I’m resigning from Tradeshift as Chairman – because I’m no longer the best fit for the role – now that Tradeshift is maturing. Christian Lanng the CEO and co-founder with Gert, Mikkel and Me – is the best guy to take the seat now. Smart and Self confident MF…. I will still be on the board as a regular member – invited by the founders. The reason is pretty simple, Tradeshift is now a global business which is growing fast and an IPO is within sight of the next few years. – and that is a very short time when sales cycles are +24months and I believe a 100% that the amassing employees can do this :).

I’ve been part of raising +35mio$, creating +100 Jobs in Copenhagen and San Fran, securing +1m companies to get on the platform – and I’m proud like no one else.

I’m betting all my time on a Tradeshift App – called Capital Aid – where Torben Pedersen and I have been lucky to get Shai Agasi and Peter Lurie on the board. Capital Aid will offer financing to small companies who use Tradeshift – and need cash against their invoices (who doesn’t) . We can do what the banks don’t even dream of – and we can help +100.000 business in Europe this year.

For my other ventures I fully focus on stayXO (CEO), openXO, SunnyRentals.com – where I will now turn into (painfully for the employes) an active Chairman.

I will also keep close with Everbread – where things have gotten really good over the last 18 months.

I have been watching Mr Lanng for 4 years – and know that he has the ability to work hard enough to become SUPER LUCKY.

Startup life is silly hard and packed with trouble – but I love it.