Posted on April 19, 2008

New York Rocks

Chris Anderson Wired

I’ve been in NYC since Saturday evening – and had meetings with Goldman, Bessemer, Chris Dixon (wow smart due), was at a Wired 10 people dinner invited by Chris Anderson (The Long Tail mann) to talk about free – the topic of his new book. Found it very interesting – and they where all very interested in my NewsPaper story – and well its pretty much FREE.

Big thanx to Dan Roth for inviting


Our agenzy HelloGroup (well it mostly Jacob Langemark, Kenner and THE KILLER AMAZING STAFF) is exploding in size AND QUALITY. I’m so fucki.. proud to be part of it and have it as a company who can service my investments.

Mikkel Demib

– dropped by – and we instantly chose to put 1,5mioDKR on red ;) – I like Mikkel so much – he is REAL – HONEST and NO BULLSHIT . Also oftenly impossible to work with – but its getting BETTER BETTER – and he is becomming a PLAYMAKER in the Venture world – so cool to see him using other peoples talent and just kicking him self in on 10% – instaed of his normal 130% Mikkel – which is GOOD – but pretty hard for him to maintain 130% involvement level ;)


– one of my most mind-blowing project and in a sector where I’m blank. I must say that my breakfast meetings with Gunner Smari (CEO) are second to none – the guy teach me so much and is so wise and dares to talk without being bullshit… Doing a real FULLBLOW TAKE on the establish Newspapers in Demark is so ENDLESSLY DIFFICULT and CHALLENGING. First of all the 250years old established papers are like parent – so one feel a bit guilty to challenge and probably kill one or two of them – but thats life (with out cigarettes and alcohol the last 3 months) and nerves seems to respond with sending 10-20% signal to my brain – normal level is 1-2%. When Politikken/JP is now obviously running dry on cash in 2years (if they don’t change strategy) and SøndagsAvisen lost 33% of its market-cap Friday by adjusting profit down AGAIN – now from 110mio to 20mioDKR…


I feel a whole new kind of optimism in Denmark – and was very happy to see a couple of stories in the press stating the “Janteloven” (an Idea Danes have about “you are not allowed to think you are something special”) is dead… Well I never met Janteloven – only when Ive been too cocky or showing of – and my mum, Mik, Hlin, Lasse or real friends have told me to adjust my imprialistisk small dick attitude…

Andrej, Slovenia + Ester Dyson

We (I always say We about my business – nd now WE = Rasmus and I) went to Ljubljana Tusday for an amazing mini Seminar – around something I believe can be the biggest media and content network in Eastern Europe. Andrej and Team had book a stellaer place (very OLD SCHOOL CIMMUNISTIC – but updated to new) and we talked for 20hours straight – only interupted by Absint and Ester Dysons MANY INTERESTING STORIES ABOUT HEAR WACKED INVESTMENTS IN SPACE STUFF. Before spending a day with Ester I was no fan (actually oppersite) – but I really REALLY enjoyd a lot and learned from her. Wise LADY – and again HONEST and NO BS – straight to the bone

India + Lund XY (new collection)

We are talking to a very VERY cool company in India who have amazing numbers and A CEO AS COOL AS Clooney mixed with Clinton (does not have the all the looks but he is GOOD). We will go in and do something like an Investment Bank deal – and help IPOing. I feel a bit new to this – but know we can do it.

Etre 07 Budapest

I love tha conference – its amassing to be around likeminded people – and see so many startups and so much capital fly around. WOW is all I can say. Most spectacular is that every year i meet 3-4 new venture funds with 1 to 2bio$ its fun. This year Zyb and Orolix – where very cool – and I was VERY PROUD to have a Super private dinner – with Tim Draper and Wife Melissa, Lukasz Wejchert (Onet), J Meyer, Nagib, Tommy, Martijn…. one year

The killer team around Zecco and the amazing invetrors (All Dutch) – have done something I could not even have imagined… And now it 1y – BIT CONGRATS

New business card

As always trying to be mysef (and shamelessly attention-grabbing) we had new business-cards made for Etre – and it goes without saying that I made a 100% embarrassing spelling mistake

Posted on November 3, 2006

Jens Heimburger Is Smart…

I must say that I have a strange relationship with this Danish Entrepreneur. He is – without having ever talked to him – (called once a got negative response) – a conservative. Background in Danish
In the early nineties – when I was trying to go to University (with bad luck) my friend (Henrik) was working at Heimburger Advertising – a VERY COOL Agency – that reminded me of my at the time favorite TV-soap: Melrose Place :) – everyone was wearing VERY COOL 1993 clothing style – belt just under the brest ;) – and they had free soda and the very newest computers and even a T1 line.

In one line: All I could ever dream of!
– simple as that.

