Posted on September 26, 2013

25.000€ + Shares for 3months of work

blackberry 283 has a quite heavy period of 3 months development tasks and UI/UX work to get done – and they have set the budget for this (the right team can get shares for their code).

We are looking ideally for a top UI guy and 1 “full stack guy” – but we are open to anything – if you can convince us that you have the right team. We would prefer if the team can move to Copenhagen for 3months – but are open to the team working from Berlin, London, Bangkok or wherever – and fly in every 14th day.

If you are interested please contact:
Henrik Zillmer – co-founder
Bonus: 2.5% Shares in the Company

AirHelp is growing at a rapid rate of 100% month on month and is proud to be hated by some of the leading airlines. The airlines currently owe AirHelp and their customers 1.8 mil $ in compensation. Help to play an instrumental role in giving consumers what they are entitled.


“After having worked with Tradeshift’s CEO Christian Lanng during his previous employment at the National IT and Telecom Agency we were contacted by him for interaction, design and comunications assistance in his startup Tradeshift. We were introduced to the concept, the market, the team, the board (that included Morten Lund) and the progress so far, after which we were convinced that the chances of success were substantial. After a short round of negotiations we agreed upon a model of collaboration in which we were payed for several thousand hours of work with 2,8% shares in the Startup. Since then the value of our shares has hiked to 8-900% according to the most recent valuation.”

David Fella