Posted on May 30, 2012

I love Facebook (even more)

Changing The World

Its so easy to be fooled by flatter – but its also fuel – when you are doing something that no one has ever done before… I’m in the center of a storm – created by .. MYSELF. Wow – it feel’s good. It’s fairly simple – just use your full energy and your voice – and magic will happen. Its simple… Social media actually connects everyone with access to a IP device… And despite all the financially savvy idiots – now ditching Facebook – THE WORLD HAS CHANGED A BIT. Facebook is the social glue – that will make it harder to cheat and fuck over your best friends.. Mostly because you will be exposed and no one can live without a pretty clean Facebook presence.

For Analysts Everything Is Short Term

I want to celebrate The Founders of Facebook – I want to tell you : do not to believe in the rules. ITS SO IMPORTANT that we challenge the rules – everyday. And the biggest of all, rule-breakers has proven to be Mr. Zuckerberg. He runs Facebook with a teenagers drive and a very old mans intellect – despite  whatever you might read. Facebook would have been dead if they would ever have involved someone from the old world. They would have forced Zuckerberg to spray Facebook with old school TV ads – and kill the user experiences.. SPAMMED. It would take just about 10 lines of code. But of course the financial markets have to run like they have always done – looking (starring) at quarterly numbers. And that’s good if you run a highly competitive business producing woods or wine gums – and your biggest problem is bored employees and internal fraud.

The Long Term Lenses

But when you are the market leader – without competition – then its all about vision. And I can’t celebrate the long term vision of Facebook hard enough!! I would go (40% of my fortune) short on all media agencies in the world (OMD =OMG)- and buy heavy (40%) up into Facebook stock – and then put 20% in social media management platforms.

What the crab are you babbling about:
Well – media brokering is like banking – it’s old school and adds no real value – therefor the media agencies have nothing to offer in their existing shape – it’s bullshit to use TV/Print without response tracking and understanding “what your users talk about”. But its cranky complicated to actually do it. But when you can use social advertising – everything else is lame. And since we have now seen that Facebook is long term – and not selling out to rules of quarterly sub optimizing – then we only need tools  like Buddy Media and Falcon Social (to mention 2) to get 100x performance on advertising. But in reality most CMO’s are not smart enough to actually dive into this.

Advertising, post Facebook

Lets admit it. Business is all about advertising your product – and it would be great for Unilever and Nestle – and specially their marketing people – if they could just keep on buying TV campaigns. But its over – the change is now – the next generation will not do or buy anything without involving social media – checking in, uploading a picture or posting a status. And the same goes for brands and goods – of whatever kind. The internet brought transparency – no one can hide . And Facebook (twitter and Weibo (the Chinese twitter with more users then twitter and a better user interface)) – is with us – in our pocket 24/7 – and we use it. The new winners will be the next generation of advertisers – who are 100% data driven and measures the crab out of everything online – AND who are all about supporting their users – live… It sound insanely simple – and it is – but not easy.

A New Agency

I’m investing my time – to build a viral service agency. Balder Olrik & Mr Moseholms initial idea of GoViral – was never executed as it should have been. Because the timing was wrong – Jimmy (and Thomas) just did a miracle by turning into something the old world understood (advanced TV buying). I’m helping to create SMACKviral (with some pretty good dudes and duderinas) – an agency to create vibrant Facebook streams – simple.

Always do stuff only when you really understand it – or really have the need… I’m building a bank + insurance company + a cellphone company + a payment company + an light ERP company = all in one. And  to succeed we need lots of attention = To get attention we need to be more active on Facebook then anyone else = and show the users that we mean it – and that we are long term. Otherwise no one will trust us with their money + insurance + cellphone subscription.

SMACKviral will create 2-3 content pieces pr day (crazy shit like Dog biting penis..) – so that I (as a business owner) can choose what I want to publish in my Facebook stream. Now that what every boring company (specially banks) needs – and  this is kicking of next week.


Stay tuned.

PS. I would have mentioned Mr Lanng from Tradeshift – next to Facebook – but even with my shameless instinct of promoting my own stuff – I could not. Tradeshift is Facebook for business – whenever we get the full product launched – but we are not there yet…


PPS. To all the negative babblers out there – who  think they understand Facebook because its now public – lets see the stock in 6months :). And to all of you who own the stock – just stay LONG – Facebook will create insane profit and even do really crazy stuff in China – just wait and wait an wait – and see. The shit is looongterm.