for 2hours straight – until I had to jump a car not to be late for my plane to London… London: Legal meetings, Bankers, Red Herring, Bundeep, ePlanet, Bullguard boeardmeeting, 2 startups – a short meeting at Joost (interesting news to be published soon) and then home friday evening – checking the 18 voicemails – doing email – having redwine and BullGuard talks with Heini and Theis on the plane – and then finally home – so nice to see Hlin. Ohh – this was nice – blogging psycotherapi – now I got that out of my body. Now – back to Laura and her 3 friends who will sleep here tonight.


Dear valued ready – this is a messed up post – but sometimes I need to tell my brain – what my yeas and ears did during the week :) – sorry.

Posted on June 17, 2006

Still impressed by the web

I still find websites eveeryday that really moves me – like

Posted on April 18, 2006

Letter to my LundKenner Partners


Im all in this because I love to see a little or medium idea becomming a flying swan – and the journey to get there… Personally I know Im probobly one of the best in the world – actually I dont even doubt – but I also know how endlessly week I am after the first kiss/touch.. As soon as the pattern of the deal I have in my head is reality I loose a bit of interest – not 100% but I just start to see how I can get my next high from identifying a new thing – a new idea – a new team of poeple (or an old) – a new structure …. I cant even express how humble and happy I am to be in a setup like the one we already have (thats suposed to take years) – I see 4-5 people who will just give their left ball to make this happen – to make good companies and HIGH PROFITS FROM THE TIME and NETWORK and money we invest. Promise me guys that you jump this if you suddenly get another real interest in life. since what we are about to do is not about working halftime or fulltime – hey realise its LIFETIME. And if anyones doubts – Ive chosen to do this with first Soren and then ALL OF YOU GUYS – so lets fucking be agressive like NO ONE ELSE – and demanding. (When the inner Demand to yourself is SKYHIGH – then the souroundings gets it !). Dear valued partners – I cant wait to see where we will go.


I look at the stuff we have in our portefolio as an artcollection a carefully selected family – a part of me – that I want to be assosiated with. REALLY like a part of my personality – it BRANDS ME it is ME. BulLGuard ME – I am Maxthon – I am Wiseled – I tell people about it – and i act like I am Heleca.. Dear Partners if you have just a bit of emotions for any of the ventures we have – then dont hessitate to take all the hornor promote yourself for being part of it – BE FUCKING PROUD. Im proud of the team we have – really PROUD – and I cant wait to our next exit – where we can party and hug and be proud together – because we are in a DEEPLY RICKY business and failure is WAY MORE COMMON then SUCCES for our ventures – AND US. Dont start taking pills – but be realistic – this is extremely difycult and we will only survive if we BELIEVE IN IT AND STAY TOGETHER 100% for years.


I want us all to be humble as hell – and hornest like hell – and gentlemen – really gentlemen who hold the door for women and startups and talent. I have this fantastic picture in my head of someone who offered me ligth (when I was smoking) and 2nd time one evening someone did I was always just positive to them (no matter if I even liked them or talked to them)… More important we need a system to follow up on OPPERTUNITIES – or to be more frank – to reject……(taken out not to be copied)


I want to

a) Make my mother and my wife proud of me – and disapoint as few people as posible !I

b) I want to have FUN – FUN and I want people to respect LundKenner and respect (be impressed by) our achivements and our ability to handle risk – and time after time turn risktaking into being lucky.

– Thats it folk. Dunno why I wrote this :)

Posted on December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

I have had a crazy (positive) 2005
– hope u did too. (Im still with my wife !!)

I have had no major illness or
death close to me this year
– and feel lucky. Hope u do 2.

I hope 2006 will be good for you and
me – and FUN!

I dream about a world with more
equal opertunities for all and less
materialistic focus… I get a bit
scared when I think of China and
India (I feel happy about investing
there) – but I know 30-40% of the
population migth be very hungry
when they go to bed…

Remember the fun in 2006 – problems
will drop by no matter what ;)

*and NO Im not trying to do any Bono stuff here Im just his biggest fan.

**please comment