Posted on December 2, 2008

Superstar Blogger Dorte Toft – RESPECT

This fantastic Lady (Danish Journalist and blogger and my friend) has been digging up the biggest IT scandal in Danish history – and I really want to show my deepest respect and regret that I did not help her more when she was on the track of IT Factorys founder Stein Baggers highly criminel setup (100mio$ leasing and interbilling loop). Im simply to naiv to see fraud when its just in front of my eyes. And since Im a close friend of Asger Jensby (we had wine and talked about how fantastic the company was – last wednesday) – I simply wanted to believe in the story – despite the fact that NO ONE WANTED TO SHOW ME THE SOFTWARE. Mygdal and Nyholm and Albertsen have all been extremely negative from the very early beginning – and I only know Stein from spinning classes – never talked to him.

Biggest respect to Dorte Toft – because she has handled this with elegance and not like an ego boost.  And also think I know her well enough to believe that she had a dream inside (as all of us) that it was not fake – and that Denmark could have a new TECH SUPERSTAR making 62mioEUR profit this year and 110mioEUR next year… BUT NO – so sad and so psyked…

Posted on September 23, 2007

Naked – Totally Naked Generation

This is how everyone
must think about me and all of us shameless “naked” bloggers and self promoters…

Posted on July 3, 2007

Mind Dump and Fighting

Anit Paros
Dear Valued Readers
Sorry – that I have not been posting so much lately – but off course there are various reasons.

Politics and Impact
Over the last month – I have found myself eating and winning and talking with the top advisor’s (not just consultants) to Nicolas Sarkozy, Angelina Merkel and Hillary Clinton – and even though my only goal is to sracts the surface – and find out whats behind the power structures – I have gotten a little bit struck.

Architecture and Impact
I have spend time with some very very high impact developers and architects – and same story – I got a bit overwhelmed – due to the LONG TERM impact this stuff has. Psoting from Iassons unbelievable villas in Anti Paros

Investments and Impact
I have gone into nearly 75 companies and 95% goes very well – and Im not very needed there. Some would think that I did a smart move – but basically my luck has again striked – and even double since the entrepreneurs and companies who does very well – like me pretty muc hbecause I dont interfere.

Family and Impact
I  got  over my trouble in december – and spring has been very very good. But now reality and normallity has kicked in again – and I find it a bit difficult. And maybe Im just pushing the speed to much ?

Water and Impact
My water project – is now has interest from the most influencial people in the world – and one of the biggest industrial players in the sector. And again – I´m really really starting to feel HUMBLE – that I cant help to get such traction – after near bankruptcy in January.

This season is NOT my favorite and I really fight with handling my own expectations to life and holidays… Darn I think I think to much – but maybe thats normal for people who promotes Act – don’t talk :)

Posted on April 8, 2007

The Best Cast I Have Ever Seen


I did start my blog in Evans appartment 25th of November 2001 – in Evans apartment – and his magic inspiration and selfconfidence (100% in line with his 100% openness, honesty and genuine self). He was alone – left by fancy smancy investors – and just ran the opperation out of his kitchen. He was negotiating with Nick Denton (moreover) during my stay. (My stay by the way – was setup by the everleading talent spotter Mygdal who got Evan to Reboot 3 (and I was just thinking – what a nerd – whats new about a small easy to sign into CMS for consumers) – and due to the fact that Peter Merholz was out of town ( dead link?))

For entrepanuers – or wannaneurs (wanna be entrepanuers)
Listen to this every week – and understand how much its about doing the simple thing, doing the stuff that feels right and NOT DRESSING UP FOR INVESTORS – by over painting the picture. These two guys – Evan and Calacanis (also spotted very very early by Mygdal and sold Weblogs Inc to AOL) are personifications of the BIG NOW THING live (not the next big thing). And Calicanis reference to Sequoia where he is now working – shows the link to the übber self of entrepreneurship Michael Moritz – seeds investor in Google, Youtube…. Full loop would be to have a clear reference to who patented the PPC/Bid model – and gave Google their revenue model…

This was not Pulitzer price writing – but Dear valued reader – its straight from the guts :)

PS. I find it really hard to tag my posts – but Im in fast learning mode – please give me tips.

Posted on April 3, 2006

Blogger goodbye ?

I love blogger and feel that I ow this compan something – but despite the insane money involved with mothership Google – the service get moore and more outdated and slow :( – so Im really thinking of leaving. Even more when I see stuff like this from SixApart – and think about how easy it i to do.

Posted on March 27, 2006

New Blog Design

Im not really happy with it yet ( I think the top graphics is a bit to serious for mee)- but Im pretty sure that the HelloBrand guys will fix it soon…

Posted on January 17, 2006

Blogger down

Blogger as been down to much the last week – and I can easely live withit – but since I use this as a business tool ( I have lots of small passwords protected developement blogs) – its not so nice. The really bad thing is that its the biggest tread to WEB APPS. :(

Posted on January 4, 2006

Whats up with blogger

Is blogging getting evil – or just tired ?

Posted on November 25, 2001

The San Fran TRIP

Then it’s time for more Blogger .- since I’m at Evan’s place (Mr. BLogger) I must get into using it.

The trip here started CPH.04:40 – with packing – and writing Evan what “close” to wear. I thought of San Francisco as “HOT and Beach-like” all yaer – but luckyli Evan wrote me back that I schould bring warm clothes. That was lucky that i brougth my jacket – since the weather from above the sky ->

Is defenetely not the same underneath – were rain an Scandinavian weather met me.

I found some cigerettes in an airportstore – and rushed to the SuperShuttle, to head for a – Soap like classic SF beautifull house in – 24th and Church street Here the very nice and friendly young Evan installed my in his living room – with ethernet OFF COURSE.

PICTURE: From the window
Now I’ll go down to the drugstore on the corner – to enjoy a totally packed little store – with I asume EVERYTHING – I just love it – and even though we have SevenEleven in Denmark – I really need to go down there – just to look and feel.

AND THEN ITS TIME TO CALL MY WIFE – uhh – I already miss Lisa, Laura and Hlin – strange how fast that comes.