Posted on December 15, 2011

StartUps Northern Europe Is Exploding

I See & Feel A revolution

Nearly all the people who have been visiting my house over the last decade more then 5 times – seems to be on steroids entrepreneurs . Most of the people I have know for a long time are Danish (and its off course easier to drop by – when you live in Denmark (where my 4 kids live)).

I made a drawing – while bored in a meeting – and my eyes nearly popped out when I starting looking at it – and understanding it. Most of my close friends are doing pretty big stuff – and survive very well – and many are just about to sell for +50mio€. Now that’s crazy – specially when I remind myself how: 7 out of 10 Start ups for sure Die (RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP). But then again – I do nothing but babble about new ideas and changing the world and startups all the time – so pretty obvious conclusion.

But then something else struck me – they mostly have Scandinavian DNA. And maybe we are actually pretty good at this shit – here in Scandinavia. (Of course – everyone is so hard on each other (in my friends circles) and on the society. BUT BUT BUT – somehow I got proud. A feeling that I not always have about Scandinavia – since we are just loosing so big time to any Asian country in terms of growth – BUT so be it – welfare can only go to a certain level until it sucks all financial juice out of a country.

I’m shit proud of being Scandinavian

– because of the fact that many of these companies play in the Global Superliga – within each of their niches.




Of course it looks super cool from the outside.

For sure – when it works – its heaven.

Yes – some get shit ass rich.

But being an entrepreneur is mentally reverse to the public image. 1-2% are shit lucky and gives that impression. But 98-99% of all entrepreneurs and even venture backers – work so insanely hard – behind the scenes – for many many years. Pushing that dream – pushing that grand idea. On top of that –  only 90% of the projects survive.

Its actually fairly lonely – to be working on something that has not been done before. And despite the very close relations to co founders and teams (those emotions are more like love affairs – really creating a rush – but everyone know that its not gonna last forever. (and in the tech world – you nearly need the gift of being homosexual – to meet a life-partner :).) – you are always alone. You have no clue whether you can pay the next salaries – you have guilt the size of a Pedophile Catholic priest – because you are not 100% present to your kids, wife and family – and you have even pushed some super smart engineers in to this – who had no clue about the stress you feel when there is no money and the wife starts to be flattered by others then you… (Since YOU ARE NOT THERE).

Despite the really crazy mess that it creates – personally, mentally and horizontally – there is nothing like being involved in a Start Up…