Posted on December 27, 2005

I WONDER (PART I): Icelandic Viking Caital

The Iceladic Capital is slowly taking over a lot of Danish and British companies in very agressive and yet simple constructions. They simple use the leveraged buyot model (you pactically buy a company via taking loans in their own assets like buildings and cashflow) – but I dont understand how this TINY TINY nation can poduce such an agressive style and EXECUTE IT. Im VERY impressed with the execution: Our low cost Airline, Our ShoppingMalliant, Our Bank for B2B… all taken over over nigth – with no bullshit (yet) style – just pure execution.

And Im NOT NEGATIVE or DEPRESSED – nope – Im impressed and happy to see some young (pretty young) dudes taking a hit at the establishment – AND I DONT CARE IF IT WILL SURVIVE or IF ITS LONG LASTING – since most of these companies would have gone bankrupt any. I just like the approach and I think I know better then quite a lot of people that you have to shoot a lot to make a homerun ‘,)

I migth be a little jaloux (positivly – I use jalouxi as a driver) at the fact – that its not me being on board in these tranactions. Since buying a SUPERMALL WITH PRESENCE IN 5 CITIES – next to nothing – by selling the property is smart. Specially if you also own some of the largest fasions retailers in UK. I hope that these guys have capital reserves to keep up with the speed – and that they can make some exits to keep up.

NOTE: The common saying here in denmark – is that the whole Icelandic phenomenon is sponsered by Russian money and made by insider trading – but I dont buy into that. Well DENMARK is more or less Maersk and his boards and his network all over (could be called INSIDER AS WELL) – and Iceland is a very small country and that means means a small business network. For the Russian thing – well whats wrong with Russian money (well some are Oligark money made – in maybe suspicious mannors – and should be avaoided 100%) but I see no difference to American, Japanese or German money. I like that Rusia is taking off – and if the guys choose to buy a football clud in Chelsea or Invest via Iceland fine with me. very fine.