When You Really Have To Pee

I feel exactly like when I have to pee while parking my car – its easy to manage. But then when I open the frontdoor to the house – and the toilet is so close – then it’s really hard to manage… :)

I’m getting so close to really ending my bankruptcy.

I run EVERBREADAND we are making a kill/homerun (and its ABSURDLY DIFFICULT TO MANAGE THAT MANY PEOPLE and EGOs)AND I advise (Chair) Tradeshift and they are always a bit ahead of EVERBREAD or just a bit behind (in new clients, technology, strategy and sky rocketing valuations). I get paid insanely well – AND when I speak I charge a fortune (AND I meet incredible interesting people + go first class around the world). AND I am still helping people to raise lots of money and I get paid really well – like really. This is  the only reason why I can pay a lot of cash (all+) every month to the creditors – but its over in 5 months (I made 18 month payment plans on most of the dept).

I’m almost 100% out of $ obligations – but the closer I get – the harder it feels to manage …

I’m getting close and thereby more nervous and that makes me wonder:

Why is it no one talks about MANAGING and BEING NERVOUS – in business . And why doesn’t anyone talk about BEING NERVOUS within all these startups and especially RE-STARTUP  – conferences and books…I think its weird.


I am more than happy. The only problem is – that it’s much less worrying to be bankrupt – than being almost all at the goal – and SO CLOSE TO NEW VICTORIES… Its feels much more difficult being so close to the bathroom… I have started to get a bit more nervous somehow. The companies where I’m involved are all going trough the roof – simply amasing or amassing (yes someone (called Edward) told me how to spell it). I don’t really have something to loose – but I’m so shit ass afraid of failing again. So much – that I have 10.000x more attention on everything. Nothing can fall between chairs now – I need to really make it – I don’t want everyone to look at me as the dude – who didn’t make it out of bankruptcy for real… Weird – but not really.. the only problem ever – for me – was the fact that I spent 6-7 years as too wealthy and without any real feeling of URGENCY. I really like it (but NOT AS A PERMANENT STATE OF MIND) – but for now it tickles in that upper part of my (not small) belly. And maybe this is why I’m about to succeed again – the sizzleling nervousness sharpens the sense of urgency.

My Rules For Playing High Stakes Business Poker


1) It really pays of to play by the rules – with extreme ethics.


2) Be original and be careful with copying – it so dangerous – you might end up copying a failure.


3) The best thing is when you can blame yourself – then you also know where to start if it fucks up.

That is it folks. I love you comments – so shoot shoot.

UPDATE: If you want to have the background behind this post – we are back in 2008 – read here (250.000 people has been visiting this post).