Posted on May 1, 2012

A New Tribe (Guest Post)

I have lent the blog to a young man who is the first of 10 guys I have meet in Copenhagen with a pretty cool new religion. This is pretty crazy shit – I have no idea what it means – is it socialism or brainism or just pure logic sense – to adjust your lifestyle to your real dreams – and not be polluted by materialism? Let me note the only SURE TRUTH about start ups I learned (from my friend Stephan Ekbergh): “The only thing that can kill a  start up – is running out of cash!”. END.


Aron Allen has the word:


Freedom is about spending less, not making more.
guest post by Aron Allen
The entrepreneurs greatest enemy is monthly expenses, the successful entrepreneur aims to limit all recurring fees to an absolute minimum.
The reason I became independent was to achieve the following things; 1) work less, 2) work with stuff I love, 3) manage my own time. I have achieved all three.
I live in the centre of Copenhagen, one of the most expensive cities in the world, and I can maintain a high quality of life with about 40 billable hours a month, recently I discovered that I am billing a much lower rate than most of my peers.

My monthly expenses are as follows:

Rent: € 180.
Transport: € 20.
Phone: € 20.
Internet: € 30.
Insurance: € 20.
That is a total of € 270 or 2000 kr.
I am about to stop as an independent, and join forces with two like-minded people to create a web agency. My partners also understand the value of spending less. One of my partners has two children and he can maintain the welfare of his family on a pretty tight budget. Best of all — none of us are making a company to work our asses off. We all love to work, we love to build awesome solutions and products, but we understand that there is more to life than work, cash, and materalism, we are not making a company for work, we are making a company for us.
Live simply, and keep away from money-drainers such as cars, houses, boats, unless you absolutely need them! in the end you will have a much richer life.
If you are a simple entrepreneur, submit your details to this form, and tell me how you live, and why you work, I hope to get a lot of data and make a cool website explaining ‘why we work’.