I have been looking at 20-30 different companies/ideas/people – to try make a business out of helping companies (with an online presence) to have more success (GET MORE TRAFFIC and SELL MORE) with search engines and online marketing. Its an obviuos KILELR BUSINESS if its done right.

If you know an english service like this – please put a link in the comments.

Im thingking SEO – bot aswords or banners. Within the banner advertising and affiliate network area we have since the very early days seen big companies – DounbleClick, 24/4, TradeDoubler, Zanox and many more – but no one has really been able to put SEO on bottles and sell it as a service yet.

I think Mr. Demib (the wacky Danish super SEO master) has found a way – where online properties can really gain value – no english site yet – see http://www.seosupport.dk – its advisory meets consulting meets elearning – and will be HUGE – Everybody and his dog need help to understand the world of SEO.