So – I was often at the agency with my friend – hanging out when they did sysadmin stuff – or just scanned some of the bosses private pictures…

Jens Heimburger was a legend – I never saw him there – but he had real Art (not something we had in my childhood home) and he had the A-list client accounts (Bestseller & AcceptCard and used top models – uhhh hot) – and he was friends with bizz celebreties – wow – only weird thing was his political standpoint – and the fact that he fucked up in his was to the political power – and one of the most interesting Danish movies ever was supposingly build on his story . And the Heimburger (the Agenzy) later stole an employee from us (at Ne@tWork)- and we got really angry – really.

Just lately Mr. H has made one of the best deal in Danish history – m2 designer homes – all he did was to produce 10 ads around the theme designer architecture – and put them in Danish papers – and without selling ONE HOUSE – HE SOLD THE CONCEPT for 20mio$ – thats impresssing (if one is into kapitalism).

Posted on September 20, 2006

Why Go To Work

was the title of a speech I gave yesterday. It was a very strange situation – I normally love to give speeches and lectures (even though I don’t feel smart enough to teach people anything). Its was strange because – the host employees of the host Novo were all above 37 and well dressed and there were 40 of them. And the first 10 minutes – NO ONE LAUGHED ONCE – and that really scared me and I started sweating like a pig and felt VERY BAD. Luckily I got on top of things and they seemed very happy after my 1 hours shameless selfpromotion. Phyyy.

Posted on August 7, 2006

Oh Denmark

Nice to live here

Posted on August 1, 2006

Denmark Has It

Denmark has has a “best summer” in 88year and has been selected best country to live in – and this picture is taken on the road in Jylland. I have to recommend it.

Posted on June 19, 2006

Mads Øvlisen

Im at the Forbes CEO summit (blogging live) and I must really give ALL RESPECT TO Mr. Øvlisen (former CEO Novo and now Chairman Lego) – he is soo cool and so good at teling the story about Denmark and the succes of our country.

Posted on May 7, 2006

Small Flat countries [2]

Its strange to be from a flat country – when I fly over at maountain chain – I get “stressed on behalf of the country” thinking about how hard it is to build infra structure – compared to a country with the highest point being 123meter (Denmark).

Posted on May 4, 2006

Political Spin My Ass

Yesterday I spent with a crowd of VERY POLITICAL SPIN SAVY people (not because Im even thinking a nano second about going into politics) to discuss various topics and exchange brain bandwidth and social/political standpoints. The part of the crowd who really understood and works in&around the diciplin where all sharp as razorblades and very nice actually. BUT IT SCARED ME TO HEAR HOW THE DANISH DEMOCRACY IS TOTALY CONTROLED BY SpinDoctors and intrigues etc… shit. And then I start thinking about how crazy it must be in BIG COUNTRIES :/

Posted on April 4, 2006

Danmark – a joke

Dunno if this is funny for others then Danes – but for me its amazing. From CNN / COMEDY CENTRAL – What wrong with Denmark

Posted on January 12, 2006

Funny Cartoon

Comic Strips by wulffmorgenthaler – fun – exelent – spot on – well all danes have known for years but slow me late adopter finds out now…

Posted on December 27, 2005

I WONDER (PART I): Icelandic Viking Caital

The Iceladic Capital is slowly taking over a lot of Danish and British companies in very agressive and yet simple constructions. They simple use the leveraged buyot model (you pactically buy a company via taking loans in their own assets like buildings and cashflow) – but I dont understand how this TINY TINY nation can poduce such an agressive style and EXECUTE IT. Im VERY impressed with the execution: Our low cost Airline, Our ShoppingMalliant, Our Bank for B2B… all taken over over nigth – with no bullshit (yet) style – just pure execution.

And Im NOT NEGATIVE or DEPRESSED – nope – Im impressed and happy to see some young (pretty young) dudes taking a hit at the establishment – AND I DONT CARE IF IT WILL SURVIVE or IF ITS LONG LASTING – since most of these companies would have gone bankrupt any. I just like the approach and I think I know better then quite a lot of people that you have to shoot a lot to make a homerun ‘,)

I migth be a little jaloux (positivly – I use jalouxi as a driver) at the fact – that its not me being on board in these tranactions. Since buying a SUPERMALL WITH PRESENCE IN 5 CITIES – next to nothing – by selling the property is smart. Specially if you also own some of the largest fasions retailers in UK. I hope that these guys have capital reserves to keep up with the speed – and that they can make some exits to keep up.

NOTE: The common saying here in denmark – is that the whole Icelandic phenomenon is sponsered by Russian money and made by insider trading – but I dont buy into that. Well DENMARK is more or less Maersk and his boards and his network all over (could be called INSIDER AS WELL) – and Iceland is a very small country and that means means a small business network. For the Russian thing – well whats wrong with Russian money (well some are Oligark money made – in maybe suspicious mannors – and should be avaoided 100%) but I see no difference to American, Japanese or German money. I like that Rusia is taking off – and if the guys choose to buy a football clud in Chelsea or Invest via Iceland fine with me. very fine.