Posted on December 18, 2011

You Can Invest (and loose)

The Best Enterprise Software deals in the world.

I have Funds and Institutional investors from all over the world – trying to get in. And I get 2-3 emails pr day from private people who wants to invest smaller with the companies I’m into.

Before dec 28 2011 – I will let everyone get a try – since that’s more fair (this should be for everyone – not only rich peoples funds). And after seeing how the banks fuck over many people in their investment advice – I have taken this decision to open up.

So if you want to invest in a mix of start ups in Enterprise Software in the cloud – if you understand what I talk about. AND if you are fully 100% aware that you can loose your money faster then you can say “bank transfer”.

To those of you –


Im opening to a minimum 10.000€ pr investor – and all in all 500.000€.

I will not let you know what I invest in upfront – but the money will be put into things where I’m VERY ACTIVE (I spend all my awake hours) – and I will mix it into all the new things I’m working on (not Tradeshift – its to expensive for non institutional investors).

In my super risk taking life – this is pretty safe – but don’t put more then 2-5% of your fortune into this.

Send an email to – and remember that its very high risk. VERY. And you can never hold me responsible :) – its all up to you.

PS. I will not take my mothers money – that’s how risky this is.
PPS. I would put my own money – if I was in the money.