Posted on November 25, 2001

Nice dinner and a couple of Beers & Thoughts

Evan took me to a Chinese/Thai restaurant – and the portions was very American – but delicious, we had a couple of beers. I was smuggling cigarettes out of the pocket, now and then, and hiding that I smoked. This place seems mentality is very relaxed – no crime (rich neigbourhood?) – But Evan referred very often to the fact that a LOT of people got fired recently – and I have this theory that we haven�t seen noting yet. And I really doubt that the whole it-industry made any value in global economy scale (there are no BIG B2C TRANSACTIONS) – but then again the WEB IS SO YOUNG – and it will come, maybe it will be Mobil eCommerce – this phone [SonyEricsson] make’s me think of a future movie – Seen when i was a kid, off course.