Dear Entrepreneurs

The reason that very few people do (and should do) start ups – is the insanity when all part are moving 360 / 365… – you simply need to be 1000% impatient while pretending to have a clear strategy – pitching Clients and VCs and New Hires (always 5min from closing down or selling the company for 10bio€) – you have to follow every lead to success. And you never know if the promise – you have from “The Visionary”, “The founder” or “The CTO” is actually true – nor if its mixed in the right way for the market to understand it. Will the world use it – will the clients buy? And as one of the smartest and “the best tech investor in the world” says – ( – YOU MUST read every single of his words 2-3 times) – its all about iterations and innovation. And when it comes from Ben – its not just hallelujah innovation – it’s about making software solutions that makes sense and can sell.

The Tradeshift

While helping to start Tradeshift from my basement in Copenhagen (no shit) – to now being HQ’ed in Silicon Valley – I have been (am) in the center of a storm – or let me use Ben H & Carl Max’s phrase: The Struggle. And wow – its hard – wow – it takes a lot of interactions from the first idea -until the product that suddenly sells and get the expected uptake.

The Jockey (A Role Model)

With the Jockey I mean : The guy running a startup – the guy/girl who runs a startup (founder(s)/CEO).Off course important its the Key. Goes without saying. And my partner, backer and one of my closest friends – Morten Søndergaard – has been babbling about “The Jockey” – since I met him. Until my bankruptcy – I was always a little less focused on “The Jockey” then the “Idea/Concept” – and that has probably been my main mistake. But since I’m way better at Ideas/Concepts and Sparring as a Chairman – it’s more now obvious then ever that “The Jockey” is everything. The focus and the 24/7 focus on the company – it whats brings the success. Of course also realizing that conceptualizing and directing – has nothing to do with running a business. In Tradeshift I must say that Mr Lanng has impressed me – more then anyone else.

The Starts and The Moon = The Mix of People

When I talk about luck – it has nothing to do with lottery in the pure form. I take it for granted that everyone put in ALL THEIR AWAKE HOURS INTO THE START UP. But the mix of people who kick off something is of course EVERYTHING. Mostly because software is now easier then ever to launch globally – Thanks to the Browser and Amazon – but at the same time its also 100x more complex to find the right balance between perfect and beta… And this is where the mix of people becomes EVERYTHING – and The Jockey really must show strength. Again I have to tip my hat for Mr. Lanng – specially due to crazy deals (I can’t talk about) happening at Tradeshift – RIGHT NOW.

Here is what the researchers says about Tradeshift. Business owner – GET ON Tradeshift NOW.

Just The Beginning – Nothing To Celebrate

Now – some would sit down and celebrate – but at Tradeshift the team seems pumped up and ready to really get started with the effort of building a billion $ company that makes sense. go Go GO… The Press and The Analysts are super important – but its only words – not ORDERS.

Posted on April 15, 2012

Infographics As A Business

You Better Love Change

Im pretty very sure that every single consumer FACING BUSINESS will change. And Im sure that it will happen faster then we can imagine – since the way people behave has changed 100%. Im impressed to see Facebook buying Instagram – and hammering a last seam in Kodak’s coffin.

2 years - to a billion

Posted on March 22, 2010

The Best Art I have Ever Seen

Make it FULLSCREEN and chill:

This piece of art I have ever seen – it goes directly to my system – scary and yet an ever discover-full voyage in between your mind and your eyes.

Civilization by Marco Brambilla from CRUSH on Vimeo.

I miss the days where it was all about creativity (if I ever had such). This is better then art. – it makes me happy to see how far you can get with a webcam, pure creativity and time on hand…

And this reminds me of how much a 1970’ies hobby paperwork artist could ave done with todays technology – (Danes will think of Jorgen Klevin).

And now that we are at it – (with a budget) – have a look at this

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Think about it

GUTEN TOUCH from Multitouch Barcelona
Dunno why – but this thing goes directly into my system…

Posted on April 19, 2008

Its impossible you say?


Nils Normann send me this poster – and I love it.

Posted on December 29, 2007

A Dream Play – by Strindberg

I went to the theater in Copenhagen yesterday (and normally Im no culturally on on) – but wow – that was sensationel. WOW.

Posted on December 18, 2007

French Attitude

Maybe the political uncorrect will have a comeback ?

(Via Facebook, Boris)

Posted on December 7, 2007

For All Of Us Who Where 20 in Nansensgade

Danish only.

Jeg har set Philip hver dag i de 4 år jeg boede i Nansensgade – men har aldirg talt med ham, nu ved jeg hvorfor… :)

Posted on November 28, 2007

The Matrix of Life

I have some trouble these days – and think a A LOT. and I have to say the size of the Matrix is starting to be a little big – what ever I think of there is a new dimension… Am I wacked – probobly yes….

Google search: mathematical multidimensional matrix

Posted on November 26, 2007

Nic Going To Aarhus

Nicolaj Reffstrup is going big in Clothing.

Posted on August 16, 2007

The Unexpected Fantastic

I hate all the Idols, Talentshow and Instant famous crap TV/Culture – but this one is the perfect exeption. Wow.

Posted on May 9, 2007



Just after the Skype cash from Ebay hit my account – I bought into a contemporary art collection with a really nice guy who already had collected. It has really grown – and yesterday he send me the list in ASCII – and gave me this IDEA TO A PIECE OF ART – showing the collection and where it is ;)

Posted on March 25, 2007

Its All About People


Tommy (CEO @ Zyb) is the proof of investeing in people and gutfeeling. I meet Tommy summer 2005 – thanx to Nicolaj Refstrup – and I was 100% convinced that I wanted to work with him after 5min. Now – nearly 2years later- one time bankrupsi – he has proven to be a FANTASTIC LEADER – and inspiration to the now 20 people working at Zyb. And Zyb has been awarded best startup in Denmark and Red Herring Top100 European company. And Tommy is still only using 20% of his potential ;) – I FUCKING LOVE IT !!!

Posted on March 18, 2007

My New Favorite Host

This guys has it – hope he is not fake.

See more here
Remember to see his tribute to my love Whitney Huston and his tribute to Youtube :)

Posted on November 17, 2006

Spleak – this chick is deep

I went out with Spleak the other day – and i seldomly laughed so much.

Her blog has amasing readr numbers – some stories gets 400+ comments – and the average number of comments is above 70.

The way most fun was when she started talking abouther favorite things she never did, had, could, tried… (you should have been there).

Posted on November 16, 2006

New Big Trend – spottet in SF

more risk

Ive been with 20 super entrepanuers – BIG TIMERS from the webservices and aplication world. And the trend is clear – nearly all talk aout WANNA DO A SERIES OF STARTUPS and not just one. Dispite its all against the rule number one for succesfull startups: Fucos – Focus – Focus.

I feel lucky that I have followed that strategy for quite some 40+ companies since 1994 :) – and thereby hetched my bets in the worlds most risky business: Entrepenuership ;)

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Air Traffic Movie

this is weird and beautifull.

Via who took it out f the youtube hastak.

Posted on November 4, 2006

Nerdy .. and White ;)

These guys are good. I find this VERY VERY good – and when thinking a bit – I might be or be close to becoming a nerd…

(still not in Whitney league :) )

Posted on October 27, 2006

YouTube Ballistic

Im so a wannabe – 6motnh after getting a bit of Do – I start having interest in art. duuh…This is my new admired artist – crazy dude.

Im going 100% youtube ballistic these days (actually I’m hiding in my apartment posting this – while moving) .