Posted on March 21, 2014

We are all in SALES!


This was a TEST, it went out to my whole network. And we FAILED a bit – the links didn’t work. But we like to LEARN from failures. So here it is for everyone. These companies + Kids + Josephine are taking up 115% of my life.

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openXO have wifi’d up the moon – the team around Christian has built a SMART wifi solution for hotels, retail, vacation homes, etc.. – pretty much ANY vendors with wifi – to offer intelligent wifi that pays off.

I’m SUPER excited to see that the hard work paid off and that they are already live in the first major hotels and got a partnership with Cisco.Meraki under their belt! There’s NO reason not to get openXO if you’re offering wifi to your customers. – see the Investor deck here.


The supersmart (ex. Rocket) guys at Airhelp helped me already a few times in getting my money for delayed flights – Linus and I got each 600$ when we were delayed 6h to NYC ( nice way to kickoff a 3 day trip). It’s so great to see them being accepted into Paul Graham’s YCombinator and full-work mode to make life for passengers easier.

If you are an investor with +20.000$ to invest get investor deck here.


I’ve been pushing this project hard since the start of the year. Basically when you receive an invoice, you should be able to pay it immediately with just a click of a button – payXO is here to lead that revolution. Try it out here


Invoicing just became simple and everything is in one place. What more is there to say except – IT’S FREE and they just got $75 mio to expand to ASIA! ( And LANNG is a beast )


I asked the guys to make a product for me to organize fund raisers I run – and they did. Presentations + Social + CRM. I can’t think of raising money without pitchXO anymore – it’s the PERFECT TOOL to keep track of interested leads…

Imagine IF office

A dream come true. Companies I deeply care about working from the same space in the heart of KBH. Everything you need as an entrepreneur – network with the best and have good cool videos from the interior and good healthy food served 24/7. We will even have two small AirBnB hotelXO rooms on Tripadvisor ! – Club Membership 300$ by Application Only.


It has been a crazy last year with the guys at Capital Aid, and I’m so happy to see a financial startup thrive that HELPS small businesses with their money – since most companies in reality struggle for cash – especially after the banks fucked up. They use the power of Tradeshift – the platform that is the heart of everything XO. Billions of $ are just standing in the sprinter box ready to go to work. & Investor deck


I’m working with a lot of great startups, and am lucky enough to be chairman of a few. But even then it’s really hard to keep the overview over what’s really HAPPENING inside these startups – there’s no Investor Relations Department – even though these small startups on the verge of bankruptcy need it more then anyone. The guys at Sharkboard handle that really well – I’m now CEO getting updates every month from my portfolio companies – and I can zoom into the investor pipeline from inside my Gmail. I couldn’t be more happy!!

Tofte Company

Thomas is a superstructured investment banker and advisor and SMART deal maker who closed over 330 transactions for IT companies – and who gets a Yes or a No fairly fast and that’s what every fundraising needs – not to drag it into eternity… Fund raising becomes NO BULLSHIT and SIMPLE with Tofte and his team of 4 – growing +50% pr quarter and having +80mio$ already raised in 10+ Transactions since the company was born in early 2013. If you have a startup or business raising money, you really want his services.

Get a deal maker for your startup

Coders Trust

Ferdinand is Gov backed to – Invest in Upgrading Students to make more money on Odesk and Elance … Gates should love it. The CONCEPT combines CODE education with MICROLOANS.

Investor Deck


My personal CTO and his team live in the cloud. They have been working hard to make things work around me, and I’m superglad that they’re there. Tech diligence, API connectors and helping startups and SMBs get rolling in tech – LOVE IT!


The guys at itembase are restless – they are closing DEAL AFTER DEAL. Watch out this space for HUGE partnership news coming up! & Investor Deck


I believe in the vacation rental market, and those guys live and breathe it. I can’t wait for the new partnerships to show their fruits this year!

What else is there?

I didn’t mention fundXO, panachio, Beancounting and lockXO – yet. Some companies to be covered in future posts. Also look out for some nice fund-raising party in CPH at the start of April with special guests. An announcement on this will be made soon if you fancy joining!