Posted on March 25, 2012

The Over Self Confident Self + A Techie

What Does It Take

Look at hero #1 – Steve Jobs – watch some of his early videos. This guy was never a techie – for real – he was a visionary – who had no problem communicating to both Sales People and Techies. His partner in Apple – W – had a whole blueprint of a motherboard in his head – and he only had one shot at getting it produced. (Mistakes were not an option) – and remember all the crappy electronics we have today are less complicated – then what W had in his head…

The interesting thing is – that we need The SELF CONFIDENT EGO – who has the vision – to actually stand out and stand up – and SELL. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY PROFIT WILL ARRIVE ONE DAY.

But we also need a Techie – who can understand business and technology and who can bridge all of it – and even do it structured so  that the future is not spaghetti code..

Q & A

I got this question from an entreprenuers in spe:


  • Hey Morten,

    I have a question on my mind thats been bothering me for a while.

    Is it possible to start a business without a tech guy? Coding is really expensive, so does a start up necessarily need to do this on their own?

    It would be amazing if you could give me a short answer to it!

    Thanks so much,


So My Answer Is: NO WAY

 You need to fully understand all sides of the business – especially the tech part. And if you don’t have a early partner who is a techie – failure rate is so high. I have to add that – a CFO or a friend with Legal or Financial background will also bee needed… (And a lot more).

PS. Im talking about building  +$100mio companies. If you wanna sell ads and hustle a bit – by buying the cheaper then selling them – you dont need anything: Just a whitelabel platform and a hypersmootth sales team. (Remember that’s how I  started – with Jimmy, Lars and Henrik – in NeatWork ;) – NOTE TO SELF: crap name – do not repeat.