Posted on January 21, 2015

Stop dragging me into board meetings

Head in Hands

Dear Reader : This might be a bit more NEGATIVE than you’re used to. Apologies about that.

I love to chair startups and companies, but I hate 95% board meetings. But maybe not because of what you think.

I hate being dragged into staged and super-prepared board meetings. I get it, you want to look GOOD. But looking GOOD BORES me to death, because it’s FAKE. Every investor knows that things are never super-fluffy and hyggelig. So don’t sell BS.

When I invent or invest in a company – my time OR money – I need to know about it earlier than every X months. I want to know numbers, I want to know sales, I want to know progress. Every month. It’s not hard. (And I often get this because I talk to my CEOs – but every stake holder should have it on well structured emails – and maybe en Slack)

When I had stakes in 80 different companies – how many of them did send monthly updates? ZERO. 0. Niente…

When I ask entrepreneurs if they update investors monthly? How many of them do it? TWO. ( @henrikzillmer and @ferdinandkjaer – You know who you are :) )

( And recently it has gotten a LOT better )

And one director, he started by doing it himself – every month. Until he had better things to focus on – growth. So he delegated it to an external service, and he still runs a tight rocketship where everybody is onboard and pushes from the trenches.

I think you know where this is going. If you want my full attention, if you want to utilise my network, if you want to spread your word to the max – you must sit your ASS down and UPDATE people who invested their time in you.

That’s not a monthly 1-on-1 call to each stakeholder, or ‘catching up’ one time in HALF a year. YOU need to show me that YOUR business is going forward without me even asking for it.

This is why Claire ( and team are now doing Shark Digest (we called it Sharkboard before). If YOU are an investor who also wants to have numbers every month, hire HER and team, and get this solved once and for all. CALL HER +45 51 20 54 06.

Benefits for the startup? You won’t have investors getting PISSed about you + you and your team will know how your own business is doing. And maybe your investors will help you faster when you need the next round.

It’s just a service made to fix a big problem for myself – maybe you can benefit.