Posted on November 24, 2011

The New Sheriff In Town


Mr Lanng – is one of the guys with the fastest and most focused CPU’s in town. He has been so generous – to start as blog today. And It only shows his absolute mastering of communication and transparrency in running a StartUp on speed.

Here is a snippet:

“It scared the shit out of me. Being from a nation where government welfare is the default, a nanny state, I can see how “hygge” can kill any startup. The reality is that Tradeshift is still very much a startup: we might look like a real company, but underneath that very nice and well-marketed exterior is a fragile being in its most dangerous state – “a startup looking like a real company”. read more


And the blog is HERE –

Im pretty happy that I think I have convinced him to work with me – at my new incubator. (more about that after Christmas)